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Sandeep Maheshwari
Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. Just like any middle class guy, he too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of his goals in life. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to. Rowing through ups and downs, it was time that taught him the true meaning of his life.
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  • Subhodip Manna
    Subhodip Manna

    Yea business model chori ho jayaga

  • Subhodip Manna
    Subhodip Manna

    Sas bahu ko lar wa do....... Dieting ho jayagi 🤗😝

  • Subhodip Manna
    Subhodip Manna

    Khana pina bandh kar do weight loss aesa hi ho jayagi... 😀😂

  • Sonal Parwat
    Sonal Parwat

    Sir mere pass 10-15 lakh rupees hai or mujhey chote se city Baliia me business start krna hai kuch suggestion de skte ho aap mai kiss chij ka business start kru

  • Aaroo Saifi
    Aaroo Saifi

    Kya Bat Hai Sir Jii

  • jkL'S punterlog
    jkL'S punterlog

    Sir G kamal ho aap bhi kuch bhi khi se bhi choti si chij ko etna bada bna lete ho aap etna acha kese soch lete ho

  • Rajeev Tripathi
    Rajeev Tripathi

    Thanku Sir

  • sweety nagpure
    sweety nagpure

    You are gr8

  • Rajat Kumar De
    Rajat Kumar De

    Any great business start up in village/town?

  • Mohd Khalid
    Mohd Khalid

    Kaun kaun business kar na chata hai..

  • harshit

    thank you very very very much sir!!!!

  • Dipankar Singh
    Dipankar Singh

    SWOT Analysis karo iss ladkay ka.....aur Holistic marketing concept samjha do.....kaam ho Gaya 👍🏻😎

  • shivesh mishra
    shivesh mishra


  • Optimistic And Logical
    Optimistic And Logical

    Inka naam kya hai?

  • bijay kumar
    bijay kumar

    सर मै नेपाल से हु ।मै अभि नेपाली सेना मे जवान मे नोकरी कर्ता हु ।मुझे तलब से जीवन जिने मे समस्य है पैसा नहि पुग्ता है ओर मै बकरी कम्पनी खोल्ना चाह्ता हु । मै गाव मे रहता हु । नोकरी से पहले 6बर्ष हम पवरोटी कम्पनी मे काम किया है ।नोकरी या बिजनेस ।।।थोदा सल्लाह चाहिय बाकी हम करलेङ्गे।धन्यवाद ।

  • Bijit Kalita
    Bijit Kalita

    ছাৰৰ Show ত অসমীয়া এজন দেখি বহুত ভাল লাগিল😊 কিবা এটা গৰ্বৰ দৰে অনুভৱ হয় দেখোন😍 Bdw Sandeep sir.. Thank You for Inspiring us


    2 omlate mere lea.. Pyaj dal k

  • Bhanu Ranjan
    Bhanu Ranjan

    Can i contact him. My idea is very similar to him. We can help each other.

  • Niyaj Ahmed
    Niyaj Ahmed

    Sir,Please Discussed a business concept about agriculture.

  • Niyaj Ahmed
    Niyaj Ahmed

    Sir,Please Discussed a business concept about agriculture.

  • Niyaj Ahmed
    Niyaj Ahmed

    Sir,Please Discussed a business concept about agriculture.

  • Niyaj Ahmed
    Niyaj Ahmed

    Sir,Please Discussed a business concept about agriculture.

  • Niyaj Ahmed
    Niyaj Ahmed

    Sir,Please Discussed a business concept about agriculture.

  • Niyaj Ahmed
    Niyaj Ahmed

    Sir,Discussed a business concept about agriculture.

  • Niyaj Ahmed
    Niyaj Ahmed

    sir,Discussed a business concept about agriculture.

  • Abhishek Bhandari
    Abhishek Bhandari

    This session is an example of how a tangled business plan of an amateur entrepreneur can be simplified so fantastically that the only thing he has to do is be committed to the plan. No doubt, sir Sandeep will be the one who any struggling entrepreneur would look forward to meet. However, could anyone share me the details whether how can we propose our business plan to him?

  • know about dogs
    know about dogs

    Sir video kasa send karni ha

  • raghav bansal
    raghav bansal

    Already a similar business exists i.e. healthifyme app you can download it from playstore and reach to your goals.

  • Vaishali Srivastava
    Vaishali Srivastava

    Sandeep sir and ujjwal patni sir best

  • mayur zadiwale
    mayur zadiwale

    Actually dekha Jaye to bohot hi complicated tha uske life ye business start Karna just only 500000rs mai.. But sir aapne use Etna easy kardiya ki dimag hil gaya mera.. Truly brilliant.. Thanks for giving me one more vision..

