Charli XCX - Blame It On Your Love feat. Lizzo [Official Video]
Charli XCX
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  • Philip Hughes
    Philip Hughes

    I love this Quality x and I'm straight but these words are from the 💓

  • Katy Cuty
    Katy Cuty

    charli is giving us POP and Lizzo is a real queen Period

  • Ane Ruse
    Ane Ruse


  • JJH is Love
    JJH is Love

    Charlie is so sexy and beautiful!!

  • Faye M
    Faye M

    I find this sounds quite similar to Jane Zhang - Dust my Shoulders Off

    • Faye M
      Faye M

      Good song though!

  • jeniel cross
    jeniel cross

    I love yo



  • Mil Xo
    Mil Xo


  • Gabe Lazar
    Gabe Lazar

    I'm still mad she had freaking Lizzo JUST FOR THAT SHORT ASS VERSE WTH

  • Orang Teladan
    Orang Teladan

    This MV contain Iluminati 😂

  • Universal Music
    Universal Music

    Okay, we understand that some people aren't comfortable with the others in this video. --- Please understand that you have no purpose to judge. These are people, regardless of however you want to classify them. We just ask that you respect them. They deserve the same respect, love and treatment as we all do.

  • DearVivi

    Track 10 didn’t deserve this 😭😭😭

  • Iago

    Cadê os brasileiros? Pra quem curte um som com influências PC Music acabei de postar o lyric do meu novo single no meu canal, quem puder por favor dá uma conferida

  • Dani davi
    Dani davi

    fucking l e g e n d a r y

  • Ana Beatriz Sousa
    Ana Beatriz Sousa

    This is so incredible, I loved the music and the concept of this video..🥰🥰 It's so wonderful to see so many different people, it's beautiful. ❤ Could anyone explain this concept to me? thanks!!!!

  • Imaru Lewis
    Imaru Lewis this is how humanity ends huh?

  • Leo AP
    Leo AP

    My goodness

  • Scorp Remix
    Scorp Remix

    fucking gsys!

  • Felipe Azevedo
    Felipe Azevedo

    Um Hino ✨❤️

  • Kinda Not.
    Kinda Not.

    Not playing this is THE most underrated song

  • selenator


  • KelseyMarieex

    What are "us " honestly I hear it everywhere

  • Callum Nicholson
    Callum Nicholson

    real footage of charli storming area 51

    • V __
      V __

      @what is a universal set? Thanks

    • what is a universal set?
      what is a universal set?

      @V __ "area 51" is the place where the US government "contains" "alien & supernatural creatures"

    • V __
      V __

      What is area 51

    • what is a universal set?
      what is a universal set?

      Hahaha... lmao

  • Elías TheMagicGreen
    Elías TheMagicGreen


  • _gersonramirez

    This song is such a bop omg

  • Fitriani G.J
    Fitriani G.J

    but i like this song

  • Fitriani G.J
    Fitriani G.J

    i dont like

  • Steve Mamani Cahuana
    Steve Mamani Cahuana


  • Louis Bianchi
    Louis Bianchi

    who else is getting fairy godmother fibes of Lizzo?

  • Mendeleev B21 Rivera Jack A
    Mendeleev B21 Rivera Jack A

    Gotta blame it on the, blame it on the Blame it on the juice (Blame it on the juice) Looking at my booty like you don’t know what to do Baby, I know that you can’t control it (Control it) But my body like a swisher, just roll it (Roll it) I’m give you one chance to fall in love Give you one chance, don’t fuck this up (Uh) Ah, ah, oh (Uh-oh, Uh-oh) I’m tryna catch millions, I ain’t tryna catch feelings (Bitch)

  • Aljed Baradillo
    Aljed Baradillo

    Karina, ML

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump

    This is not what I expected ..

  • Russell Dixon
    Russell Dixon

    I'm triggered. So much ugliness.

  • end of time
    end of time

    25/07 single novo ❤

  • Alberto Retana
    Alberto Retana

  • Duncan Lush
    Duncan Lush

    So painful to watch as single ..

  • leviaxe

    what's up with those ugly masks?

  • Norman SouthTX
    Norman SouthTX

    Charli XCX still has a great voice, is very creative and good pop song writer . If you need some more videos similar to this check out Aura Dione's latest two offerings...

