Ethiopian Air Crash | Why are Boeing 737 max crashing ?
Flying Beast
vlog 128
about the Boeing 737 max fatal crash.
may all RIP.
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  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar

    Super knowledge.

  • Technical Knowledge
    Technical Knowledge

    Thanx sir apne Saari baato ko openly explain kia from this video I understand that what's the matter behind boeing 747 max

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    Pranesh Vasagadekar

    Became Fan Of Yours By Watching Your Content !! I Except More Videos Like This From You !

  • Sid heart Zoneee!!!
    Sid heart Zoneee!!!

    Amazing info...just luvd the way u explain it Gaurav....awsm👍🏻

  • Ahsan Amir
    Ahsan Amir

    You have called it airbus more times than you called out Boeing

  • Orlandy Estevez
    Orlandy Estevez

    I can’t understand shit

  • Thanigai nathan
    Thanigai nathan

    what is the age limit for being a commercial aircraft pilot job opportunity wise.. ?


    Sir being involved in sailing on board ships I hve observed that automation has been at a rise but we can switch over to manual mode when necessary by just switching on off toggle switch for change over from auto to manual and vise versa,,, I Hope the same hve been employed on board new if pilot feels that automation system is not following a desired course then it can be shifted to manual mode to follow the right command to compensate for roll or pitch of the aircraft..

  • sanjeet bisht
    sanjeet bisht

    my friends brother was the pilot on lion airlines which crashed :( he was newly wed :( RIP to all people who lost life due to this technical problem.

  • Saad Bhalli
    Saad Bhalli

    85% wrong info

  • Sachin Kumar Yadav
    Sachin Kumar Yadav

    Why didn't pilot change the automation level in the middle from normal to direct in the state of emergency during Ethiopian crash ?

    • Jimmy Carton
      Jimmy Carton

      Bhai watch vox IN-mys video abour the same topic , its says that pilot didnt complete the course of automation mcas software hence he didn't know how to change software level.

  • Deepak Kumar Mishra
    Deepak Kumar Mishra

    Thank you captain for such a informative blog. 👏👏👌👌

  • Anton Adyanto
    Anton Adyanto

  • Peter Wen
    Peter Wen

    I strongly suspect I learned fake English, I generally cann't catch what he is speaking

  • akshay bhosle
    akshay bhosle

    very brilliant explanation....thanks sir... keep going. ..

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    Mix Vlogs

    I feel could fly one now. Subscribe my channel to fly with me.

  • Vishal Saini
    Vishal Saini

    great video , I am waiting for it & thanx for upload, but there is one MORE defect ALSO with the MCAS in Ethopian CASE is that THE system has command the plane to nose down on behalf of one sensor(struck sensor, icing sensor which you are talking about) only, MCAS has to check other senors reading also which IT didn't... THAT IS THE DEFECT WITH THAT SOFTWARE.. OR WHAT EVER I HAVE READ ABOUT THE FLIGHT AUGMENTATION SYSTEMS THAT THESE SYSTEMS ARE DESIGNED OR PROGRAMMED FOR TAKING the CONTROL ON BEHALF OF TWO OR MORE SENSORS, BUT IN CASE OF MCAS IT HAS BEEN FOUND THAT TECHNICALLY IT HAD RELIED ON THAT MALFUNCTIONED SINGLE ALPHA SENSOR,

  • Noel D'souza
    Noel D'souza

    Your comment on Air france was not exactly correct. Yes the pitot tubes got frozen and they were giving wrong but the first officer was trying to climb the aircraft which reduced its speed and then it stalled. The plane on direct control and not on normal control. It was a training issue with the first officer as he pitched the flight up and stalled it eventually crashing the plane in the ocean. There is a youtube that explains this after they recovered the black box for that plane.


    why does the ground staff keeps coming to pilots again and again

  • Ajinkya Khoche
    Ajinkya Khoche

    Hello Sir. I think Air france ke case me Plane directly down nai gaya. Jab wo neeche jaane laga pilots started to pull it up. Uske karan angle of attack itna ho gaya ke plane stall ho gaya. To conclude it stalled and didn't go down and down. Thanks

  • Naveen

    Delhi mein traffic bhot hai.......bahaar waali side noise reduction kuch lagwa lo sir.......

  • Naveen

    Awesome content sir

  • Maka Valaz 2
    Maka Valaz 2

    Plane Crash, «Аeroflot» Airlines Sukhoi Superjet 100 Crashes After Landing , Sheremetovo Airport

  • Dipesh Das
    Dipesh Das Watch this video...

