Attempting To Eat 30 Burgers at IN N OUT..
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  • Tyler  Kincaid
    Tyler Kincaid

    Steve obviously has never seen the episode “McStroke” from family guy and it shows

  • Menahem Lopes
    Menahem Lopes

    Steve is a beauty repping Florida

  • Gerardo Lael Ruiz
    Gerardo Lael Ruiz

    Straight to the abs and biceps says tha man

  • Jeremy M
    Jeremy M

    Not even 30 burger if there is 2 buns

  • Jaime G
    Jaime G

    be careful heart attack on you eating shit food

  • iiTryGeloo

    lmao imagine making these type of numbers within a week of making YT.....

  • papichuloo

    this looks just like the in n out in Tempe

  • Travis 14
    Travis 14

    Absolute fucking beast. 30 blunts? 🤔😏

  • Herm Valenzuela
    Herm Valenzuela

    Yo this guy is fucken inspirational

  • Luke Rainbow
    Luke Rainbow

    Awesome video brother, sick!!!!!. Great work, keep em comming!!!!

  • FrankieTim


  • X X
    X X

    VICE just made you rich

  • Dave Choate
    Dave Choate

    How many years did you take off your life with this stunt? Not heart healthy.

  • Juan Baute
    Juan Baute

    30 patties isn’t the same as 30 burgers. PLEASE STOP F*CKING CLICKBAIT!!!

  • Hxtem

    I can’t do ten, that’s crazy mannnnnn! 🤕

  • i’m in love
    i’m in love


  • hasan ahmad
    hasan ahmad

    Cool, Raps in 6

  • Nabeel Siddiqui
    Nabeel Siddiqui

    Vegans left chat

  • Ryan Gennaro
    Ryan Gennaro

    You should eat 60 burgers next time and wash it down with a liter of that sweet proper 12 Conor piss water

  • Mr.Z From Rotas
    Mr.Z From Rotas

    You sucked the juices from the burgers off your hand straight after pushups lol I wonder if you got any infections or sores 😂

  • GainTrainWompa 1
    GainTrainWompa 1

    He did say a ‘15 patty burger’ then changed it to a 30 patty burger ... technically he isn’t misleading anyone, but he sure as shit didn’t even add a single tomato to that thing. I do want to see more though. 10 KFC chicken buckets would be a cool thing to see

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson

    if each patty is 2oz, that's just under 4 lbs of beef not including the cheese.

  • Judith Padilla
    Judith Padilla

    I know the exact In & Out you're at

  • yeni toy
    yeni toy

    30 patties challenge. Title is misleading. DISLIKE

  • Simba

    My butt is growing just watching this guy eat 30 burger patties.

  • Duncan Chen
    Duncan Chen

    Do an absurd amount of hot wings and some pitchers of beer.

  • Rory White
    Rory White

    Steve for the people

  • BrycexB

    Steve don’t die doing something dumb please I love ur content

  • Drew Moody
    Drew Moody

    Just stop, do something else for a living

  • Henry Ro
    Henry Ro

    I’m hungry now 😂😤

  • Papa Long Bags
    Papa Long Bags

    Eat 50 tacos, with hot sauce

  • ek mama
    ek mama

    In out is sooo bad

  • XXX Triple XXX cool guy
    XXX Triple XXX cool guy

    You a big boy

  • Jose Trujillo
    Jose Trujillo

    How many but plugs do you think he had to keister before attempting to eat 30 patties?

  • Jay Rodriguez
    Jay Rodriguez

    Bunch of baddies!

  • Cheekie

    Dobrik helped people enjoy their burgers. GTFO. Self harm is not admirable.

  • myratty2


  • Demon Samurai Hanzo
    Demon Samurai Hanzo

    People need to mind there fucking business

  • FPS Amaari
    FPS Amaari

    Trynna impress them girl wit them pushups

  • ll ApexSyphon ll
    ll ApexSyphon ll

    Who's getting diabetes Steve is

  • Nick Bernal
    Nick Bernal


  • Just8Ate

    You must of been thirsty have eating all 30 what did you drink after eating all 30 cheese burgers? We are just curious 8)

  • Radio 1
    Radio 1

    & you not black

  • Leandro Zaragoza
    Leandro Zaragoza

    30 patties challenge. Title is misleading. DISLIKE

  • ramsey wilson
    ramsey wilson

    Get bucked

  • ramsey wilson
    ramsey wilson

    Fuuccckkk yeeeee

  • Jordan Karpinski
    Jordan Karpinski

    Let’s go Steveeeeeee!!!!!!! Full send bud. Love the Nelk boys and Steve, been a sub for over a year or two!!

  • Ryan Kaup
    Ryan Kaup

    What’s with the Smokey outfit? A mans gotta eat.

