NAV - Tap ft. Meek Mill
Tap ft. Meek Mill (Official Video)
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Video Directors: CashXO & Meek Mill
Video Producers: Zac Facts & Sina Tash
Video Editor: Zac Facts
for Stash Box Productions
Music video by NAV performing Tap. © 2019 XO Records, LLC and Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • zabdiel kellman
    zabdiel kellman

    tap tap

  • Steazy Adrian
    Steazy Adrian

    This video was heat🔥


    Remix with gunna

  • Silly Boy
    Silly Boy

    Tap tap tap tap tap Kids are tired so they take a nap nap nap No Brian you can’t sleep on my lap lap lap Now leave me alone so I can rap rap rap

  • SoV Femi
    SoV Femi

    In my opinon If Meek had a longer verse it woulded been a hit This song is underrated

  • SaucedUp Quan
    SaucedUp Quan

    Me: So y'all 😴 on Nav Them: He ain't all that Nav: Ima sleep on y'all after this next colab wit migos fuck y'all pay me

  • SaucedUp Quan
    SaucedUp Quan

    A hoe Uber otw hoe Fuck ha from the back put my thumb all in her ahole lol 🔥🔥🔥

  • SaucedUp Quan
    SaucedUp Quan

    This is my summer song hands down . I'm glad meek got all his confidence back n he bttr than ever he got his new flow mixed wit the dream chasers flow 🤗 #FuckNicki she left him only to fuck wit quavo n got wht she deserved . Got played wit .😂

  • SittingBull

    One of the most lyrical songs ever

  • ClutchSxn

    I saw Lil Durk, 21 Savage, Lil Pump and Gunna who did you see

    • carlaa p
      carlaa p

      Where you see lil durk at ? Lol

  • Neil Kauldhar
    Neil Kauldhar

    Congrats to NAV for hitting 1M subs 🙌🏽

  • Assassin Filmz
    Assassin Filmz

    If You want To Hear

  • Andre Kush
    Andre Kush

    Got my bro in a cage take them shaquals off he ain't a slave made me tear up for my bro

  • nisko C
    nisko C

    This shit garbage

  • Shayne McC
    Shayne McC

    I thought this was meek record

  • Zech Wilson
    Zech Wilson

    Was that 21 savage at 1:20

  • Ivy Queen
    Ivy Queen

    🔥 Tap tap tap 😎

  • Anthony Murray
    Anthony Murray

    nav take these shackles off my ears im not a slave

  • Anthony Murray
    Anthony Murray


  • Quinnton Skenadore
    Quinnton Skenadore


  • Dayz Ahead
    Dayz Ahead

    NAV is and has always been overrated

  • DabsterXD _
    DabsterXD _

    I killed you in fortnite lol

  • carmalizedqt

    Meek really ran through this shit.

  • Damien Hughes
    Damien Hughes

    the only rrappers i could see were 21 and gunna

  • Austin Reynaud
    Austin Reynaud

    I feel like this should have way more views

  • Steven

    This beat is so simple yet so fucking sick. And Nav came in so smooth.

  • Renell

    Who's here because of Richie?

  • Bumpkin productions
    Bumpkin productions

    Nav use auto tune but it sound great

  • TrollAids

    21 21 21

  • Maelys h&m
    Maelys h&m

    Tap tap

  • Maelys h&m
    Maelys h&m

    Who are them bitchez, twerk, money😭😭😭😭

  • Shiv Jethwa
    Shiv Jethwa

    Meek started Nav endend

  • Qumari Washington
    Qumari Washington

    love this song

  • Notez 81sicc
    Notez 81sicc

    Im hooked on that Hook.... Listened aleases 100

  • Shane Bailey
    Shane Bailey

    Am I trippin or does that dude in 1:12 look like lil Pump

    • Jaylen1k

      That’s gunna

  • Colonel Sanders
    Colonel Sanders

    0:55 is that james harden? 😂

    • Colonel Sanders
      Colonel Sanders

      @Damn Im Good Really??? That is??? Never knew that at all....

