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जब भारत था सबसे बडे आर्थिक संकट में | India In 1990s
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जब भारत था सबसे बडे आर्थिक संकट में | India In 1990s

The crisis was caused by currency devaluation; the current account deficit, and investor confidence played significant role in the sharp exchange rate depreciation.
The economic crisis was primarily due to the large and growing fiscal imbalances over the 1980s. During the mid-eighties, India started having balance of payments problems. Precipitated by the Gulf War, India’s oil import bill swelled, exports slumped, credit dried up, and investors took their money out.[6] Large fiscal deficits, over time, had a spillover effect on the trade deficit culminating in an external payments crisis. By the end of 1990, India was in serious economic trouble.
The gross fiscal deficit of the government (centre and states) rose from 9.0 percent of GDP in 1980-81 to 10.4 percent in 1985-86 and to 12.7 percent in 1990-91. For the centre alone, the gross fiscal deficit rose from 6.1 percent of GDP in 1980-81 to 8.3 percent in 1985-86 and to 8.4 percent in 1990-91. Since these deficits had to be met by borrowings, the internal debt of the government accumulated rapidly, rising from 35 percent of GDP at the end of 1980-81 to 53 percent of GDP at the end of 1990-91. The foreign exchange reserves had dried up to the point that India could barely finance three weeks worth of imports.
In mid-1991, India's exchange rate was subjected to a severe adjustment. This event began with a slide in the value of the Indian rupee leading up to mid-1991. The authorities at the Reserve Bank of India took partial action, defending the currency by expending international reserves and slowing the decline in value. However, in mid-1991, with foreign reserves nearly depleted, the Indian government permitted a sharp depreciation that took place in two steps within three days (1 July and 3 July 1991) against major currencies.

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    feku video hai

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    Vikash Kumar

    Jai shree RAM

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    raghavendra babu

    PV Narasimha Rao is best PM of India. Unfortunately, he was made scape goat by Congress party. It humiliated him , his family and even to his lifeless body.

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    Sarbjit Ghuman

    great documentry

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    Prasad Bankar

    Matlab Pehle bhi jab BJP aayi thi communal violence badh gaya tha... BJP hatao

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    khali faltu faltu chija dale ho knh relate kar rhe ho ise indian economic se batao...

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    arun david

    Great former P . M . Dr . Manmohan Singh jii .

    • Amit Vikram Mahapatra
      Amit Vikram Mahapatra

      Former acting PM, because Sonia Gandhi was excercising the real power. I agree that Dr. Singh was an eminent economist but he fell victim to the cruel intentions of a evil dynasty.

    RAHUL KANAUJIYA For BoP crisis 1991


    In this video there is Absence of economics only politically motivated ...slow poison to the Indians .. hahaha


    Chutiya journalist bolta he khud ko or rdx nahi pata


    Adhe badwe he isme


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    90es m kitna kuch hua h...isko black decade kahe to koi galat nhi hoga..

  • Vikram Razdan
    Vikram Razdan

    Dr. Manmohan Singh has the unique distinction of being the greatest follower as Prime Minster of India from 2004 to 2014; the guy lacked leadership capability SEVERLY in all key areas (communication, charisma, vision, political will, boldness)

  • Vikram Razdan
    Vikram Razdan

    Rajiv Gandhi was the most foolish and naive Prime Minister that India has ever had; he had no vision. Firstly, he should have desisted intervening into another country (Sri Lanka's) affairs and not sent Indian Army to fight LTTE in 1987; this blunder cost him his life Instead, he should have strengthened the counter intelligence in Kashmir and deployed the Indian Army there in 1989; this blunder led to the exodus of 400,000 Kashmiri Pandits from the Kashmir valley Thirdly, he should not have intervened in the Shah Bano case; this blunder resulted in Muslim women not entitled to any alimony after divorce

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    Rakesh Sri

    That was also created by congress...Its took 40 years to understand this to congress...


    Jaitley ko bhi aur open economy ki jarurat hai

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    Only Congress

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    Manmohan singh only action & not like others only bhashan

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    Rajdeep sardesi saying Advani as hindu militant and for that actual militant who killed kashmiri pandits remained silent .....

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    Does anyone noticed kriti sanon @ 33:20 ???

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    Paras Pathania

    Well that time I was just born in 1992.

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    Real Indian

    It is misfortune of this country that some of our illetrate people say him Robot and alll.Well done sir.

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    Manish Chandrakar

    Matlab galti nikal re ho toh kchh bhi thoda research kr lete

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    Manish Chandrakar

    You made Indira Nehru villain of entire show.

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    Why So Serious ??????

    matlab BJP ki base hi Hindu Muslim h

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    Rhishi Oberoi

    Kashmiri pantit's exodus is shown so casually and babri maszid demolition shown so dramatically. Someone must know how many kahsmiri pandits were killed women were raped and how many people were butchered in that time ?? But Hindus are not human for world media i think .

