Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)
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  • Eric Martinez
    Eric Martinez

    D&D after writing episode 6: This doesn't feel right.

  • James 18b
    James 18b

    I don't know it was just all messed up I thought John was going to be the king at the end they told him he can't have a wife or have kids which means if he have children they will be the heir to the throne smh

  • Yulia Podorozhnaya
    Yulia Podorozhnaya

    Disappointed 😔 poor story , and not enough justification for Bran to become a king.. Bran knew it all , in my eyes he was more a villain than Danny , he knew it all, and he patiently waited for the throne to be served to him on silver plate, a lots of scenes gone missing ... For example who catches Jon Snow, and how Grey Worm was not tempted to kill him before the Great Council he !.? They had him for several weeks before everyone on that Council arrived!! They were close to bud their heads over prisoners, surely no one could stop him to battle or behead Jon since he killed his beloved Queen ?!? When Dragon realised that Danny was dead, he released the fire, at first I thought he guessed his mother was killed by Jon, Jon looked at him anticipating wether Dragon would unleash his fiery breath on him, but he did not instead he melted the iron throne that point both starred at each other and for the moment I thought Jon would reach to the Dragon with his hand and would console him ... I thought Dragon would accept him as he could see his mum dead and he could sense Targarian blood in Jon to submit to him instead , otherwise why the dragons accept him in the first place surely not just because their mother was in love with Jon ... and don’t get me started on finally when Tyrion straightening the chairs , Council Room attendees , half of them should not be there, Bran as a king shown useless , he shows up barely and off he goes to see if he could locate the Dragon , why?? So he can get to him, perhaps he could stop him if not Danny to destroy most population of Kingslanding ?!? NOTHING MAKE SENCE 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Great filming and acting , but the story lines are more than bizarre

  • احمد قاسم
    احمد قاسم

    موسم زربة مسلسل زربة 🤣😂

  • Бахыт Алиева
    Бахыт Алиева

    Final episode is so bad! And all season also. I can't even explain my feelings. Writers just don't fucking care about fans! WTF? Please people sign a petition. WE HAVE TO SHOW THAT WE DON'T LIKE THIS SHIT.

  • André Sniram
    André Sniram

    Congratulations HBO, just lost subscribers forever!!Best Fail ever!!

  • Madhurima Jana
    Madhurima Jana

    The only good thing that came out of this season are the memes

  • Sadman Saqib Zahin
    Sadman Saqib Zahin

    Jaime and Cersei dying crashing bricks was a reference to the Tarbecks. Rains of castamere playing while tyrion uncovered them such an absolute perfection and heart touching when he understood the sad irony

  • Filip mellwing
    Filip mellwing

    Just a few concerns I have - How did Tyrion find Jaime & Cercei? They could've just moved a few feet to the left and survived? 😂 - Jon being a Targeryon meant nothing - How did anybody know Jon killed Danny, the dragon took her body! - Why wouldn't they kill Jon for killing the queen?! - Why are we voting for a new King, since Jon is the rightful King? - Who rebuild the Wall?

  • Daeng Makassar
    Daeng Makassar

    Jon : i'm protected people Bran : i know you jon Jon : thanks bran tell him how am ? Bran : okay jon 1 week later Tryon : bran i king of six kingdom jon : oh ah fucking shit here we go again

  • Bran Stark
    Bran Stark

    Tyrion stood up for me when no one else would.

  • Leonardo Soldan
    Leonardo Soldan

    Shameeee of this season !

  • raphael leite de sousa
    raphael leite de sousa

    Final lixo

  • S M.
    S M.

    The end is so lame. Is like you ran out of budget for the last 4 episode.. is deserve better end

  • Benny Xenaz
    Benny Xenaz

    I’m not sad how the character acted. I’m sad about game of thrones in general. Actors/actresses cried because it was a pathetic conclusion to a once legendary show.

  • Jo

    Can you release the other ending you guys filmed please? Because this won’t do.

  • Ańdy Đufreńce
    Ańdy Đufreńce

    Like Here Who Didn't Watch Episode Yet Like Mine ... If Youre Reading i want to Give You A Cookie 🍪

  • Daeng Makassar
    Daeng Makassar

    bran : jon i'm a king now jon : it's good bran : i'm want send you to night watch LOL :p Jon : ah fucking shit here we go again

  • XERI

    Please rename the series in Game of Wheelchairs

  • Wahyu Tutorial
    Wahyu Tutorial

    Guys, I read all your comments. And you said that this episode is bad. I think this was disappointing too. So if you all didnt like this episode, please leave a DISLIKE on this video so the HBO will see and consider making a remake :D

  • alfred delatourquipenche
    alfred delatourquipenche

    May all the whining people understand that a Song of Ice and Fire is NOT about getting what you want.