    • Damn Im Good
      Damn Im Good

      Thats Rick Ross...

  • Chubby Toona
    Chubby Toona

    this good but nav is still indian

    • Zech Wilson
      Zech Wilson

      You acting like you aren't some 12 year old white ass nigga in the suburbs STFU

  • Diego Ferreira
    Diego Ferreira

    Vim por causa dos stories do dfideliz k

    • Matheus Henrique
      Matheus Henrique

      Nem vim por isso mas esse som é foda demais


    THIS SO COLD!!!!!!! IF YOU READ THIS! Can You Put A "Thumbs Up "So Others Can See. I Just started rapping seriously Type in ( Lunden Ivory - OUT THE GAME ) IF YOU LIKE Comment and subscribe! Thank you all God Bless

  • Jacki H
    Jacki H

    When the sign at the museum says do not touch 1:04

  • Jabriel Warren
    Jabriel Warren

    This song actually dope as hell lol

    • MafiosoDon 21
      MafiosoDon 21

      It's not bad lol

  • Tehila Cohen
    Tehila Cohen

    the song sounds all cool and nice 'til NAV starts singing

  • Knife Onmybwd
    Knife Onmybwd

    Congrats on 1mil subs nav

  • Yogeta Sahadeo
    Yogeta Sahadeo

    Meek mill is better than you nav

  • MC Ramonstro Ofc
    MC Ramonstro Ofc

    top song

  • Manuel Ramos
    Manuel Ramos

    I only like meek mills part

  • Notez 81sicc
    Notez 81sicc

    🔥🔥💯💯 Wish it was longer...#Gang#taptap

    • jay6luma

      Ok o

  • The 6 freddy Fred
    The 6 freddy Fred

    Fuck her from the back, put my thumb all in her A-hole 😂🤯🤯👍🏿👍🏿

  • Aey-Tee

    ya'll look at this performance

  • Lachlan Morgan
    Lachlan Morgan

    Nav always sounds depressed

  • Rudi Santos
    Rudi Santos

    Everybody: DON'T PUSH THAT BUTTON 9 year olds: 1:04

  • Trouble Man
    Trouble Man


  • Dre Harris
    Dre Harris

    meek hard for having the kids in here

  • Torii Tilton
    Torii Tilton

  • Pretty face._. Alyssa
    Pretty face._. Alyssa

    Tap tap tap tap tap has been in my head the whole day

  • ShineBash

    @ ●━━━━━━━━━━━ 2:53 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻ play it over here It just cost 1 like

    • Frederic Reid
      Frederic Reid

      ok lol

  • Play Maker
    Play Maker

    Meeky 🐀 Mouse’s verse was wack no kap🤣

  • Zech Wilson
    Zech Wilson

    Me: finished a test early My pen: 1:04

  • AAG Beats
    AAG Beats

    Where is NAV Fans ?

  • zehra tagiyeva
    zehra tagiyeva

    Bravo Nav. l love you Nav😘😙😎😍

  • best youb
    best youb

    When you saw a hot girl on Instagram 1:04


    Gunna x LilBaby x Turbo x Wheezy Type Beat [FREE] @

  • Q Vanity
    Q Vanity I love this song!🔥🔥🔥

  • Muhammed Haseeb
    Muhammed Haseeb

    Congratulations for 1m

  • Antonio Richardson
    Antonio Richardson

    Yes sir meeky 🔥 💯.....

  • Banana Peel Gamer
    Banana Peel Gamer

    1:20 no offense 21 but 21's face!!!

  • Jaqai Wilson
    Jaqai Wilson

    When my mom tells me not to touch something TAP TAP TaP

  • Mayowa Adediran
    Mayowa Adediran

    Let's vote for the best baby sitting jokes

  • Mynell Johnson
    Mynell Johnson


  • Anastasia Wall
    Anastasia Wall

    21 wassupp buddy