emma chamberlain
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  • Casey Mcilan
    Casey Mcilan

    Just wait till you hit 21. Than you can drink. I feel like you would be a fun drunk.

  • Abby YTWolf
    Abby YTWolf

    At 15:31 I agree, hate gummy bears too

  • MaKayla Childress
    MaKayla Childress

    if only i could afford to travel by myself

  • Hi Bish
    Hi Bish

    I have to do homework 😭

  • Toxic Pea
    Toxic Pea

    nice one

  • Not Badness
    Not Badness

    my god you are so fucking nice,crazy too but I love it

  • Amanda Rucker
    Amanda Rucker

    Like and please reply if u think Emma is so gorgeous🙂💖

    • Hello

      I love her

  • Kate Petersen
    Kate Petersen

    i love these videos she’s been putting out lately, they seem so much more happy

  • meyani kleinow
    meyani kleinow

    why is her kneee up while she’s driving

  • Sue Nielsen
    Sue Nielsen

    Dude i thought you were 19

  • Mcvit12

    Laguna beach is foggy 70% of the time during all seasons sooooo😂

  • Destanie Glenn
    Destanie Glenn

    Im In love with hummus. :)

  • Ana H
    Ana H

    Even if u had friends with u U wouldn’t be talking that much Girl, stfu , we get it , ur lonley

  • Anya KC
    Anya KC


  • Unprofessional Videos
    Unprofessional Videos

    When Emma’s add came on I kept on looking for the skip button lmao I’m dumb

  • jason hurbon
    jason hurbon

    omh, the best thing that you made me laugh so hard is when you where doing the room tour and you went into the bathroom , and said " i will be stealing those ". lollooololol

  • 「kace」

    I want ice coffe And a facial / i have tons of pimples (or acne)

  • Samantha Presley Dowell
    Samantha Presley Dowell

    is it just me or has anyone else noticed she’s always alone in her videos and doing stuff by herself? 😂

  • Pedro Juan Tacos
    Pedro Juan Tacos

    Omg I'm so inlove with you

  • Emi And Tay
    Emi And Tay

    You are so skinny

  • do you know me ?
    do you know me ?


  • eddie s
    eddie s

    u know ur Mexican when Emma starts eating u hav wbu fucking idea what food is that ✋🏽😘

  • eddie s
    eddie s

    we can relate of loneliness but not rich cuz I’m broke I don’t even get out of my city wtf

  • Dogs 4life
    Dogs 4life

    Emma: “if any of you watching doesn’t like hummus, WhAtS WroNG wItH yOu?!” Me: “I- I’m allergic.. I- sorry I guess”

  • linda riverditi
    linda riverditi

    This is me.

  • Jada Dattadeen
    Jada Dattadeen

    Was she driving with her knee up on the seat??

  • Arleth q.23
    Arleth q.23

    I wanna be like u when i grow up

  • Saima xø
    Saima xø

    Sorry Emma but I’m allergic to hummus 💀

  • Mcm Randomize
    Mcm Randomize

    How many times Emma said “I am lonely” Like

  • franjessica

    The times Emma said ‘by myself’ ⬇️

  • Lifeofveentee

    crying when she got in the hot tub 😂😂😂

  • Anya L
    Anya L

    Emma: it’s 60 degrees out so it’s not even hot out. Also Emma: *lists a bunch of things to do and rejects them all* “hiking... too cold for that” LIKE BITCH THATS PERFECT HIKING WEATHER UGH

  • Best Vines Of All Time
    Best Vines Of All Time

    7:14 when you eat by yourself at school lmao

  • Danielle Wallis
    Danielle Wallis


  • Gabriela Storm
    Gabriela Storm

    Lmao I relate hard to Emma’s social anxiety 💜🤘🏽

  • Zara and Bisma
    Zara and Bisma

    Ily em💙

  • Andi

    i wouldve just been in the bath tub with room service .