  • Vijay Kumar rav
    Vijay Kumar rav

    Thanks sir

  • Ayesha Mulla
    Ayesha Mulla

    Sir my idea is bit similar but I don't know how to start


    Sir i am blessed with your existance

  • Kavita Sharma
    Kavita Sharma

    Sir plzz help me and jo mujhe yaad hota h m wo bhi bhul jati hu jb koi unknown person puchta h to and kl m job join krugi mujhe bhut dr lg rha h ki m kase bolugi wha 😭😭😭😭

  • Kavita Sharma
    Kavita Sharma

    Sir, jo insan kam bolte h jise ki kisi se bat na krte ho unhe bat krna accha nhi lgta ho bt unhe bolna h bcoz bina bole kuch nhi kr skte un logo ko kya krna cahiye plzzzz tell me

  • Junaid Sarware
    Junaid Sarware


  • Fact Motivation
    Fact Motivation


  • Aftab Alam
    Aftab Alam

    SANDEEP ji zabardast

  • Cu8eRtare

    I am sports nutritionist & was thinking about this smart meal from long back, now got an idea about partnership. Thanks for sharing this, I am interested in it if you are thinking about partners too!

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln

    What The Hell Is Going On. The Video Didn't Complete Its 1 Million Views As Yet Despite Of Being An Extremely Useful For Those Who Are Struggling In Their To Get Employment & The Main Fact Is There Are Millions Of People Struggling To Get Employment. SANDEEP SIR EN KHACHHARON KO KUCH NAHI SAMAJH AANE WAALA But At Least You're Contributing Whatever You Suppose To Contribute.

  • world of inspiration
    world of inspiration

    Thanks for being my inspiration

  • world of inspiration
    world of inspiration

    Thanks for being my inspiration

  • Abhishek yadav
    Abhishek yadav

    Superb explaination sir I'm impressed and realy thank you so much sir

  • WEB 007
    WEB 007

    Nyc video sir #hello dosto plz mere channel ko bhi join kr do or mere channel bhi support kr do aap sab hi mere sapno ko pura krne me meri help kr skte hai plz meri video par bhi like comment or share kijiye thanku aap sabka

  • Naman Rajput
    Naman Rajput

    I have a upgraded version of this type of plan... But I'm too shy to be on the IN-mys....this guy is nowhere near me.. So many management and marketing barrier in his plan.... But as he is trying best of luck to this young gentleman.

  • ISHA Bhatt
    ISHA Bhatt

    Sir god gyan ke sager hai.aap master gyan ke Sager ho.i love u sir

  • Ujjwal kumar
    Ujjwal kumar

    Esa lagta h kafi channel josh talks ki copy kr rhe h

  • Babu Hussain
    Babu Hussain

    How great you are sir you make everything so simple and easy with your outstanding thinking skills

  • Palvi Rangate
    Palvi Rangate

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  • Sumit Yadav
    Sumit Yadav

    Sir you are a very great Man

  • Kuldeep Singh
    Kuldeep Singh


  • Kuldeep Singh
    Kuldeep Singh

    Sir apka koi javab nahi

  • Ankit Sultan
    Ankit Sultan

    Sir hum aap se milna chate hai kaise mile gye aap se mera 9708673099

  • Gaurav Kaka
    Gaurav Kaka

    Sir i need your help i am suffering from severe depression plss help me out😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • ravi ojha
    ravi ojha

    Ye gadbad Hai....pahela dislike

  • Sonai Ghosh
    Sonai Ghosh

    Excellent sir👌👌

  • Pritom Gogoi
    Pritom Gogoi

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  • P 4 Play
    P 4 Play

    technical se related sari info klye mere channel per visit kren

  • Ghanshyam Yadav
    Ghanshyam Yadav

    How I know about my self , my goal , my passion that I want to do please tell me

  • One Thing
    One Thing

    I'm also from ASSAM জয় আই অসম

  • Shashi kapoor
    Shashi kapoor


  • Mohit Kumar
    Mohit Kumar

    Sir, you are great

  • Jai Deep
    Jai Deep

    Sir pllz ek question hai socha tha aapse direct puchuga jb aapka session attend kruga bt ye to lgta hai jeete jee nai ho pyega koi call hi nai aati aapke waha se form bhi fill kra hua hai sir question yeh hai k ye kasam kya hai sachi ya jhoothi khaane se actual me koi nuksan hota hai jis insan ki kasam khayi hai usko sach me koi problem hoti hai yaa yeh bss ek illusion hai kasam naam ki koi reality hai yaa nai iske baare me sir pllzz topic bnao next session me 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Shobhit Raj
    Shobhit Raj

    Ham food making process ka video bhi decka skate hai sir ya website par upload bhi kar sakte hai

  • M Katendra
    M Katendra

    20% share could be an issue.


