Dear Homoeopaths | Stand Up Comedy By Aakash Mehta
Longest video I've ever put out. Hope you make it till the end.
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Venue Courtesy: The Habitat, Mumbai.
Shot by Anuj Mehta, Sanket Sharma and The Habitat Videography Team:
Dishang Popat, Vivian Castelino, Harsh Shah
Directed and Edited by Anuj Mehta (@pavlikam)
Sound Recording by The Habitat Audio Team: Swarada Bodas, Seigen Moopanar
Sound Mixing & Mastering by Varun Patil (IG - @varoonmarooned)
Written and Performed by Aakash Mehta.
Special thanks to Utkarsh and Rupini. Still sorry I shouted at y'all.
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    Tati script

  • Innat Adil
    Innat Adil

    True... An ocean of dumb people 😂😂

  • Zyphen 16
    Zyphen 16

    You get such an amazing comments and love from everyone you should focus more on that instead of focusing on those shitty the comments also you are best ❤️

  • Andromedia Z
    Andromedia Z

    You laugh is funnier than your joke😂😂😂😂

  • tridev tyagig
    tridev tyagig

    Sach mai tatti

  • Monika Dhawle
    Monika Dhawle

    Dear doctors, who ever listening this, jb ye clinic aye iska diagnosis karke iski fad to Dena but treatment mt krna tb akkl thikane ayegi iski. Chu agr koi pathy work nhi krti to wo certified bhi nhi hoti.

  • atal sureka
    atal sureka


  • Beast YT
    Beast YT

    Tatti video😂😂😂😂

  • Mohan Kumar
    Mohan Kumar

    Really sorry about the death threat.☺️☺️☺️ Jisne bhi diya .

  • Priya Jain
    Priya Jain

    Maza ni all.... nothing special

  • Amna Javed
    Amna Javed

    Constructive criticism... There were times when you spoke too fast and it got muddled. Baqi set hai... Keep it up

  • Akriti no
    Akriti no

    I really love your videos :) keep posting more of your critically analytical contents ! :) kuch jan aise bhi hain jinko tumhare live performances Ko dekhne ka time/money etc nahi hota :/ toh IN-mys hi sahi :D but why do you laugh like that?! So peculiar!

  • Apex Virus
    Apex Virus

    That chasma wala😂😂

  • Aryan Dali
    Aryan Dali


  • Soumik Kar
    Soumik Kar

    We bengali use bokachoda just to express feelings bro. You know like if i say bokachoda to you right after watching this video it means you are cool and nailed it but if i write it in that doctor video, it means ya you are an asshole

  • 007Chakochi

    1 min and already super bored... this is a blot on comedy shows.

  • अद्वितीय चंद्रावत
    अद्वितीय चंद्रावत

    Your laugh is soo cute

  • Diwakar Singh
    Diwakar Singh

    He looks like Shwetabh Gangwar from "Mensutra"

  • aakash soni
    aakash soni

    Tatti video bokachoda

  • Ashwini Patil
    Ashwini Patil

    It was really amazing Hate comments make u strong 😊

  • roshni yadav
    roshni yadav

    Faith nhi hai joke nhi chala lodu !! 😂😂😂😂 hits me really hard 😂😂😂

  • Ayush Nawghane
    Ayush Nawghane

    Best comedian

  • Lakshmi Narayan V
    Lakshmi Narayan V

    Tatti video

  • chudasama gayatri
    chudasama gayatri

    Thik hai mar lena....mai alsi doc se ilaj karvayega...😂😂


    Itne Ajeeb tarike se mat hasa karo.

  • Magazine PO2017
    Magazine PO2017

    Great stuff. Thank you.

  • Nachiketh Hanumante
    Nachiketh Hanumante

    Shitty audience

  • Kalpana Pandey
    Kalpana Pandey

    I realize your laugh is just like Eddie from friends( chandler's roommate)

    • Nischal Koirala
      Nischal Koirala

      Probably because someone killed his goldfish.

  • atanu mukherjee
    atanu mukherjee

    Sir. It's neither ABT faith nor abt de fact that u don't consider our system of medicine to b working but according to a recent poll conducted by a leading newspaper in the country it shows, 59 percent of urban population is shifting to homoeopathy. N it does work. I agree it takes a lil longer than Ur modern methods of treatment but still it does. #proud2bahomoeopath.