  • trevor Laurent
    trevor Laurent

    I'm going to enjoy watching you for the next 3 years before you die

  • Jon W
    Jon W

    I wonder what his BM looked like the next day.

  • Zainab Bahia
    Zainab Bahia

    Does 30 sets of animal frys

  • NearXhunter 389
    NearXhunter 389


  • Stephanie Rodriquez
    Stephanie Rodriquez

    Ugly pedo

  • francesca shay
    francesca shay

    “I didn’t think I’d happen like this, but it’s happenin” 😂😭❤️

  • DaBlueSoldier

    "Ill be replying to all comments" Me : sees that theres 18k comments Ah you shouldnt have said that bro

  • Golden LuKa
    Golden LuKa

    I'm hungry now

  • William Jordan
    William Jordan

    Make sure to check your kidney function after these stunts...

  • Ethan Bonilla issa GOD
    Ethan Bonilla issa GOD

    Where is this

  • ItzTitansArmy 04
    ItzTitansArmy 04

    Where they talking to face Apex after that

    • Isaac Mac TV
      Isaac Mac TV

      they live together at clout house

  • cody vautour
    cody vautour

    Y’all ready know the affter math vid is just going to be him puking😂😂

  • Kÿ C
    Kÿ C


  • cody vautour
    cody vautour

    Yo been here since first vid haha this is gonna be a great channel OG life

  • Subacci


  • vag4l vevo
    vag4l vevo

    3:40. Hahahahaha

  • Kota G
    Kota G

    Cast him in the remake of "Supersize Me"

  • parks

    Only thing i got from this video is that whataburger is better than in n out

  • ty_anderson

    You’re the goat Steve #keepsending #fuckinstagram

  • Captain Cold
    Captain Cold

    This guy gained more than 500k subscribers in less than a week

  • Oscar Contreras
    Oscar Contreras

    2:41 dude in the black looks like a chubby josh peck lmao

  • Flashback

    Steve you crazy bro... but awesome at the same time, big ups to you man. 😂🔥🔥🔥

  • Azael Renovato
    Azael Renovato

    Who better Matt stonie or Steve In my opinion Matt stonie just cuz I watch him more and this is my first vid watching u

  • KillerBeeMan

    Was this before or after the 4500 of THC Edibles?

  • KingJN05

    I’ve watched this 10 times.

  • Brandon Gates
    Brandon Gates

    That's 7.5 pounds of meat for those who are wondering!

  • gangsterdavante on ig
    gangsterdavante on ig

    Matt Stonie: Here is the In N Out Challenge! Steve: Hold my Tequila Bottle

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    #45 on trending street

  • deoo iopg
    deoo iopg


  • Chase Lunn
    Chase Lunn

    Heart attack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack, you oughta know by now

  • Mr. Charming
    Mr. Charming

    2:40 that was me in the Pink jacket lmao. That's funny lol

  • Blake Allen
    Blake Allen

    Straight savage

  • Linah Darden
    Linah Darden

    What the fuck is wrong with you????? You dumb fuck!!!! Are you trying to kill yourself??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Laurel Kate
    Laurel Kate

    Watching this while I’m hungry

  • Omgitshenry

    you’re a legend and keep up the good work, I really enjoy your videos

  • Josimar Lopes
    Josimar Lopes


  • U Haul
    U Haul

    Push ^'s 1-Rm'd. Damn son.

  • iKhmerReaper

    That kush got ya eh

  • Cutiepie4 Westling’s
    Cutiepie4 Westling’s

    Go to heart attack grill

  • Pedro Ibarra
    Pedro Ibarra

    Do the chubby bunny challenge beat the record but you gotta say George hennon instead

  • asher kim
    asher kim

    Fuck this video



  • Tyrone The Bad Man
    Tyrone The Bad Man

    Shoenice wishes he was still relevant stevewilldoit will knock the fuck out of shoey

  • De Wolf
    De Wolf

    Bro is that the in-out in van Nuys ca

  • Wadood

    Imagine Matt Stonie going ham on those

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex

    Attempting to get diabetes

  • Junior Villalba
    Junior Villalba

    That bitch on the right needs to mind her own business

  • Brandon Strong
    Brandon Strong

    Clickbait.. Burger "patties"

  • Lights_ Out
    Lights_ Out


  • kaylie braswell
    kaylie braswell

    ur crazy Lol... how... what.. why..

  • Steven Yeater
    Steven Yeater

    Kind of defeats the purpose with all of these cuts

  • Master Gorfield
    Master Gorfield

    Ketchup? Do you know why ketchup isn't on there by default? Because fuck ketchup, and fuck you. That's why. If you can't enjoy the subtle flavors of burger and fries without drowning it in the monotonous unchanging flavor of corn syrup and red dye, then just save yourself the calories and drink the ketchup, you fucking toddlers.