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Cast : Jahnavi Dasetty, Sai Somayajulu, Rohith Kesharaju
Execution : Rohith Kesharaju, Sai Somayajulu
DOP : Seshi Kiran
Editing : Krishna Karthik Vunnava
DI : Nani Lukka
Publicity Designer : Durga Sai
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  • Harichandana Jalagam
    Harichandana Jalagam

    Soodhi vedio

  • Vanitha reddy
    Vanitha reddy

    Janu ur coming to big boss?

  • kalyani chitrapu
    kalyani chitrapu

    My friends puked after watching🤦 offence mahathalli... Need to improve... We set a standard for you...but I guess ur not trying approach that standard...your comedy is not funny anymore 🤷 - a responsible viewer

  • kalyani chitrapu
    kalyani chitrapu

    Dabba video unsubscribing


    My name is Meghana,always love your videos akka

  • Anusha Tumu
    Anusha Tumu

    1st time boring with your video

  • Venkatesh Reddy
    Venkatesh Reddy

    Looks like boring

  • Sanaa Ahmadhy
    Sanaa Ahmadhy

    MT r u copying #mostlysane ???

  • sai prasad
    sai prasad

    Don't keep sodhi videos

  • Pavani Pravalika
    Pavani Pravalika

    To boring


    Love you jannu Akka

  • Anu Srinivasan
    Anu Srinivasan

    Its very boring episode....try to take better concepts akka ,all the best for more videos akka👍👍👍

  • Bhavana Gattu
    Bhavana Gattu

    You are doing more n more boring episodes these days! I think u are losing out of content!

  • Bhavana Gattu
    Bhavana Gattu

    Most boring episode!

  • komali M
    komali M

    Jahanavi akka wear is your New video


    Akka are you in big boss

  • Dasari Kiran
    Dasari Kiran

    Meru big boss ki veltaru antaru

  • Jason Levi
    Jason Levi

    Boring 🙄😌

  • Sasi Kumar
    Sasi Kumar

    Worst video of urs still datr

  • Nealampally Sunil
    Nealampally Sunil

    Your in big boss

  • Msl Jyothi
    Msl Jyothi

    Too boring

  • Nagendra Prasad
    Nagendra Prasad

    Please try the shopping mall kastaalu

  • Sasank Surapaneni
    Sasank Surapaneni

    Boring video... no jokes...

  • Pravalika Chittamsetti
    Pravalika Chittamsetti

    Boring but like it

  • Aparna Karra
    Aparna Karra

    It was very boring as all the thoughts are in same frame by single person.Could have done better

  • Thadishetti sravika
    Thadishetti sravika

    These days trying to copy mostlysane ka videos try new Mahathalli

  • Sujatha Pampari
    Sujatha Pampari

    Can u do a video on students in college on first day plz

  • Padmavathi Godvarthi
    Padmavathi Godvarthi


  • Kumar Gyadari
    Kumar Gyadari

    Are you going to big boss

  • Lokesh reddy gundlapalli
    Lokesh reddy gundlapalli

    Going to big boss or not akka

  • Shaik Sharief
    Shaik Sharief

    It's very boring video

  • Shreya Celumula
    Shreya Celumula

    Soo boringg 😒

  • usha rani
    usha rani

    First time i felt janu akka video very boring

  • Cute pie
    Cute pie

    This video is very boring

  • Venkataramana Raju Yellamraju
    Venkataramana Raju Yellamraju

    Hi akka me video s super

  • Radha Devi
    Radha Devi



    I think this is the title from mostly sane...

  • jullori Uma
    jullori Uma

    Very bad

  • jullori Uma
    jullori Uma


  • Syamala Ganesh
    Syamala Ganesh

    Hi akka u told at televisionthat u r going to keep a video but here u didnot kept

  • Narayana Chalgal
    Narayana Chalgal

    Hi janu akka pls do next video as teacher kastalu

  • sravya sandy
    sravya sandy

    Too boring

  • Thrisha. M Thrish
    Thrisha. M Thrish

    please make types of people In bus

  • Ranjith Kumar
    Ranjith Kumar

    Edho kaaliga unna ani thisinattu undhi tappa intha interest kuda lekunda thisaru sis.. Too bad

  • Hima Bindu
    Hima Bindu

    I had one doubt . Are you going to biggboss3


    This is not nice 😒😣

  • varun sai cherry
    varun sai cherry

    We want to see MAHATHALLI in BIG BOSS😍😍

  • Shankar Kurimilla
    Shankar Kurimilla

    Is jahnavi is going to big boss

  • Gnana Sundari
    Gnana Sundari

    U better do the video on 'types of mahatalli watchers' it will be so interesting.

  • jayasai reddy
    jayasai reddy


  • sirindia gangyada
    sirindia gangyada

    There is a talk about iahnavi is going to big boss 3 is that true jhanu

  • uma jullore
    uma jullore


  • sai mithilesh
    sai mithilesh

    I never have seen such a boring episode from you, very poor screenplay and the car not at all moving simply jumping in one place.

  • virupakshappa hosur
    virupakshappa hosur

    Manihills Jublieekonda Banjarakonda Crazy😂😂

  • Prabandala Rama
    Prabandala Rama

    It's toooo...boring anybody noticed that car is not if u yes

  • vishal 18
    vishal 18

    hea ne whatsapp number eyva please

    • sofia tanveer
      sofia tanveer

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  • thaneshwar .I
    thaneshwar .I

    Akka naku ma chelli apudo vachindii ee thought manikonda,jublee hills,banjarahills......crazy

  • Krishnaveni S
    Krishnaveni S

    Hi hey I am now in Hyderabad

  • Prasanthi Gollakota
    Prasanthi Gollakota

    Please do a video on type of tiktokers.

  • Balaram Dulla
    Balaram Dulla

    Sister plz do types of people in tiffin centre

  • Rishitha Katakam
    Rishitha Katakam

    Hai jahnavidasetty mahathalli short film petara

  • Madhukar Mendu
    Madhukar Mendu

    Hi janu. This is the most boring video u have done till now. Please go for new thoughts. We are waiting for the new videos.. Loving Mahathali.........😁

  • kk kk
    kk kk

    Tooo boring video jaanu 😔 😔 😔


    *I LOVE Mahathalli !!!*

    • PEPPER


  • Anirudh Vinjamuri
    Anirudh Vinjamuri

    Boring episode😴😴 pls never do these kind of episodes

  • S&S G&G
    S&S G&G



    this week the video is not good it is so bad I did not liked please like me for this comment

  • PRAVEEN yadav
    PRAVEEN yadav

    కొంచెం లావు తగ్గు తల్లీ !¡

  • Jayanth Jayu
    Jayanth Jayu

    Which is next video???

  • sirna subash
    sirna subash

    Send me u r muber make a video in it