  • Übermensch

    Yes indeed, its high time we'll should stop subscribing to homeopathic treatments. I mean, not all ailments can be cured by placebo effect. There're several scientific papers against homeopathy. Snowflakes - please read, be informed and react less, you'll do yourselves and the society a huge favor. chutiyapanti ka homeopathic treatment bhi nahi hoga 😄 *P. S. Great content, I thoroughly enjoyed.* *S.U.B.S.C.R.I.B.E.D.*

  • savitha kunta
    savitha kunta

    To all the doctors in the comments, let's keep fighting till we get justice #savethesaviour

  • Jaskaran Singh
    Jaskaran Singh

    16:00 Bro if you got the death threat at 6 15 in the morning, how did you read it as a compliment at 5 30

  • Raj Badjate
    Raj Badjate

    Kuch bhi banata hai yar.

  • Rashmi Raghavan
    Rashmi Raghavan

    n a i

  • Ananya Tuli
    Ananya Tuli

    Damn ur laugh... Its sooo cute... Aur bhi hasi aa jati h... I love you videos❤️❤️❤️❤️keep it up all the best👍

  • Shubham Patil
    Shubham Patil

    Homeopathy doesn't work are you out of mind my friend. Best pathys ever made to reduce suffeerings and pain.we treat without pain . And side effects. You have never tried homeopathy so you're speaking or your ex . Girlfriend must be a homeopath.

  • Hemant Raj
    Hemant Raj

    bhai ki hassi hehehehhe 😂😂😂😂


    Kya paka diya bro... Jitne funny punchh line ni the us se jyada to khud hass raha hai tu... That too like Chandler's new roommate EDDIE... Change that and punchlines ll get more laughs

  • Arnav Jain
    Arnav Jain

    Good one, but when is next one coming?

  • Neel Prajapati
    Neel Prajapati

    You can make fun of anything anybody but don't underline it by saying that i have made fun. No body will be offended. 😉

  • prashant chourasia
    prashant chourasia

    But this video is not that funny as your previous videos!!

  • luis cyphre
    luis cyphre

    Dude i could not decide whether its your face or ur laugh or the fact that ur ugly jokes. Which is more disgusting. Please change profession and do something fruitfull and productive to the society.

  • Sammohan Krishna Das
    Sammohan Krishna Das

    I agree, dumb lok ka dariya hai, (though I'm a bengali and a fan)


    Shitty smile of comedian

  • Deepak Saini
    Deepak Saini

    Mai chaddi 2 din mai badalta hai ..Mai duniya Kya badlega...

  • Kunal Gupta
    Kunal Gupta


  • vikas verma
    vikas verma

    Ananshhhhnnnnnhhhhhbnnnnnnn...ajib lolo h

  • Kaushik Sholingur
    Kaushik Sholingur

    20 MinUteS oF TaTty JoKes. StuDy abOuT CoMedY beFOrE maKinG fUN of cOmedIaNs.

  • Pratyusa Panigrahi
    Pratyusa Panigrahi

    Bengalis say #bokachoda coz you are one.. the most idiot and dumb standup comedian... you bokachoda... btw I am not a Bengali..

  • Sherocare India
    Sherocare India


  • Sherocare India
    Sherocare India


  • Suvam Chakraborty
    Suvam Chakraborty


  • Suvam Chakraborty
    Suvam Chakraborty


  • Suvam Chakraborty
    Suvam Chakraborty


  • Suvam Chakraborty
    Suvam Chakraborty


  • Suvam Chakraborty
    Suvam Chakraborty


  • sachet arora
    sachet arora

    5:20a.m bro... Respect your work and it always helps me to calm down in stressed life... Ab ting ki ghanti se mandir wali feeling lo

  • Zenia Mitra
    Zenia Mitra

    I love your comedy .. I’m a Bengali myself I feel you have natural talent of making people laugh ..I love the way you put up yourself on stage .. negativity would always be around .. but just shine on

  • Akashdeep Mandal
    Akashdeep Mandal

    Engineer here, Nice Video 👌👌.... 4:30 in the morning...!!😅😅

  • Kshitij Garg
    Kshitij Garg

    Tatti Video

  • Lakshaya Khanna
    Lakshaya Khanna

    Tatti video

  • Rahul Rooney
    Rahul Rooney

    I am a Bengali and I love this guy 😂😂😂

  • Nishchal Dethe
    Nishchal Dethe

    Bahot Hard, Tatti!!!!

