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Don't you just hate it when your plan falls into place and your parents come in with a plan of their own at the 11th hour. So here's my experience. Let me know your experiences in the comments below
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  • MostlySane

    Woh friends ke saath plan hi kya jo kam se kam ek baar mamma ki daat ka khilaaye. Relatable???? COMMENT BELOW!!

    • Sampada B.
      Sampada B.

      #tabahi video😂😂😂😂😂

    • Navyasree Konagalla THE BTS ARMY
      Navyasree Konagalla THE BTS ARMY

      Of course relatable 😂

    • Swaad Ka Khazana
      Swaad Ka Khazana

      Plz tell me if u play all the characters of mother, father, brother

    • Hiral Patel
      Hiral Patel

      Sooooooooooooo relatable

    • Gokul Raj
      Gokul Raj

      My favorite vidéo ou un Chanel.... 😊

  • Gurudas Sawant
    Gurudas Sawant

    Are u a Marathi girls

  • Satyam Singh
    Satyam Singh

    Really very irritating

  • Ishita Sharma
    Ishita Sharma

    Really was happening

  • Ishita Sharma
    Ishita Sharma


  • Isaac Sunny
    Isaac Sunny


  • shubhada shete
    shubhada shete

    Praju tai tumhi marathi ka?

  • Darshana Borthakur
    Darshana Borthakur

    U are awesome. Superb act...

  • Fatema Aliakbar
    Fatema Aliakbar

    Your acting is amazzzinggg

  • Sonal Vadhrya
    Sonal Vadhrya

    How do u do ur editing ??!

  • Ms Anjan
    Ms Anjan

    Any1 in 2k19?

  • Sumithra balakrishnan Nair
    Sumithra balakrishnan Nair

    PrajKtha, you are so beautiful, cute and funny.can u marry my son

  • Ayesha Almas
    Ayesha Almas

    😂😂 You are just out of the world

  • Manjeet Kaur
    Manjeet Kaur

    Mst yrr prajakta. Mazaa aa gya yrr .

  • Dipti Kakade
    Dipti Kakade


  • Geeta Chhallani
    Geeta Chhallani

    World's best vedio ever

  • Vasudha Deshpande
    Vasudha Deshpande

    Father kya chilled hai be 😂😂

  • Vaishali Kharat
    Vaishali Kharat

    3:29 ...that expression 😂 much relatable 😂

  • invisible butterfly
    invisible butterfly

    Awesome man😂😂😂

  • Fazal Kazi
    Fazal Kazi

    it happend I reached the hall which the marage was in it took us 2 hours to reach and theare wear non of our reletaves and then we realised what we had done

  • Nishu Sharma
    Nishu Sharma

    Mere sath bhi esa hi hota h always..jbrdsti le jate h yar function m😞😞😞😞

  • The_Cutest_Mystery DIY
    The_Cutest_Mystery DIY

    Related 🤣

  • Megha Khona
    Megha Khona

    Prajakta I have the same top..but a blue grey colour!

  • Bhavya Jain
    Bhavya Jain

    5:15 she was laughing the mother

  • Vijay Kumar Sah
    Vijay Kumar Sah

    same happened with me also.

  • sunny verma
    sunny verma


  • Shraddha Bherde
    Shraddha Bherde

    @MostlySane Hi Prajakta.. I can't get over this video. Each and every part has happened with me.. and dude.. the way you delivery of mom's dialogue is so on point.. Ek number. 😘😘

  • Nidhi Sewak
    Nidhi Sewak

    "ikde ye". That moment when you know you're screwed . #marathimoms

  • vanshika Patel
    vanshika Patel

    I love prajakta's muma🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mohammad Shafi
    Mohammad Shafi

    her dad is SAVAGE 😂😂

  • suhani bansal
    suhani bansal

    DAMN I might be only thirteen and not a graduate to have a reunion but that thing her rats about like being after friends all the fucking time and having no clue of who all exist in the family is so crazy true man, i mean like the entire speech her mother barks holds to be my daily scolding as well

  • edna shibu
    edna shibu

    Ohh myy gooddddddd.....soooo relatable......!!!!!🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈btw at the end of the video i felt like ohh godd..😱🤯😳🥵😖😫😫😫😫😫🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Vaishali Srivastava
    Vaishali Srivastava

    Itni strict mom baap re

  • Sehar Mariam
    Sehar Mariam


  • kishore patel
    kishore patel

    2:02 😂😂

  • a peevish youngster
    a peevish youngster


  • Lucas Animations
    Lucas Animations

    You never know

  • Kaustubh Chavan
    Kaustubh Chavan

    Di plz iss top main ek photo post Karna coz mere pass bhi same hai so I'll try to recreate plz plz ... Luv luv

  • amir farooq
    amir farooq

    Ever happened

  • Bhavika

    Are chorachya ulta bomba ! That was so funny. 😂😂

  • Pani puri
    Pani puri

    Your video quality is really good

  • Arpita Raj
    Arpita Raj

    I can relate. My family is like that only.

  • Arpita Raj
    Arpita Raj

    You can relate. My family is like that only.