    WHAT A GREAT VIDEO. I REALLY LIKE THIS VIDEO.. in-mys.com/watchvideo/वीडियो-K4Au_0h1K2I.html

  • Jay Palnitkar
    Jay Palnitkar


  • Education Square
    Education Square

    Are yaar..ye to mera idea he...m lacking money...ye bande ne to suru kar diya kaam ko...kyaa yaar 😭😭😭 Me zero se suru kar rha hu...zero money..iske paas to 4 5 lakh he invest k lie Pura ek saal baad sandeep sir ka video dekh rha hu...bramhachari ban gya tha...ek saal tak phone chhor dia tha...i m coming for u ma boi

  • MovieMania 4u
    MovieMania 4u

    Samne vaale bande ko neend aa rahi hai...😂😂😂

  • Aditya Senkade
    Aditya Senkade

    Sir, please make a video on the topic " how to create balance of important things in our day today life?" 🙂 Everytime it happens that we can't give a specific time for any work.


    Sandeep sir aur mukesh ambani ek ho jai to kesa hoga

  • rajib das
    rajib das

    Love This Rajib biswss Bangladesh

  • Gaurav Roy
    Gaurav Roy

    I'm from Assam

  • sama tofik
    sama tofik

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  • Mohd Sahil
    Mohd Sahil

    sar aap pub G game ke upar ek video bnao pub G game se bahut student barbad ho rahe hai pls thoda onko motivate kro pls

  • HP Bodhe
    HP Bodhe

    Revolution India Is Back

  • HP Bodhe
    HP Bodhe

    Revolution India Is Back

  • HP Bodhe
    HP Bodhe

    Revolution India Is Back

  • HP Bodhe
    HP Bodhe

    Revolution India Is Back....

  • HP Bodhe
    HP Bodhe

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  • hutiyastick

    kon kon chahta haiki sandeeep sir ke 10million jaldi ho jaye

  • hutiyastick

    salute to sandeep sir

  • Shraddha Sen
    Shraddha Sen

    Sandeep Sir you are the best👍💯

  • Shraddha Sen
    Shraddha Sen


  • sumit mutha photography
    sumit mutha photography

    Majak masti thik he par baat baat par jyada achha nahi lagta

  • sumit mutha photography
    sumit mutha photography

    Dear sir apka sunke mera life change hua he Bass abhi aur sunana he Par 1 probkem he aap bahut jyada baat baat par comedy or joke karna pasand karte tabhi bor hota

  • Fill Black
    Fill Black

    sir jaisa sochna hai toh simple cheezein rakho - Consumer ka fayeda / aur Business model se jude har kisi ka fayeda (joki zaroorat se aata hai cheez ki).. agar ye maintain karlo toh bht saare isi tareeke ke ideas nikale ja sakte hai

  • Kartik Chauhan
    Kartik Chauhan

    Sir can u please please make a video on how to recover freindship that were lost due to our own toxic behaviour towards them when going through bad times,i dont know if u will read this but if u do,please do make a video on that


    Sandeep sir with your bless can I make a translated videos in my mother tongue kannada language.

  • Entrepreneur Platform
    Entrepreneur Platform

    Sir Please make a video on entrepreneur

  • Vicky Patel
    Vicky Patel

    Fuck the man

  • Nadeem Gauri Vlogs
    Nadeem Gauri Vlogs


  • Pirdhum kumar
    Pirdhum kumar

    sir please choose business idea thats are not boring like this one. make videos on that startups that work for helping not working for filling his pockets.

  • Ashiq Kumar
    Ashiq Kumar

    Awesome sir respect for u

  • never give Up
    never give Up

    Salute you sir

  • Sharmaji Scientist
    Sharmaji Scientist

    Its really boring discussion such a boring

  • LearnHunt 007
    LearnHunt 007

    Best inspirational story by Sandeep Maheshwari in-mys.com/watchvideo/वीडियो-GDyqCwGik94.html

  • lokesh singh
    lokesh singh

    sir jinhey business kernay ka koi idea nahi mil reha voo kya krey?

  • Spandan Chavan
    Spandan Chavan

    Epic video sir