  • Don't Laugh
    Don't Laugh

    Always love your videos. But, this time it felt a bit long and less laugh than usual.

  • Afif Patel
    Afif Patel

    Just wasted 20 minutes at 3:00 in morning😂😂

  • Dhanraj Singh
    Dhanraj Singh

    Tatti video

  • Sobana Baree
    Sobana Baree

    Love your content!!!


    Bakwaas video

  • cookie crumble
    cookie crumble

    You know this just made me regret my 5 and 1/2 years of homeopathy more which I already did and go into depression. I did not have the money to get into private colleges nor the exceptional brain to be in a government one. Some of us don't choose it but most of us have to for our love for learning medicine and not knowing anything at the age of 17. - Sincerely A 23 year old depressed homoeopath who thinks life is over because of a decision made at 17. This made me regret it even more thank you.

    • Deepti Bhagtani
      Deepti Bhagtani

      @KuchBhiMehta I do like your comedy though so thought if sharing my insights. Hope you take it in your stride. Each is entitled to his opinion but its always good to share views and put out point forth. Best of luck for your work.

    • Deepti Bhagtani
      Deepti Bhagtani

      @KuchBhiMehta now I don't care if you wanna try homoeopathy or believein it cuz people who do benefit from it do believe, and they are a huge number of people so we're good. But I did feel like letting you know all this cuz I am a firm believer in homeopathy or any kind of medicine. Every mode of medicine is important n needed. Also, more n more number of scientists n pychologists are saying that all illness starts in the mind n mental health does lead to physical health. In homoeopathy mental health is considered the cause as well since ages, that's y the detailed case taking. Our medicines take time in chronic cases cuz chronic cases develop slowly, in acute cases I have seen the meds work in a dose. Please be unbiased before expressing such rigid n extreme opinions.

    • Deepti Bhagtani
      Deepti Bhagtani

      @KuchBhiMehta sir you are indeed funny and you did make me laugh. But I think a little research before saying big things like homeopathy doesn't work. Don't worry I will enlighten you. Our founder, a German ALLOPATHIC practitioner discovered this science. So the founder himself is well versed with allopathy. Most of our early Masters, like Dr. James Tyler Kent got converted to homeopathy while saving his wife's life for which homeopathy came to the rescue. Please Google him. There are many present day Allopathic doctors like Dr. Jaswant Patil, Md chest, who converted into homeopathy after he couldn't cure his own mother and studied homeopathy n tired her, he even did bhms after this. Offcourse I agree sometimes the medicines don't work but that's human error. The science is perfect. A research team if IIM Bombay proved that it is based on nanotechnology.

    • Deepti Bhagtani
      Deepti Bhagtani

      @cookie crumble also my father had a blood pressure issue while I was studying so he had to start hypertension meds but after I passed out I started him with a similimum n mother tincture n he is no more on either of the medicines, it does take time but Medicines which are mild n safe will usually do their work gently. These are only family cures but I have experienced many such cures in my practice. I agree sometimes the medicines don't seem to work so it does discourage us cuz we need to know the mental state of a patient in case taking n since that is subjective to each doctor we do sometimes miss the constitutional remedy. So them I do take help of allopathy n refer patients to mbbs doc. Even I have, though rarely taken allopathic medicines. We have to balance it out n not be rigid. Homeopathy is perfect, we doctors are imperfect. Don't lose hope. It works.

    • Deepti Bhagtani
      Deepti Bhagtani

      Listen, I am a homoeopathic doctor, and I have had amazing results in my practice. Allopathy is an essential part of our medicine but even they don't have answers for everything like pyscho somatic diseases. My daughter was suffering from stool withholding cuz of fear of hard stools, allopathy had stool softener an all that but it was a mental fear so eventually homoeopathic medicines helped her. And see her recover was the most amazing thing for me. Don't forget our German founder was himself an allopathic doctor who was fed up of allopathic side effects. Our masters like Kent were themselves allopathic doctor's who converted to homoeopathy n created an ocean of literary work in our field.