    • Daeng Makassar
      Daeng Makassar

      +alfred delatourquipenche why you can tell him it's not fair i'm waiting 8 years just watch Jon be a king but what i give from GOT lost my money and time

    • alfred delatourquipenche
      alfred delatourquipenche

      Not that I like the show. But it's fitting.

    • Daeng Makassar
      Daeng Makassar

      your are fucking idiots like trash episode

  • ByungYoung Moon
    ByungYoung Moon

    야이 개씨발 감독새끼야 미국에서 꼭 너 담갔다는 뉴스 조만간 들리길 바란다. 이걸 대본이라고 썼냐? 시청자 우롱하냐 개새끼야

  • Batchade M
    Batchade M

    Send back to the Wall. Jon: aah shit here we go again.

  • Tsogtbayar Davaadorj
    Tsogtbayar Davaadorj

    Fuck Game Of Thrones

  • panggop jio
    panggop jio


  • Wolfgang Von Zubaz
    Wolfgang Von Zubaz

    Bronn Master of Coin ... didn't know how banks worked in season 3

  • Umut S.
    Umut S.


  • Κώστας

    What a terrible ending, Daenerys dead, the King in the North who lost his kingdom and killed his lover, Drogon missing and the Unsullied left, you the producers could make two or three more episodes and everyone would be pleased if Daenerys or Jon wouldn't end up like this, you could think another ending, and what happened with Daenerys's body? Did actually Drogon tried to find a way to save her? And who were left to live in King's Landing if everyone was killed by Daenerys, and why Jon didn't agree with Daenerys to move on together, he could actually save his people in other ways and not end up like this, by becoming a king, in fact he was the true heir to the iron throne, and Bran the little broken shit didn't say a word in the council about Jon's secret, with Daenerys dead it didn't matter anyways. I love Game of Thrones and they way things are going without even expecting it, but Jon killing ruining his life and others, that's too much, this is just awful, remake the ending or make another episode where Daenerys returns to find Jon and she actually forgives him because she remembered the words of Jon when they were on the throne room.

  • XERI

    little spoiler alert So whats the point of telling that jon is the true heir to the iron throne? You guys just left him behind in at the nights watch again

  • grimss1

    the Lannister comes up smelling of Roses again,portrayed as dead Saints. I was no fan Daenerys but to be stab in the back like that make you think what was the point of watching this series,very strange ending pedestrian and dry episode

  • Zola Cero
    Zola Cero

    End of last episode: Arya is covered in blood, dirt & ashes and rides off on a horse into the sunset. Start of this episode: Arya is still here, all clean now and the horse is gone. 11/10 storytelling

  • Mohammad Rafath
    Mohammad Rafath

    Episode 6 is pure shit..

  • widiatmo asmarahadi
    widiatmo asmarahadi


  • Israel Amaro
    Israel Amaro

    worst finale ever.

  • Nunzio Raso
    Nunzio Raso

    Previously on Game of Beverages....

  • Rasmi Manandhar
    Rasmi Manandhar

    So much disappointed ☹️ on how it ended.. all excitement for the finale went into vains.. #GOTFinalesucked 🤮🤮

  • liang peng
    liang peng

    shame shame shame shame shame

  • tage Aasha
    tage Aasha

    Jon has officially become "The Queen Slayer"😩 What the 😡 D&D Just Murdered GOT. All those seasons seem to be in vain. Now that GOT has ended like a joke. I ll assume there was no season 8. #my heart 💔 IDK should I laugh or b sad, mad🤔

  • Mad Raven
    Mad Raven

    Very happy for Tormund. He found himself a new girl. He needs to think of himself a new nickname.

  • alex rckzz
    alex rckzz

    Same people cried for Jaime and cersi after 10 min same people cried for Danny in the end for Dragon .. 😂😂 all credit goes to dragon 🥰 he is now favourite character of GOT now

  • Chris Brüggemann
    Chris Brüggemann

    Such an bad ending lol cant believe i waitet WEEKS for this bullshit xd shame on you guys

  • TheShubbah

    DOGSHIT EPISODE jeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus christ, thanks for fucking up game of thrones when you ran out of books to follow. Good job D&D aka dumb and dumber

  • Ivan Adrenaline
    Ivan Adrenaline

    Fck dat season👎👎👎

  • dwelln

    Bran, the character who was so boring they literally cut him out of an entire season of the show is now the fucking king?? Are you kidding me??

  • DANIL Stroinov
    DANIL Stroinov

    Что вы сделали с сериалом, хотя бы концовку бы нормальную сделали, но нет же и это испортили, мой вам совет не смотрите 7 и 8 сезоны, пусть для вас концом будет 6

  • prafull thokal
    prafull thokal

    I think they ruin all 7 seasons story in an attempt to surprise the audience. Maybe you should have just copied any fan theories. years of wait and many questions unanswered. very disappointed with this seasons plot. It was very rushed plot. this season ruined after episode 3. They kept talking about night king and dead from the beginning and ended his story in only one episode. Just to give something new and unpredictable ruined the series standards.

