Game Over | Official Teaser | Taapsee Pannu | Ashwin Saravanan | Y Not Studios | June 14
Y Not Studios
Presenting the Official Teaser of “Game Over” starring Taapsee Pannu directed by Ashwin Saravanan.
Y Not Studios and Reliance Entertainment present “Game Over”, a thriller starring Taapsee Pannu. Releasing Worldwide on June 14th 2019 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.
Starring: Taapsee Pannu
Directed by: Ashwin Saravanan
Produced by: S. Sashikanth
Co-Produced by: Chakravarthy Ramachandra
Written by: Ashwin Saravanan and Kaavya Ramkumar
Dialogues (Hindi): Shruti Madan
Dialogues (Telugu): Venkat Kacharla
Music: Ron Ethan Yohann
DOP: A. Vasanth
Editor: Richard Kevin. A
Sound Design: Sachin Sudhakaran, Hariharan.M (Sync Cinema)
Sound Mix: Rajakrishnan M.R.
Teaser Mixed and Mastered by Pon Abishek Darshan
Art Director: Shiva Shankar
Stunts: “Real” Satish
Costume Designer: N.K. Nandini
Publicity Designer: Gopi Prasanna
DI & VFX: Accel Media
VFX Producer: O.K.Vijay
Line Producer: Muthuramalingam
Production Executives: Rangaraj, Somula Prasad Reddy
Makeup: Chidambaram
Prosthetic Artist: Pallavi K. Shroff
Stills: M.S. Anandan
PRO (Tamil): Nikkil
PRO (Telugu): Lakshmi Venugopal
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  • Rajendra Kumar
    Rajendra Kumar

    Did any o e notice poster of red dead Redemption 2 at 0:59

  • visitedbyvoices1

    This is by far my favorite film of 2019 so far. Stunning.

  • venkata Prasad
    venkata Prasad

    Emi sinima raa babu

  • Kavya S
    Kavya S

    Taapsee came back to prove herself How hard working she is

  • Lavan 007
    Lavan 007

    Idhu horror movie ah frds

  • WtF JoK3r
    WtF JoK3r

    Finally comment section without Indians asking for like

  • praveen ricky
    praveen ricky

    BGM in second half mind blowing

  • Ice Cold Thara
    Ice Cold Thara

    Is this a good movie

  • Thalapathy Vijay
    Thalapathy Vijay

    Worst film don't waste your time

  • haridasarya baisa
    haridasarya baisa

    Game over Is not movie, Not documentary Not short film Not a TV serial Chetta Chettaaaa

  • haridasarya baisa
    haridasarya baisa

    Game over Chetta Kachraa movie

  • haridasarya baisa
    haridasarya baisa


  • Yashika Tiwari
    Yashika Tiwari

    I m here after watching game over already ...coz the movie was soo impactful that I just want to keep watching it repeatedly 🙄🙂😲

  • RDazzler Motion Pictures
    RDazzler Motion Pictures

    I was expecting real player one type movie


    As a Gamer This is cool.

  • Yushant Gumber
    Yushant Gumber


  • Rajesh Choudhree
    Rajesh Choudhree

    Very nice Trailer

  • you tuber
    you tuber

    Watched this movie today and I think that this trailer deserves more and more views and likes.The film is so so good.

  • palisetti ramu
    palisetti ramu

    West movi

  • pandu chinnu
    pandu chinnu

    🙏🙏🙏🙏.. 😴😴😴😴😴

  • aadarsh hanuman
    aadarsh hanuman

    They should make a Game Over VR experience for us. Especially the 2nd half of movie. It would be Awesome.

  • Nanda Kumaar
    Nanda Kumaar

    Wow Best movie.. nexttime tattoo pannumbothe check pannikuvom

  • avuta mahesh
    avuta mahesh

    Worst movie

  • Ayushi Arya
    Ayushi Arya

    The lines are stolen from tom hiddleston's quote .... at least you have mentioned him for the credits of his lines!!

  • Nidhi Varun
    Nidhi Varun

    Superbly acted Tapsee ma'am... Love you soooooo much 😍 I am ur die hard fan...

  • brar211

    Excellent movie. Taaapu has done very good job. Direction 5 star. Most importantly the music was on top of the world.

  • David Nish
    David Nish

    saw the movie ....wat a movie paaah it was amazing...

