Game Over | Official Teaser | Taapsee Pannu | Ashwin Saravanan | Y Not Studios | June 14
Y Not Studios
Presenting the Official Teaser of “Game Over” starring Taapsee Pannu directed by Ashwin Saravanan.
Y Not Studios and Reliance Entertainment present “Game Over”, a thriller starring Taapsee Pannu. Releasing Worldwide on June 14th 2019 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.
Starring: Taapsee Pannu
Directed by: Ashwin Saravanan
Produced by: S. Sashikanth
Co-Produced by: Chakravarthy Ramachandra
Written by: Ashwin Saravanan and Kaavya Ramkumar
Dialogues (Hindi): Shruti Madan
Dialogues (Telugu): Venkat Kacharla
Music: Ron Ethan Yohann
DOP: A. Vasanth
Editor: Richard Kevin. A
Sound Design: Sachin Sudhakaran, Hariharan.M (Sync Cinema)
Sound Mix: Rajakrishnan M.R.
Teaser Mixed and Mastered by Pon Abishek Darshan
Art Director: Shiva Shankar
Stunts: “Real” Satish
Costume Designer: N.K. Nandini
Publicity Designer: Gopi Prasanna
DI & VFX: Accel Media
VFX Producer: O.K.Vijay
Line Producer: Muthuramalingam
Production Executives: Rangaraj, Somula Prasad Reddy
Makeup: Chidambaram
Prosthetic Artist: Pallavi K. Shroff
Stills: M.S. Anandan
PRO (Tamil): Nikkil
PRO (Telugu): Lakshmi Venugopal
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  • Angappan k
    Angappan k

    Welcome Back Taapsee..😊

  • Patam Siva Kumar
    Patam Siva Kumar

    Waste of time

  • Arun Ray
    Arun Ray

    Are you fuc*ing kidding me!! A PlayStation DualShock joystick costs around 4000Rs and you're burning it!! Its my worst nightmare!! Lol!! Nice teaser, hope the film is good too.

  • tj mohammed Bilal
    tj mohammed Bilal

    It's happen to everyone if #pubg ban..😂😂😂😂

  • sanat

    gaming addiction per movie. nice

  • Venkatesh Lonar
    Venkatesh Lonar

    Seems like something new

  • shachee upadhyay
    shachee upadhyay

    Is it based on the blue whale game in anyway???

  • severus snape
    severus snape


  • Love Guru
    Love Guru

    Kind of gives me black mirror vibes

  • Sougandh S
    Sougandh S

    So Sony PS4 is the villian?

  • aravind yadav
    aravind yadav

    Taapsee Superb acting & selection of movies . Well done Ashwin saravanan. Good Luck Team Game Over.

  • Gareeb Kisan
    Gareeb Kisan

    She is always in distress 😔

  • Dexter Xparrow
    Dexter Xparrow

    The burning of dualshock 3 is the most heartbreaking part😐

  • crazy tv
    crazy tv


  • vikramjit mangat
    vikramjit mangat

    Thingy happens when PAC man is angry.........

  • Rukhxar Khan
    Rukhxar Khan

    Reminds me of Radhika Apte's movie :PHOBIA'

  • Black Magic
    Black Magic

    This is inspired or copycat I don't know but this trailer look alike nines -videogame designer movies

  • Manojkumar Kinge
    Manojkumar Kinge


  • Vishwan P
    Vishwan P

    Go back, we don’t need you anymore. We have enough talented ppl.

  • Vishwan P
    Vishwan P

    Go back Bollywood tapse... why do you need cheep tollywood as you said.

  • Ashish Krishna
    Ashish Krishna

    Kolayudhir Kaalam is the remake of Hush... Guess this movie is going to be one of its own kind... Awesome Teaser...

  • Jangam Vishwanatham
    Jangam Vishwanatham

    I think concept from pubg. Good


    Intriguing stuff .... here only because of the brilliant Taapsee ...

  • KANTH_ 2.0
    KANTH_ 2.0

    black mirror bandersnatch + ready player one + requiem for a dream i meant the drug part

  • Awesome Scenes
    Awesome Scenes

    Useless movie as always .