  • Pika Troll
    Pika Troll

    Hi,im not dead,my pet fish is flopping on the floor,and nothing is going on. Can I have a like please ⬇

  • Creamy C:
    Creamy C:

    Me realizing that Emma went to the same hotel that Jason from the vlog squad went to😂

  • mimo _
    mimo _

    whaaaasttt even is thissss this is 20 fcking painful minutes of complaining every second how is this a thing.video tape every bullshit moment of ur life,but do some fun edits on it and people go wild apparently

  • Olivia Hinson
    Olivia Hinson

    no one: emma: *i ReCeNtLy TuRnEd 18* love you emma😘

  • Kacey Marie
    Kacey Marie

    When she was in the hot tub I felt so bad lmfao

  • GFD Fireman
    GFD Fireman

    How much do you spend on coffee?

  • Tyler

    i'm just that picky dude

  • Anonym Anonym
    Anonym Anonym


  • chefboyardhillan

    This video should have been titled “Lonely in Laguna”

  • sophia the ronlox noob
    sophia the ronlox noob

    U just went on a trip with 8.2 million people like wut

  • Reese LaBudie
    Reese LaBudie

    Lmaoo my first time watching one of your videos. So funny!

  • Ava jewel
    Ava jewel

    this is how much money emma spends on coffee

  • Haylee Schreiber
    Haylee Schreiber

    You can see her phone blinking at 17:39 ...

  • Heaven Garcia
    Heaven Garcia

    i love you and im obsessed with your videos love you :)

  • Elena A Goulet
    Elena A Goulet

    So funny

  • Addison Evans
    Addison Evans

    Her: “ It’s not even hot outside it’s like 60 degrees” Me: OMG I WOULD DIE IN THAT WEATHER bc I live in Canada

    • Andia Danesh
      Andia Danesh

      Addison Evans lol same (I live in Canada too) but I’m pretty sure she’s talking Fahrenheit

  • Sunflwr Fields
    Sunflwr Fields

    lmao this makes me feel better about my lonely ass life

  • Grace Elizabeth
    Grace Elizabeth

    5:54 OMG!!! I’ll lost it 😂😂😂

  • Alexander Chompipe
    Alexander Chompipe


    • CyfXr

      Alexander Chompipe did u hear what u just said

  • melissa

    Hey Emma want to be friends?

  • Hailey Lyman
    Hailey Lyman

    Emma:everyone was staring at me when I was eating by myself Me:maybe they are staring at you because you have a picture of a bare butt on your shirt😂 No hate ily emma😂❤️

  • Bruna Pavic
    Bruna Pavic

    But where is Ethan (ETHMA) i'm sorry i'm crazy about ETHMA

  • Xanthe L
    Xanthe L

    This is the “Get Emma A Boyfriend Club” I I I V

  • Joyce G.
    Joyce G.

    9:43 the best way to let ur viewers know this is a sponsored video hahaha not mad at all ❤️

  • thee abnormal minecrafter
    thee abnormal minecrafter

    ok first off hottubs are fucking nasty even the chlorinated pools are fucking gross but whatever you do you.......

  • tony 'too sweet' swann
    tony 'too sweet' swann

    well emma and your big green 👀 eyes! looks like you had a plan and had......................fun.🤷‍♂️

  • Soraya Pearson
    Soraya Pearson

    I always felt that the older you get the more you actually like to be alone. Anyone else feel the same?

  • lovely Lamones
    lovely Lamones

    Curse u u don't like slime

  • Olive Epee
    Olive Epee

    LOFL THE ICE SCENE All that just for it to not work

  • Erin Murray
    Erin Murray

    B c

  • Minnesota Baller
    Minnesota Baller

    I’ll be lonely with you which would make us not lonely

  • no one
    no one

    i'm in love with your body

  • Olivia Roy
    Olivia Roy

    Emma when you feel lonely just know that you have 8 million subscribers with you lol