  • g g
    g g

    She is so convincing in the mother's character


    Love love 😘

  • Saroj Mahendru
    Saroj Mahendru


  • diya karyani
    diya karyani

    Haath ka dhamki...😂😂😂

  • The Art Of Cooking
    The Art Of Cooking

    I just love the character papa and mumma and special montu they are so look funny

  • HOLY crafter
    HOLY crafter

    I love her mom!😝😝😝😝😝

  • Bhawana Sharma
    Bhawana Sharma

    What was your most dangerous nightmare? Love love

  • Rahul Purushothaman
    Rahul Purushothaman

    mein ek aur baar nahin bolungi...this is my mom :D

  • Prabs nongpok chanu
    Prabs nongpok chanu

    i luv Montu 😂...any1 here who lovs Montu.👍

    • Namra Priya Upadhyay
      Namra Priya Upadhyay

      He is his father

  • Upendra jangid
    Upendra jangid

    😂😂😂😂 superb

  • Bhupat Gadhavi
    Bhupat Gadhavi

    This what exactly happens with me

  • nadia shaik
    nadia shaik

    every family happens this

  • Sourav Padhee
    Sourav Padhee

    Are montu Ko ghar pe chod diya yarrr

  • Deepjyoti Nath
    Deepjyoti Nath

    Wo jis video mai last time music chalo ho jata hai....wo video to 👌👌👌👌maja a jata he dekh kar

  • Lucky Gupta
    Lucky Gupta

    So funnnnnnyyy

  • Rahul Mahadik
    Rahul Mahadik

    Cuteness 😍

  • Honey Bunny
    Honey Bunny

    Praju di...bahut funny video hai. Lekin Montu kaha pay hai ?

  • Aditya Kharat
    Aditya Kharat

    i can really feel that fn' irritation......!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Amrit Thukral
    Amrit Thukral

    Montu bilkul mere jaisa h lazy boy pada hua h aise hi ghr pe 😆😆😆😆😂😂👌👌 so awsm😅

  • Anshu Singh
    Anshu Singh

    Best videos more than Ashish chachlani, even without abusing anyone u rock, people should learn from you how to make clean and great videos!!!

    • Bharath Gowda
      Bharath Gowda

      Waah kya comparison ki h , i mean ur like the comments version of varun dhawan, an oscar fr u is a must

  • Amit Guin
    Amit Guin

    Jab asa kuch hota hai na tab ghar bale jis ke force kar te lag ta unko achi tarah se kut du..😠😠😠😠😠

  • rk ronald
    rk ronald

    Prajakta looks super cute when she is angry

  • Beloved Angel
    Beloved Angel

    well hit a like on the comment if ur like montu u doesn't listen even on getting reminded 100 TIMES....

  • Beloved Angel
    Beloved Angel

    oh what should i do with this prajakta.....everytime i see her videos, even in the worst of times, i tend to laugh.. hats off to u girl..even bollywood will bow their heads in front of u darling..........

  • Faisal Alam
    Faisal Alam

    Dad was lit🔥

  • Damini Lohiya
    Damini Lohiya

    Aap ekh or whatsapp chat video banao na pls

  • Harsh Gupta
    Harsh Gupta

    You are so cute ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍

  • Aditi Puri
    Aditi Puri

    Mummy was screaming and papa was not saying anything....and that tune☺

  • Roma Kathayat
    Roma Kathayat

    Luv u prajakta... 😍😍

  • Chauhan Rajeshwar
    Chauhan Rajeshwar

    mostlysane wow yaar u r so fab i like ur videos more den ashish chanchalani

  • Neetu Agraiya
    Neetu Agraiya

    ur videos are amazing..

  • sourabh kumar
    sourabh kumar

    length made it bit boring. but good.

  • shrau Tank
    shrau Tank

    har video ka sabse accha part "accha suno subscribe karte wakt ghanti Baja Dena ........." 😆😆🤗🤗🤗🤗 who else

  • Jyoti Kotapati
    Jyoti Kotapati

    I love motu he look cho cho cute

  • Mysha Tanzila
    Mysha Tanzila

    Kitna cute prajakta

  • Dhruv vats
    Dhruv vats dekhna chahiye tha part...

  • Barnali Banerjee
    Barnali Banerjee


  • Ghayor Khan Ghori
    Ghayor Khan Ghori

    copied video

  • Mdtousif Md
    Mdtousif Md

    One of my favourite

  • kevin santhosh
    kevin santhosh

    every time we should check all the details in a card, phone, letter etc. Her acting of all the characters were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chandrasekhar Mondal
    Chandrasekhar Mondal

    awesome video change in plans

  • Tara Keshwari
    Tara Keshwari

    I seriously can feel all this situation...😭😭

  • Pravinchandra khakhar
    Pravinchandra khakhar


  • mymiss kavishaa
    mymiss kavishaa

    The mother and father character act by the Prajakta so how can we come in one car can someone clear my doubt

  • Neeraj Dhankhar
    Neeraj Dhankhar


  • Cheese Alone
    Cheese Alone

    Best part was “kitna October? 18th October?! Ho gayi shaadi pichlay haftay! Mubarak ho!!” 😹😹😹


    I was also like urghhhhh

  • Chand Kiran
    Chand Kiran

    My birthday os on 24 oct 2018

  • Prasad Pawar
    Prasad Pawar

    Pav bhaji khake ate hai kya🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sara Arain
    Sara Arain

    your acting 😍

  • Mansi Narain
    Mansi Narain

    This is sooooooooooooooo relatable!!!!

  • sher Gurung
    sher Gurung

    Love when u do male person

  • Aruna Soni
    Aruna Soni

    Just d

  • ND kids masti 84
    ND kids masti 84

    are u Maharashtrain coz u talk good marathi

  • P.C Gaming
    P.C Gaming

    Good video

  • Varsha Patil
    Varsha Patil

    Seriously the mom is same like my mom 😂😂bilkul tasach mhnali rao tech shabd literally 👌👌

  • Aditi Bindal
    Aditi Bindal

    Omffffggggg I love this video like helllll😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love u prajuuuu