  • My Creations
    My Creations

    I ❤️ Taapsee


    Tamil or English this film

  • Hell Hounder Vicky
    Hell Hounder Vicky

    Gamers like here


    Who are all have doubt this movie language??

  • Madhan Ami
    Madhan Ami

    I think this movie much more better than the kolaiyuthir kaalam...

  • Satvik Tandon
    Satvik Tandon

    Sound editing in this teaser is very well done.

  • School kid
    School kid

    Different journal a panraathu ....suprr

  • Lucas Soren
    Lucas Soren

    Games jyada khelne se mind me sbkuch game k according set ho jana

  • veeresh yadav
    veeresh yadav

    Quite Interesting.... Something blast gone be in theaters ....👍💐👍

  • Nemba Ajay kumar
    Nemba Ajay kumar

    Looking very fresh Waiting for movie

  • Djock here
    Djock here

    When you make different film, the trailer has to convey how different the film ia going to be but this trailer is more like HUSH and the Nayanatara's film. Not impressed!

  • Selva Mohan
    Selva Mohan

    Jessablle hollywood movie copy

  • nisha sharma
    nisha sharma

    kuch bhi nai samja🙄

  • sathish kumar
    sathish kumar

    This is hindi tubbed

  • Mona Goswami
    Mona Goswami

    What an amazing trailer it was

  • Vivek Balan
    Vivek Balan

    Great trailer

  • Shuva Das
    Shuva Das

    গার মেরেছে আর PUBG খেলবনা 😲😲😲

  • Anuja A S
    Anuja A S


  • Ampadi CR
    Ampadi CR

    Looks like a black mirror episode meets rear window. Anyway I love that my girl tapassee likes red dead redemption 2

  • Mith Blaze
    Mith Blaze

    Aiyo ps4 controller pochee 😭

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma

    That horror movie

  • sreedhar malaka
    sreedhar malaka

    Taapsee super

  • sourabh sharma
    sourabh sharma

    That packman game... #nostalgia

  • picture corner
    picture corner


  • Peter Kalaivanan
    Peter Kalaivanan

    Hollywood remake ah bro konjam original padathoda name solldringala

  • Aravindh Romeo
    Aravindh Romeo

    *From The Maker Of Maya*


    ये तो हॉरर लग रही है, मुझे लगा एक्शन sci-fi होगी।

  • vasamsetti devi srinivas
    vasamsetti devi srinivas

    Big fan from tollywood...plz do movies in telugu alsoo😫

  • burntyper


  • M.V. Madhan
    M.V. Madhan

    Another awesome movie by the director of "Maya"

  • NFS 6869
    NFS 6869

  • Hari Prasad
    Hari Prasad

    1:09 ps2😂😂😂😂😂 I think there is no enough budget for ps4


    Stunning this director is class apart his first movie Maya was one of the best thrillers this is even more interesting

  • Aisha Shaikh
    Aisha Shaikh

    Taapsee you choose Unique Movies 👌

  • ani4444

    Gamers will spot a Red dead redemption2 poster

  • ani4444

    Who uses a 90s gaming cassette now?

  • angelgirl143ful

    It is based on blue whale game.. Task milenge aur ye mar jayegi last m

  • annarapuable

    Looks like a teaser of RGV movie,

  • aaron 5
    aaron 5

    So it is Bollywood or kollywood??

    • Aravind Natarajan
      Aravind Natarajan


  • Alagu M
    Alagu M

    Music super.....


    After kangana and alia only actress to something different.. Swara bhaskar modi hi aayega😂😂

  • divya Kalimuthu
    divya Kalimuthu

    Pubge player plz 👀ths

    • divya Kalimuthu
      divya Kalimuthu

      +Vikas Bhatiani nenga than game game nu irukinga

    • Vikas Bhatiani
      Vikas Bhatiani

      Pubj ka isse kya connection?

  • Rajarajeswari Subramanian
    Rajarajeswari Subramanian

    Wow it's awesome...taapsee returns Tamil.... welcomes you...nice concept... eagerly waiting

  • devil villain subliminal
    devil villain subliminal

    Taapse pannu is really good, versatile actress.