  • heyman protoco
    heyman protoco

    Agar modi hote to ye aarthik sankat hi nhi aata... Kabhi congress ne desh ke baare mei soocha nhi jab ekdam halat khsta hogyi to kaise bhi karke use theek kiya aur phir apne aap ko bhot bda neta samajhte hai...

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      heyman protoco

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      +heyman protoco sirf India me hi nhi Balki puri duniya me hi arthik Sankat aaya tha. Aur India duniya me hi hai.

  • Prachi Yadav
    Prachi Yadav

    Everyone should watch The Accidental Prime Minister... It shows the real face of Man Mohan Sir our great PM❤️ Edit - I am not a supporter of congress.. and yes a NAMO fan👍

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      maria d'lima

      Wow. You're a moron. But then BJP supporters tend to be unpadh morons.

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      Mehul Desai

      ​+Prachi Yadav That's good, We need more NOTA voters. Hope by that way we can send a message to political parties that we need better candidates than current ones.

    • Prachi Yadav
      Prachi Yadav

      +Mehul Desai u know what my opinion was clear is clear and will be clear... What else can you expect from a NOTA voter😅😅... But I do respect both Manmohan and Narendra Sir as PM not as a candidate of a party.. Jai hind 🇮🇳

    • Mehul Desai
      Mehul Desai

      I apologize for the bad word I used, Just don't fall into this kind of (movies) propaganda traps and create your opinion towards someone. Everyone selling lies nowadays, can't trust directly anyone you have to do your own research then come to the conclusion. Hope you understand.

    • Prachi Yadav
      Prachi Yadav

      +Mehul Desai vo toh baat kehna ka tarika ki btaha raha hai ki kon zahil hai..

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    ks s

    Manmohan Singh was the right man in the wrong party

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    Bharat Balal

    Fake Video.... Topic is something else and video is not relevant. Pl ignore

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    Arjun Dixit

    1 crore bribe for prime minister of India Shame on our politician and Dr. Singh is silence and invisible in this video also

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    Vishal Nirmalkar TM

    Isse achha study I Q ka video dekho liberalization wala usme bhi 1991 crisis covered h

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    Rajesh Meena

    मोन मोहन

  • Tushar Shakya
    Tushar Shakya

    1987 me rajiv gandhi ne vha ka mhool thik krne bhejs tha mtlb shanti ke liye na ki ladayi ke liye


    Manmohan Singh Ji great

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    Yes I remember all these moments..

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    Hum peda huye the


    Mr. The then PM __ you may be an Economist's of yeaster years , may be worked for COUNTRY'S uplift , but you are culprit of country's selling to a few people of your party , what you every time narrated , beyond your understanding ! Then Why you have Cheated us , Cheated the whole country !!! GOD will never relief you from that pain ! You will never be given / offer blessed hand of God . Under the influence of FOREIGN LADY /INTOXICATED relationship , you might have lost your common sense / your good offices what you had earned for so many years ! Remember old saying __ " CHARACTER LOST EVERYTHING. LOST " . Your that decision has given us so much of pain , that we have to suffer silently . OH. GOD .

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    mahavir lamsar

    jb congress ne desh ki icnomic hi control nhi to kis huk se desh ko pagl banaya huva he

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    Thousif nisar

    Because of that madrcod bal tackrey

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      Ayan Mishra

      To bhosdike nahi pasand aara desh to jana Pakistan madarchod tumlog ko jitna rights do utna aag mootte ho.

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    Thousif nisar

    Congress zindbaaaaaaaaaaaad . BJP chor

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    Yeh sab chor Bhasan de raha hein.aur yeh jo journalist Bol raha hein yeh to medal pane ke lie congress ki pao Chathta hein.

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      parag mandal aur tu kutta BJP it cell

  • Ram Bharose
    Ram Bharose

    Only 2.6k disliked out of 2228k shows majority of the people are much pleased with the governance of Dr. Manmohan Singh.

  • Mukesh Kumar
    Mukesh Kumar

    Dr. Manmohan singh is really one of the top economists of world, not only of India.... Search on google, 9th most educated leader of world....

    • arun david
      arun david

      +PUBG TIME Stupid logic and stupid book .

    • Chandrasinh Sisodiya
      Chandrasinh Sisodiya

      Hame educated nahi common sense vala chahiye

    • Vikram Razdan
      Vikram Razdan

      MaSi was an excellent professor of Economics; he should have continued in this area of his expertise but the Congress Govt made him the RBI Governor because there were very few options available. The same 'lack of options' theory was applied by Narasimha Rao to make Manmohan Singh the Finance Minister in 1991 during the economic crisis after the fall of USSR. The biggest mistake was made by Sonia Gandhi (or a forced mistake) in making Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister. A country needs a PM to be a Leader and not a Follower like MaSi

    • alвerт yup alвerт
      alвerт yup alвerт

      +Amit mishra ofcourse not. why??