  • Lurdes André
    Lurdes André


  • Maria Nes Varberg
    Maria Nes Varberg

    well this was shitty, stupid that snow killed dany. shame


    Happy Ending Bullshit, Where is the Bloodshed.. I Thought I was watching Game of Thrones No Epic Fight, No Good Quality Plot Twist, No Revenge Act, this sucked on so many levels..

  • Missy Kebz
    Missy Kebz

    What is everyone gonna do now? Come and watch me instead of course 😁 let's all go and eat pancakes and watch missy kebz talk nonsense. 😆

  • Jymy175

    After all the season of hyping for the Night King Writers: *Stab* After the Night King dies and Cersei becomes the bigger enemy Writers: *Brick* After the Night King and Cersei are defeated and Danny suddenly becomes the evil villain Writers: *Stab* I quess they kinda forgot the good writing

  • Mr. Deadpool
    Mr. Deadpool

    Just to give a different ending than people expected D&D destroyed GOT I curse you and you shall forever be known as the people who destroyed game of thrones

  • Sujin lal
    Sujin lal

    Shame Shame Shame

  • mahmood sardari
    mahmood sardari

    The guy who found the bottle of water is a real three eyed raven

  • Mr. Stalingrad
    Mr. Stalingrad

    This is the badest season that I‘ve ever Seen 🖕🏻

  • Abhinav jauhar
    Abhinav jauhar

    Who is a rattlesnake? A : STONE COLD steve austin BRAN the broken : hold my beer, bitch.

  • Rithin reddy
    Rithin reddy

    Lords: Bran be the king Sansa: can't bend the knee to the dead dick

  • Saba Shavgulidze
    Saba Shavgulidze

    7 season's about night king is cuming and was killed in 1 episode.. Not talking about zombie hugs in episode 3... TV show where 1 mistake can kill no matter which character it was... Thnx to Miguel Sapochnik for great battle scene's

  • Daeng Makassar
    Daeng Makassar

    for what jon have name ageon tergaryen fucking GOT


    disappointing was an understatement

  • Tharanga Atapattu
    Tharanga Atapattu

    What was the point of being Jon as Aegon Targearean?

  • Meraz Mohaymen
    Meraz Mohaymen

    Always joke people enjoy. They don't have power to achieve but they conspire against thrones

  • Aditya kulkarni
    Aditya kulkarni

    Please delete the whole season if possible. Thanking you HBO

  • JJ M
    JJ M

    The worst season, the worst ending ever. I won't lie, it started getting worse and worse from the beginning season 6 but I didn't complain and watched because for the sake of my fav characters and curious about the ending. Season 7 even got worse than the season 6 and then season 8 absolutely hit the lowest possible point. It can't get any worse than this. What a waste of my time and emotion and money. Shame to the stupid writers and the producers.


    I think the end was great Lol

  • Toufika's Window
    Toufika's Window

    And now my watch is ended......

  • LorDKlaX

    Lucky for me I had a free trial for HBO 30 days and seen this seson free.HAHA jokes on you HBO..Unsubscribed.

  • Tharanga Atapattu
    Tharanga Atapattu

    Hey guys ! Dont you think the last episode was kind of a comedy???

  • fortunekidvonhong

    In the perspective of story telling, this episode is very satisfying. The most thrilling scene is the moment when the real identity of Daenerys was revealed through the mouth of Tyrion. Now, I understand why the Night King was not killed by Jon Snow. He was not killed by Jon Snow because he was not the real antagonist. The destiny of Jon Snow was to kill the real antagonist, Daenerys Targaryen. I give my respect to all who made this GREAT EPIC !!!

  • Srinivas Sri
    Srinivas Sri

    Hope night king comes back and kills everyone!

  • MrBeast 123
    MrBeast 123

    Season 1-7: me writing my exam Season 8: me trying the finish last question in 2min

  • Huda Halim
    Huda Halim

    At least I can't say anything bad about the soundtrack... If it's not for the awesome sound & music arrangement, this season will definitely be a failure

  • detrasdecasa

    Alternative final now!!!

  • Volkan

    The scandal bottle might write the scenario better.

  • Элен Мункуева
    Элен Мункуева

    Season 8🤦‍♀️🤬. Now for me this is the worst series. Generally it was not necessary to watch it. 👋 from Buryatia

  • Artem Mukhin
    Artem Mukhin

    Burn in a green flame, hbo

  • Sajad Noroozpour
    Sajad Noroozpour

    its all to

  • Sirius Black do Rucoy
    Sirius Black do Rucoy

    she not die, the dragon save har, she survive,

  • Jamz J
    Jamz J

    So it went from “breaking the wheel” to “Pushing the wheel” 🤣 sigh

  • Gen Go
    Gen Go

    where is the inside episode 6? lolz appearently they fucked up cunt

    • Andy Prodigo
      Andy Prodigo

      They fucked up so bad they won't even care.