  • Pawankumar Bedre
    Pawankumar Bedre

    Very Informative Video .. keep posting such videos ...

  • Om Kharche
    Om Kharche


  • TechFreak51

    Love your technical explanations ... I can listen to you for hours !!!

  • World Airlines private jet
    World Airlines private jet

    I don’t understand what is he talking!

  • homie beaglePG
    homie beaglePG

    it crashed because the MCAS system was very aggressive

  • Shivshankar Aklod
    Shivshankar Aklod

    You are suberb man.

  • Sana Khan
    Sana Khan

    Superb video keep it up... Its just awsom😘😘😘

  • Nitika Lall
    Nitika Lall

    Gaurav your videos r really good, but I think u have to do something about the background noise which is disturbing while listening.

  • Rajat Mishra
    Rajat Mishra

    Very informative video, thanks

  • Nikky Kumawat
    Nikky Kumawat

    U explained everything in very easy way...👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • Shana S
    Shana S

    A subject which is difficult to understand and can sometimes be boring ..,,, you’re way of explaining is just awesome 😎

  • Nikita Biswas
    Nikita Biswas

    I watched a lot of videos, how the Ethiopian airline was crashed. What is the problem with Boeing 737 max and what is MCAS system. But bcz I am an arts student, it is a bit difficult to understand the machine and its technicality. But you explained it very well. And it's commendable. People say that you are India's best blogger. And it's very true. I would like to share with you one thing that I am not usually addicted with anything. But today's morning I saw Random one of your blog .Nd now it's 11:53pm at night.I am not able to stop myself from seeing your next video. Lots of love for you and mam and good wishes for Rasabharee from your new subscriber.❤❤❤


    Sir I live in Delhi can we meet somewhere.

  • adi6183

    you did not explain that engines on 737 max are mounted higher on the wing causing it to become unstable

  • pranjulunrecognized

    only if there were a sensor to detect icing

  • NaNaNaNa

    what kind of shit automation is this playing with lives of 100s of people

  • yuti trivedi
    yuti trivedi

    Our six family members died in dis....bahot kharab huwa...six indian jo the wo...

  • Vipul Sinha
    Vipul Sinha

    Refreshing to see an Indian pilot doing vlogs on aircrafts. Kudos captain. Please continue to make such videos frequently. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Archan Raval
    Archan Raval

    Superb information sir thanks a lot for providing such knowledge

  • Buzz Tech
    Buzz Tech

    Good information

  • Riyon Majumder
    Riyon Majumder

    We do everything thing in GTA 5..... Stall,nose up, lift, pitch everything... We even die and born again.....

  • Chandan Vatsa
    Chandan Vatsa

    create a new channel dedicated just for flying

  • Anugrah Sontakke
    Anugrah Sontakke

    Jet airways k bare me kuch video bana o na

  • Talal Ansari
    Talal Ansari

    Hey! you were explaining about the crash of Air France 447, instead, you ended up explaining the opposite of it. Actually, the pitot tubes of that aircraft were frozen because of which faulty speed was being fed. In these circumstances, the standard procedure is to keep the aircraft flying level until the pitot probes get back to normal. But the pilot in command of 447 reacted to the false high-speed alarm by increasing the angle of attack as well as applying speed brakes to slow down which resulted in the stall of the aircraft. All this time the captain was away. By the time captain came into the cockpit and realized what was happening it was too late.

    • Valerie Griner
      Valerie Griner

      Yes...that's the "official story." Take it with a grain of salt.

  • MARCOS Gaming
    MARCOS Gaming

    Black Box red colour ka kyu hota hai black colour ka kyu nahi???

  • MARCOS Gaming
    MARCOS Gaming

    Ab crash hona hi hai aisi situation me passengers parachute lekar aircraft se kud nahi sakte?? . Jaise sheep dubta hai to life boats Hoti hai ...

    • Pankaj Keswani
      Pankaj Keswani

      First of all not every one is trained to use parachutes.secondly if you jump out of the plane your chances of hitting the plane or fans is higher so instant death. Thirdly in such situations depressurizing the aircraft and immediate evacuation is close to nil as the crashes happen during take off and first 7 mins.

  • MARCOS Gaming
    MARCOS Gaming

    But... Kya vo aircraft Ko water landing nahi Kara sakte the???