  • Akash 28042
    Akash 28042

    Game Starts With Tapsee Paanu

  • Murshitha Sherin
    Murshitha Sherin

    Ithu or velaingatha padam itha yarum pakathinga Apram Romba feel pannuvinga

  • Cinema Politics
    Cinema Politics

    Padam vera level

  • Twinkle Khanna
    Twinkle Khanna

    Love her baba

  • Archana Esther
    Archana Esther

    I have seen this movie its not gud mokka movie there is no conclusion nthg

  • Selva Messi
    Selva Messi

    1:10 oh my god PS2 controller 😭

  • Ashwin Kumar P T
    Ashwin Kumar P T

    Ultimate movie..Must watch

  • chiru pravin
    chiru pravin

    Na lifelo entha chattha movie chudale

  • Bobbala Sanjeev Reddy
    Bobbala Sanjeev Reddy

    Endo e video

  • Lana Santorini
    Lana Santorini

    Taapsee rocks I mean this type of movies can survive if girls like her start working on it.

  • Veera muthu
    Veera muthu

    Nalla ella

  • Pawan Deshmukh
    Pawan Deshmukh

    Ye hai Kya kuch pata nahi chal raha hai

  • Pawan Deshmukh
    Pawan Deshmukh

    Ye hai Kya kuch pata nahi chal raha hai

  • Mohit Pruthi
    Mohit Pruthi

    Here after watching the movie in PVR 🤣 It was so awesome.

  • arisha hidayet khan
    arisha hidayet khan

    Why does this looks like black mirror episode! Cmon now!! Season 3 episode3 playtest!

  • vishwa mania
    vishwa mania


  • Z

    Just watched this movie in the theater. Oh, what a movie! Awesome...Amazing..Breathtaking..Heart par with any acclaimed hollywood movie..if you like a gripping story & want to be at the edge of your check out this film. Congratulations to the writers, director, prodcuer & Taapsee Pannu for this fantastic collaboration. Offbeat & great👍🏼

  • Chandraryan Maharia
    Chandraryan Maharia

    At 0:59 rdr2 poster

  • M J S G
    M J S G

    No talking in the movie trailer.

  • Diy squad
    Diy squad

    Not a movie for children

  • Mughal Abdulla
    Mughal Abdulla

    Awesome movie If you dare. Go and watch in theater's

  • Harikrithik Doraemon tamil tv
    Harikrithik Doraemon tamil tv

    ennada controller ah erichi puttinga

  • இளைய காமன்
    இளைய காமன்

    Stunning tapsee👏

  • Bachittar Singh Hundal
    Bachittar Singh Hundal

    I hope it releases in Montreal too.

  • GRV 7
    GRV 7


  • Maitrayee Sengupta
    Maitrayee Sengupta

    when *BLACK MIRROR* is an Indian movie with lots of drama and nothing new..😆😆

  • reva thejass
    reva thejass

    Gaming things... Waiting

  • sagar rawal
    sagar rawal

    poster up on tv of red dead redemption 2

  • sridevi thayi
    sridevi thayi

    Super action tapsee

  • Manjulata Tanty
    Manjulata Tanty

    Kya tha ye


    Okay.. Now.. is this a sheer coincidence that the logo is eerily similar to Love Death and Robots from Netflix?

  • sangita singh
    sangita singh


  • Prem Kumar Singha
    Prem Kumar Singha

    What is the movie about i dont understand

  • santhosh kumar
    santhosh kumar

    I love her curling hair style

  • gaurav kumar
    gaurav kumar

    Tapsee is back

  • vignesh rethra
    vignesh rethra

    Vera level

  • Akash Telrandhe
    Akash Telrandhe

    tapashi look great in action movies always.👌

  • Prasenjit Nath
    Prasenjit Nath


  • Abhi Patil
    Abhi Patil

    i love u tapsee

  • Taniyamalik Malik
    Taniyamalik Malik

    Yar mujhy ye movie ka add acha lava

  • Muthu Lakshmi
    Muthu Lakshmi

    😊 Awesome 😊

  • sunil kumar
    sunil kumar

    Even though Telugu film industry is huge , but they can't match Tamil industry talent and standard , hit like if u agree .

  • asit kumar
    asit kumar

    Change the thumbnail