  • Avi Singh
    Avi Singh

    Great job dude🔥😂😂🔥 cheers to the dariya of bokachoda’s😂😂

  • Upasana Nayak
    Upasana Nayak

    bhai tereko lagta hai insult karna comedy karna same so called stand up comedy kar raha hai utna to dhang se ho nai pa raha tujhse...pehle jake comedy sikh k aa...apna lines pe kaam kar,fir stage pe aiyo.... shithead

  • Utkarsh Verma
    Utkarsh Verma

    The way he laughs 😂😂🤣

  • Dr. kawalpreet kaur
    Dr. kawalpreet kaur

    Being in mumbai and saying shit about homoeopathy tells ur state of mind dude... I think still u r living in adiwasii tym where u dont have means to technology and research and cures done by homeopathy all around the world... I feel pity on u, ur opinion and ur jokes.. just read history of homeopathy its efficacy and recent research work of how it works.. It works on genetic level for ur knowledge.. and its the most modern science. Half knowledge is dangerous man... Get ur facts clear and then make jokes I hope one day u'll understand its power

    • KuchBhiMehta

      Same pinch

  • Siddhant Bhoi
    Siddhant Bhoi

    Sach bolunn to... hasi nahi ayi ....aur faltu mein tu bejjati kar raha hey....Hasa b le bhai .....Toh sab jayas hey .....Tu toh nihayati nalayak , fuse he.....

  • RadioactivE_PeanuT

    The laugh was funnier than the jokes.

  • RadioactivE_PeanuT

    The future of clickbaits :-

  • RadioactivE_PeanuT

    Found this video boring??? Try another boring video :-

  • RadioactivE_PeanuT

    Can u guys please suggest some correction to make in this video :-

  • Meryam Qasim
    Meryam Qasim

    One thing...whenever my mind is fu**ed up ur videos make a bit less fu***ed up😂😂❤great work.

  • Sreemoyee DG
    Sreemoyee DG

    Just work on your laughter .... the script will fall into place. Sorry couldnt help !!

  • Rahul Kuntal
    Rahul Kuntal

    bore mat kiya kar bhai

  • Mable k.e.
    Mable k.e.


  • Partha Srinivasan
    Partha Srinivasan

    I’m here for the comments.

  • Dattatray Budhware
    Dattatray Budhware

    Kya bhosadpanti hai be ye 😂 comedy kaha hai

  • Moeen Ainarkar
    Moeen Ainarkar

    4:12 🤪

  • Zahara Shaikh
    Zahara Shaikh

    Good... You laugh at your own jokes .... 🤣🤣🤣

  • Chiranjib Roy
    Chiranjib Roy

    Well it's more than easy to make jokes on biharis,gujjus and marwadis😀

  • Rohit Singh
    Rohit Singh

    Bro you said freedom of speech I really like your comedy because you really don't fucking care of whom soever please do one for MOMTA DIDI because really bro I feel she is defaming Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose of real Bangali who are is the most educated at that time now she has become Hitler

  • manthan chandrashekhar Chilweri
    manthan chandrashekhar Chilweri

    Tatti audience

  • Master Zero
    Master Zero

    19:24 I'm literally watching this in toilet seat

  • Amy Rachael
    Amy Rachael

    Abh sachi mei tho stop ni kroge na comedy karna??..i do live ur shows..please dont stop

  • Rahul Birari
    Rahul Birari

    hahaha.. Sushma laat maar ke dekh :D :D

  • Xx Sugarcane xX
    Xx Sugarcane xX

    He laughs like eddy from friends!

  • hello hi
    hello hi

    hindi mein joke aur acha lagta hai

  • chandrima roy
    chandrima roy

    I love you ..... You're awesome 😍🤩

  • Rim Number
    Rim Number

    The way u laugh is sooper..I loved it😁 😂🤣😝

  • akashhh here
    akashhh here


  • Envy

    5k homoeopaths 😁😂

  • teenage talks
    teenage talks

    i m awake at this late night and searching for those 3 comments in ur other video , i guess i m insane 😅😂😂 so was that true or just funny made up stuff for standup 😅😅😅 Whatever it was but ur comedy is damn awesome !!!! keep spreading laughter puri duniya ko hasaa kr pgl kr dene ka bro 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯

  • Vivek Kumar Thakur
    Vivek Kumar Thakur

    Awesome bro 👍👍👍👍