  • Sjsj Sjsba
    Sjsj Sjsba

    i saw a movie on netflix 'flight 93' i know this is real life but if the pilots inverted the plane would the plane still pitch down or up just curious

  • Mriganka Mukherjee
    Mriganka Mukherjee

    Human brain should take the final decision not a machine inteligence, that is the final word I learned from this two crash story.

    • Valerie Griner
      Valerie Griner

      I totally agree with you! Too much 'autonomous control" and too much "technology" for me!

  • Mriganka Mukherjee
    Mriganka Mukherjee

    I am a technical person with a background of Electrical Power Engineering. Your way of explanation is too good. Please make a separate avionics channel for us including flight dynamics, Propulsion, lastly control and automation from technical aspects. Thank you.

  • Debojit Das
    Debojit Das

    Nice Explanation . no Gimmick all technical Excellent

  • Joel_DSouza

    How did the pitot tube freezer? They are fitted with heaters. Are the heaters not self tested to work by avionics during preflightchecks on ground? Or was it software issue and not frozen pitot tube? No one can prove tube was frozen.

  • Joel_DSouza

    In haste of competing with Airbus and to fulfill order books Boeing poorly tested their aircraft. I won't be surprised if they were aware of bugs in their software but hoped to sort out later. Are new aircraft test reports given to airlines wanting to buy?

  • amogh jawa
    amogh jawa

    You're quicker than vox sir! What a fox sir

  • amogh jawa
    amogh jawa

    The vox video just came out today which shows that the reason was not just icing but also the MCAS system's inherent automation.


    Vry gud video👌

  • akshay chourasiya
    akshay chourasiya

    Sari baat ek Baar main samaj as gai kya samjhaya hai 🙏🏻

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    Farhan Samad



    Nice 👍 explain

  • Imhotep

    Guys please request Gaurav Bhai to make a video on Flying a flight in the Bermuda triangle as a pilot .

    • Heavenshakerable

      Marwayega kya bhai ?

  • Mirza Nazeer Baig
    Mirza Nazeer Baig

    Technology is increased, why don't they make a parachute for aircraft. I mean safe vertical landing like a gas balloon

    • Ibrahim Baliyawalla
      Ibrahim Baliyawalla

      How can a parachute handle weight of upto 80,000kg ? 😒

  • rahul SINGH
    rahul SINGH

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  • Sanket Gadhvi
    Sanket Gadhvi

    Very well explained.

  • AeRo TM Gaming
    AeRo TM Gaming

    Aircraft should have a button by pressing that button 100% controls should be given to the pilots

  • Saurabh Thakur
    Saurabh Thakur

    Please make a video on the downfall of Jet Airways please..

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    Prashant Bhatnagar

    Hi Gaurav what is your take on mh 370 biggest aviation mystery..

  • Seshasai P
    Seshasai P

    Good information, but lot of background noice.

  • Arjun Bhattacharyya
    Arjun Bhattacharyya

    Was the emergency call a PanPan call or a Mayday call?

  • Umam Hashmi
    Umam Hashmi

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  • Ehsan Ansari
    Ehsan Ansari

    Your Explanation is gorgeous

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

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  • Swadhin Kumar Nayak
    Swadhin Kumar Nayak

    Very informative sir. You remembered me all my flying classes during NCC days. I was trained in ZenAir STAL aircraft that time. Thank You so much sir.


    Nicely presented your content, very informative

  • Pash Thakur
    Pash Thakur

    Airbus laughing at the corner!

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    Pratik Dhanuka

    Next level informative video

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    Sana Khan

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    mazher abbas

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  • Vishnu Varier
    Vishnu Varier

    Hey...How can we switch to normal to alternate automation mode....????Is that link with A/P...or is it will be turned of when A/P is turned off???

  • life ridar
    life ridar

    Thank you Captain for explaining so briefly..

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    R Maharaj

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  • Shivam Sharma
    Shivam Sharma

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    Dinesh Singh

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    Karthik C

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    deep ranjan Das

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    Ek time tha jab mujhe Boeing bahut pasand tha

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    Sachin Kumar

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  • G.K. Singhaniya
    G.K. Singhaniya

    And is trah ki feature wale i.e., Boeing max desi flights or in india travels k liye v use kiye jate h?

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    G.K. Singhaniya

    Basically Boeing max me auto equilibrium or static body krne ka latest function h jiski kafi pilots ko training nhi di gyi thi.and also kvi function slow ya rapid work krta h. So my question is - kya hm waise situation me automatic flight system control ko band kr manually nhi flight ura sakte ?