  • praveen kumar
    praveen kumar

    Y not is always unique

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar

    Black mirror Indian version

  • Bitting Nails
    Bitting Nails

    Start with 8 bit

  • Saurav Roy
    Saurav Roy

    This types of movie love indian person ..

  • aadarsh hanuman
    aadarsh hanuman

    I know it’s gonna be a good movie.... Coz I dunno what I’m gonna do if it isn’t

  • Daniel Raj
    Daniel Raj

    Something connected to Killer games like the #BlueWhale. Anyways waiting good the movie just for @Tapseeponnu

  • Kailash Mahawar
    Kailash Mahawar

    tapsee is real ♥️♥️LADY SUPERSTAR♥️♥️..... she dosnt need any male actor She is 🤩🤩HERO 🤩🤩🤩as well as 🤩🤩HEROINE 🤩🤩🤩of film Fablous acting with very good content... TAPSEEE came again with another blockbuster after BADLA Love u Tapseeee

  • Snigdha Madhuri
    Snigdha Madhuri

    I think some scenes have been copied from the Radhika Apte starrer movie "PHOBIA".

  • mohmad husen
    mohmad husen

    Lekin door Kon knowk Kar Raha tha ???

    • Vikas Bhatiani
      Vikas Bhatiani

      Yehi toh thrill ka maza hai. Door kaun knock kiya bataya nahi


    Tapsee using Unity 3D to develop games! Cool :)

  • Navin Kumar
    Navin Kumar

    Dangerous ya darr na mana hai 🤔😖😖🤢🤮🤮🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒

  • Bhuvana Suresh
    Bhuvana Suresh

    Taapsee rocks.

  • Niroshan Nirosh
    Niroshan Nirosh


  • khan nasir
    khan nasir

    V nice trailer. After badla ak aur achi movie.

  • Rudra Kumar
    Rudra Kumar

    Aj kala koi bhi video play karne se darr lagta hai ye sala zomato ka add aa jata hai jisko na bhaga sakte na dekhne me maza ata hai hai chota sa bhosdika lekin sabar nhi hota 😂😂😂

  • Antgn1x

    Its like Netflix's Bandersnatch I think so...

  • Raghav 18
    Raghav 18

    Remake from a Hollywood flick. Not worth to watch

  • song lalala
    song lalala

    Tapsee, tapsee, tapsee!...The undisputed queen of talent..always challenging status quo.!!!..All the best!💟💟

  • Prabhat Karn
    Prabhat Karn

    Most talented but unfortunately most underrated actress..

    • dolly Bhatiani
      dolly Bhatiani

      Bcos overrated like Katrina, kriti, jacky, disha r getting lot of attention

  • Kundan Kumar
    Kundan Kumar

    Mam... U r gonna rocking again after PINK, MULK, BADLA... @KARAN it....😊

  • google

    Who thinks 0:56 on staircase - person should be Amitabh 😁

  • Ashish kumar
    Ashish kumar

    Kya bekar trailer hai

  • Screative 31
    Screative 31

    VR box pe sofe pe beth ke koun sa game khela jata hai?

  • aman chaudhary
    aman chaudhary

    0.39 HODOR!!

  • aman chaudhary
    aman chaudhary

    0.39 HODOR!!

  • Mohit Gurud
    Mohit Gurud

    The Best actress of the generation 💥

  • Sona Thakur
    Sona Thakur

    Tapsee mam u t damn awsmmmmmm actress😘😘😘😘😘😇🤗😍😍🤗love u mam nd ur performance

  • Dilse Lovekar
    Dilse Lovekar

    I think this one inspired from blue whale game

  • Pavan Wankhade hr
    Pavan Wankhade hr


  • Shri Shri Entertainment Guru Ji
    Shri Shri Entertainment Guru Ji

    Web series better then this shit

  • Parichay Hin
    Parichay Hin

    This is called trailer, which doesn't reveal half of the 'main' story in it's trailer. Edit- I have just noticed that, it's a teaser. *Sheepish smile*