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      Amit mishra

      +alвerт yup alвerт wtf are u mad bro

  • vardhman singh
    vardhman singh

    Every fact of this vedio is true. I salute Manmohan singh as an economist.

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    uttara singh

    Manmohan singh the great architect of indian economy

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    1990 to 2000 sumas up india

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    LTTE sri Lanka terriosm boycott sri Lanka

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    Is documentary ko dekh kar khayaal Aya ki , University ki degree Lene ke Baad bhi students agar naukari na milne ki wajah sarkar ko dete hai to socho education kaisa Mila hai jisse naukari bhi na mile,agar education Sahi milta to graduate ya post graduate hua student to kuch bhi karleta par behrozgaar to na kehta,atleast Apne aap mein jo hunar hai ,usse to Pehchaan leta......BEHROZGAAR SARKARE NAHI BANATI BHAI,QUALITY OF EDUCATION BANATA HAI......DESH MEIN TO KAAM KARNE WALO KI KAMI HAI NAAKE KAAM KI.......

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    Krishan Aggarwal

    Sir, 1985 ka discussion hai, but 1984 k Sikh Dango ka koi jikar nahi.... Why? Bcoz its not about good thing of Congress..

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      jai-hind Indian Army


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    Saurabh Das

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    Ankur Parmar

    This is less about financial crisis, rather a failed attempt to portray BJP as the initiator of hindu muslim communism. Jaise babri masjid case ke phle kabhi riots hi nahi hue. Bhaiya 1947 me Pakistan separate kyu hua? Usme bhi BJP ka haath tha kya?

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    Prem Sinha

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    manish jain

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    manish jain

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    Tabish Iqubal

    I salute Manmohan Singh G

  • Don MughalGG
    Don MughalGG

    Socialism is bad, Communism is bad; open trade & market is the answer to the country GDP. India needs to lower the regulations for small business & industries, so that these small industries can survive. Most of small business die before they even flourish. TRAI needs to step aside when it comes to Internet infrastructure business, because of TRAI bad regulations & policies; Indian internet companies exploit consumer as they say Internet is a luxury not necessity while Japan, S.Korea, EU & NA region treats internet as Necessity. Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL etc companies don't do competition they hate it absolutely & when something comes to consumer which can benefit users but not the company, they lobby to TRAI & DoT to put regulations and in some cases ban on it. Remember when Cellular services wanted to charge people for whatsapp calls and messages? that's how low these companies can go as they have monopoly and power in the govt. Right now we have semi-capitalism with semi-socialism elements in the trade market in the country. We need to adapt full Capitalism monopoly so that every citizen can benefit from it & more market competition grows which brings profit to the country.

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    Himanshu Kashyap

    Nice documentary


    Muslims are the Big Problem Of India😠😠😠

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    Chethan Chethan 12356

    Proud to be Indian

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    Vinod Joshi

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    Where is the Atal Era... you have covered only one side of the story

    • Thousif nisar
      Thousif nisar

      rakesh9557 Atal 😂😂

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  • S Sumbar- Your Grandfather
    S Sumbar- Your Grandfather

    Aaj India 6th Badi Economy country hai Duniya me 🇮🇳😀🙏🙏☝☝Jai Hind.

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      Thousif nisar

      S Sumbar- Your Grandfather because of congress

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    Gaurav Kumar

    I respect Rajiv Gandhi. But at present Modi is mandatory for country

  • Parag Shah
    Parag Shah

    Manmohan Singh cannot be called as architect of modern economy of India. Many other politicians had the same vision and wisdom. Dr M Sing was just there at the time to make it happen. If he was power full and wise at the same time, then after him congress would still be the ruling party and some other great face would have been in the power other then some one from the family who is the owner of congress.


    PV NARSIMHA RAO introduced LPG model and open economy. PV NARSIMHA RAO

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    Rv Rv

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    Deepak Pundir

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    Khushal Badhan

    It was the policies of Congress which led to the disastrous situation in 1990. It wasn't the MMS but the situations which forced India to open the markets. Everything else is propaganda.

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    Naresh Malik

    Jab desh par 1990 me fincial problem thi Tab Manmohan Singh ko finance ministers bane Ab desh jis situation se gujar raha hai ye time india k future ka turrnig point time hai is time desh ko Narinder Modi jaise prime minister's or Bjp ki vichaar dhaara k sath aage badne ki jaroorat hai. Secularism k naam par desh k gaddar hinduo par bhari pad rahe hai

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    Sumeet Bharti

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    Sumeet Bharti

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    lahu parbhane

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    sanjaysinh chudasama

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