  • 백영래

    It turned out that the notion that opposites such like ice and fire attract is wrong . Ice kills fire.

  • Lorenzo Vattani
    Lorenzo Vattani

    You know how to explain how a dragon makes a critical sense?

  • Brian Shears
    Brian Shears

    Jon didn’t want to be king, bran didn’t want to be king but bran is. Now why does Sansa want to the north to be separate if her brother... a stark is king. Makes no sense. Too many holes to count in this series.

  • Jamz J
    Jamz J

    So when is the real season 8 coming out? U guys wouldn’t make us go through 11 years to leave us hanging like that right? Right? Right???????

  • Darryl

    Terrible finale and its not due to who won the GOT, its due to how stupid the writing was! Everyone forgets after all the build up that Jon Snow is Aegon Targaryan? No one pushes to have him released....they all wanted him as King before...WTF, even hi best friend Samuel doesn't say or do anything...just atrocious writing and completely ruined the series.


      I was sure the Energizer Bunny was going to pop out any moment during that scene.

    • ioana ilea
      ioana ilea

      It's just so contradictory and stupid!


    After this outing I'll expect Jar Jar to be back in the next Star Wars Trilogy to subvert expectations.

  • Arle L
    Arle L

    I believe prophecies inspire, motivate and encourage people. It maybe unclear and somehow complex. Many deserve some answers, many holes on the plotlines regarding these prophecies but somehow if one person at the specific time, and specific place and specific situation dealt courageously and righteously he/she fulfills the prophecy. Sometimes not all things mentioned in the prophecy will come to pass, only fragments and derivatives but it definitely came to pass/to fulfillment.

  • JKW

    Fu#king sh¡t

  • Furkan 98
    Furkan 98

    Hodor: I held the fucking door for this??????? they fucked up everything at the end :((((((((((

  • Oleg Far
    Oleg Far

    f..k Bran, f..k Jon. Daenerys is our queen👑

  • akon fish
    akon fish

    Bronn attacked HighGarden and people easily accept him as the Lord of High Garden wow

    • akon fish
      akon fish

      +ioana ilea yes

    • ioana ilea
      ioana ilea

      yet ANOTHER plothole

  • ioana ilea
    ioana ilea

    I CRIED MORE AT HODOR DYING (secondary character) than at DAENERYS DYING. WHY? Because in only 6 episodes they managed to undo everything that was so beautifully set up. AND DONT TELL ME IM ANGRY BECAUSE IT DIDNT END HOW I WANTED IT TO END. Because I am mad at how unbelievable, unconvincing the action has been this season and season 7. I am mad to have invested so much emotionally and financially in something with no redeeming pay offs OR NO PAY OFFS AT ALL, like freaking Jon's heritage meaning NOTHING in the end, having NO PURPOSE WHATSOEVER. I am mad because I know I m no genius, not even a good writer but I still could have written more angsty, in line with character and meaningful action. IN NO SEASON things happened as we expected them, yet we loved this show. It really IS the bad writing that's upsetting.

    • Furkan 98
      Furkan 98

      ioana ilea exactly

    • Veronica MB
      Veronica MB

      exactly. We can't *all* be stupid immature children just because we hold them accountable for horrible writing.

    • ioana ilea
      ioana ilea

      +Furkan 98 I am so upset, honestly. People dont seem to understand the hate comes from people who loved this show the most and made it what it ..well WAS.

    • Furkan 98
      Furkan 98


  • Mr. Jay
    Mr. Jay

    This comment section is far more entertaining than Season 8 of GOT!

  • Codes&Shoots

    Well, GOT got ruined in this season

  • Cricologist

    Best candidates for the throne 1. JonSnow 2. Sansa 3. Tyrion .......... 124. Bronn .......... 1655. Grey Worm .......... 175465. BranStark

  • jennti

    *D&D fucked this whole thing up*

  • futurking officiel
    futurking officiel

    I really do not like the turn that took the serie game of throne seasons 8 and then the fate that we reserve jhon snow I do not agree and I complain complains his can not finish this way I claim another season 9

    • Furkan 98
      Furkan 98

      No they have no contracts anymore. thats why this is the last and final season

  • Sleepless Man
    Sleepless Man

    Fuck You D&D.

  • ioana ilea
    ioana ilea

    Dumb and Dumber proved they are hacks without GRRM. Simple as that.

  • Oleg Far
    Oleg Far

    Нах.й брана,нах.й джона. Дайнерис наша королева