  • Dzyen Reed
    Dzyen Reed

  • Alaskan Dans' Rumors of War
    Alaskan Dans' Rumors of War

    These people ? have it backwards they devolved not evolved.

  • MurrkZ

    Best part of the video was the fd

  • Akiko ferre
    Akiko ferre

    Charlie with elf ears and black red hair - Karina of Mobile Legends

  • Snox Snox
    Snox Snox

    Why this song has only 1,5 milion of views? This is a masterpiece!!!

  • Simon Vaeta
    Simon Vaeta

    she looks so pretty

  • Tibi !
    Tibi !

    It s a fucking shit the music but Lgbt is listening this music everyday so .... I m not in Lgbt and again is a fucking shit . Sorry Lgbt I m not rasism but i don t like

  • Tone Deaf
    Tone Deaf

    2:20 lizzo

  • Ramada Fredericton
    Ramada Fredericton

    I blam it on u love, i blam it on u love I Blam it on ya blam it on ya ya kno i like to parte and like my bodee bacc to the beginnin i do i do i blam it on u love , i fuc it up

  • Justin Crown
    Justin Crown

    Only FLASH POSE feat. Pabllo Vittar Só vem FLASH POSE

  • mahnoor naqvi
    mahnoor naqvi

    Where's legolas.?

  • Maliq Mikael
    Maliq Mikael

    This not good 4 ur ķidss


    Ga bisa gimana dong gw jadi orang keren.


    O orang yg keren. Xxi

  • Rodrigo Sanchez
    Rodrigo Sanchez

    Love you both girls 💚

  • Jimin &
    Jimin &


  • prashanth Nakka
    prashanth Nakka

    That is one scary ass evolution.

  • Rab Brennan
    Rab Brennan

    Good wee song. Evolution 😂 plastic surgery ffs.

  • Dzyen Reed
    Dzyen Reed

    And/or Hainbach. I these guys, "Look Mum, no computer," an Hainbach; these guys would be really cool to work with. I think you could really expand upon the last sort of "cerebral/textured/ambient" type album that the last one was. Together they'd be amazing. It would be so interesting to take all that sound, and make it into a concise record! It's like, part of the appeal to the artists on the Virgin label, is their (sometimes), highly cerebral singles. Sometimes there's no explanation for the way the single makes you feel. It's really kinda psychedelic is an oddly subtle way.

  • Lidia Nezvalová
    Lidia Nezvalová

    I m here because of elf ears. *breath heavily* (elf addicted) Eaaaaarthhh....

  • Dutch Mill
    Dutch Mill

    Awful music video... Eeewwwwwwwwwwww...

  • Kristina Asia
    Kristina Asia

    I wish she didn't make track 10 into this. Track 10 was all over the place, in a good way.

    • Lemme Sip
      Lemme Sip

      @Thraitor that's true. But ofccourse track10 is already stan twitter anthem

    • Thraitor

      I bet if track 10 wasnt released ppl wouldnt be mad about this song lol

  • Alexey Katiev
    Alexey Katiev

    Isn’t it “track 10” from Pop2?

    • Mitchell Neill
      Mitchell Neill

      Track 10 is the Remix of this, Blame It on your love is the original song

  • Patrick Linden
    Patrick Linden

    Is this an SNL skit? So incredibly unpleasant with F bombs in pop songs. Awful. Please find a more civil and artful way to express yourself than via crude and vulgar language.

    • Kinda Not.
      Kinda Not.

      Lol stfu wtf

  • Justin Crown
    Justin Crown

    Longing for collaboration with pablo vittar❤️🥰😍

  • Fátima salinas
    Fátima salinas

    Me encanta esta canción 😘😆

  • Ma. Patricia Angeline Vermudo
    Ma. Patricia Angeline Vermudo

    Lizzo and Charli = Iconic

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas

    Apparently we’re all gonna evolve in 2023 😳😳

  • Lynnette

    these people's looks honestly traumatized me

  • Fernando Chen
    Fernando Chen

    Why Charli not famous like many artist???

  • Omar Bezariuz
    Omar Bezariuz

    I need this álbum af 😍

  • TheChrys float
    TheChrys float

    Maravilhosas ❤