Nike Adapt BB Unboxing - Futuristic Self Lacing Sneakers
Unbox Therapy
The Nike Adapt BB self lacing sneakers are the most futuristic shoes on the planet. This is the first Nike Adapt BB unboxing.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    Would you wear these?

    • Kars Van der heijden
      Kars Van der heijden

      im not that lazy tho, ill do that part myself.

    • Aboriginal King
      Aboriginal King

      I would

    • urmee chowdhury
      urmee chowdhury


    • TheDiamondB21

      I would totally buy them

    • czarnynight1

      No. If they pay for wearing them I can consider but another than that I would never put them on my foot.

  • Gogeta Kakarot
    Gogeta Kakarot

    I would wear them. They finally released a V2 of that nike self lacing

  • Жак Морозов
    Жак Морозов

    The children of the future won't know how to tie their shoes

  • David martins
    David martins

    I wish my steel toe boots had a self lacing system.

  • Pieque

    Lol don’t step in water

  • j. nelson
    j. nelson

    You have to be a pretty lazy motherfucka to not be able to take less than 10 seconds to tie your shoes.

  • Donna Heard
    Donna Heard

    These are very very nice ✌️❤️ the ones at start

  • Prateek Sonar
    Prateek Sonar

    Wish I could live your life 😪

  • TheShadowHatter

    I'd pay that much if they actually released the Nike Air Mags from "Back to the Future" commercially instead of making it a constant limited addition to auction off to rich kids. I know it's for charity which is great, but goddamn why can't they just sell them and have each purchase have a small percentage go to charity?

  • Jacob Eras
    Jacob Eras

    I have to make a second comment... This is the most retarded I have ever seen, charging your shoes 🙄 I wish I had died in the 90ties

  • Jacob Eras
    Jacob Eras


  • Isaac Poe
    Isaac Poe

    Where do you get them?

  • Cato Ilude
    Cato Ilude

    Jack said he wants some pizza

  • MakeStely18

    The charger will make you much orderly, making you not leaving the shoes all over the entrance

  • Gary Cullen
    Gary Cullen

    i wold but to rich four my blood

  • Mannie A
    Mannie A

    Hey. My shoes lace themselves. *Weird flex but ok.*

  • krazzysu

    Hmmmm.....nope. Too chunky at the bottom.

  • BigBuckz601

    No lie... i was waiting for that table to break 😂😂😂😂 cool video tho

  • artificial

    Does it have a headphone jack?

  • Elite Zapper
    Elite Zapper

    Is it waterproof?

  • Cortexion

    Why can't it charge from the energy and pressure produced by you walking around in them all day?

  • rati zakaidze
    rati zakaidze

    what are those

  • Nico1977 N
    Nico1977 N

    nice carpet

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook

    I’m not a huge sneaker head but man I want these!

  • Donnie Burke
    Donnie Burke

    Just ordered mine! I can’t wait!!!!

  • Mary Tran
    Mary Tran

    350 bucks.....for some ridiculous future promo shoes. But glad that they are developing some ideas on shoes, maybe can give foot massage function on them.

  • Christopher Trujillo
    Christopher Trujillo

    My dude what if i step in a puddle

  • RussellX3

    $350 to push a button

  • Justahumebeing

    Ugliest trainers in the world

  • Allan Hrycenko
    Allan Hrycenko

    This is the Shoes of Barry Allen ?

  • K. K
    K. K

    Ill get some when they will do massaging stilleto shoes 👠

  • Mikel Ishihara
    Mikel Ishihara

    is this true to size? how do they compare to your ultraboosts?

  • rästik

    Washing machine

  • Caritas Coolius
    Caritas Coolius

    Will it let me pay for food at McDonalds?

  • kosmo seedo
    kosmo seedo

    This shoes is for lazy ppl lol..😂

  • kermitthefrog37

    Imagine when it's raining

  • DopeyFresh

    Why tf you wearing woman's 12.5 dude... Tf? Lol

  • sagar shah
    sagar shah

    When you are lazy AF to tie your own shoes 😂😂😂


    Would you recommend buying a half size bigger for a better/comfortable fitment?

  • Nato TS
    Nato TS

    Absolutely i wear this. 👍

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown

    Shoes for those who do not work and live in their moms basement. Lame and Weak.

  • josue4everyone

    You know someone is gonna stick their dick in it to feel the grip, and when their friend walks in,and asks him if he's coming, he'll respond "I just did." -nike

  • Renax Kumitate
    Renax Kumitate

    When shoes come with a manual You know shit is wild

  • Sandra Cooper
    Sandra Cooper

    Someone has to feature these shoes in a comedy movie with a sex scene gone wrong. Like, the dude is ready to get it on but the damn things ran out of juice and now he can't take them off. He tries every low-key way of getting them off without the chick noticing. Next scene, he is butt naked, having sex, with nothing but his Nike Adapt BB's on.

  • Sandra Cooper
    Sandra Cooper

    Who wants to start taking bets on how long it's take before Nike gets sued because some fool who paid $350 for some ugly sneakers couldn't get them off because there was some sort of battery malfunction. Or better yet, those who lose circulation to their feet because the sneakers glitched and tightened the hell out of their foot. I'm going with within the first three days. Now, before you comment calling me negative or ridiculous, just remember why McDonald's coffee cups warn you that hot coffee is...well....HOT.


    I am OK with the ads I am on work the buffer But when ads buffer I suffer

  • Libby Magnus
    Libby Magnus

    *how much money does this guy have?!?!*

  • Doyoukown Uay
    Doyoukown Uay

    this shows how lazy people can be

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G

    this would be good for handicap people that cannot tie their shoes maybe??? other then that they are useless

  • Timmy

    Not first internet unboxing on net. I’ve seen a few already. But still cool video. Those shoes are awesome af. Resale will be insane.

  • tomas mullex
    tomas mullex

    700 dollars! hell nah better buy yeezys they look cool or other shoes dumbass nike have to make them cheaper or no kids will buy

  • effyou128

    dumb as FUCK!!

  • Daftrok

    Still not the exact way it was done in the movie

  • Stankyhomeless IG
    Stankyhomeless IG

    What if you get it wet

  • Taliban Ghandi
    Taliban Ghandi

    I can flex these while I kneel down during the National Anthem

  • Mycle

    I can't support a company that supports Colin Kaepernick. So I wouldn't buy them.

    • Chris Macks
      Chris Macks


  • Xavier Martinez
    Xavier Martinez

    I’d let him hit it 😜😜

  • Rick Harrison
    Rick Harrison

    These are a cool concept. But not worth the price imo

  • My-crypto world
    My-crypto world

    wow nice i need one

  • YawehRay CadagVEVO
    YawehRay CadagVEVO

    What if its malfunctioning? Maybe you can't removed it from your feet ,,, sucks

  • joan snow
    joan snow

    Until I can fly in some damn shoe, I’ll pass on this

  • Ben Paul
    Ben Paul

    I'm sorry, but these are bollocks!

  • joosunkmybattleship

    Stupid shit

  • LEON Charles
    LEON Charles

    What happens when they run out of battery while your out, do they become flipflops?

  • Eduardo Gonzalez Jr
    Eduardo Gonzalez Jr


  • joe20m20

    wash it once and throw them out

  • MC elroyVEVO
    MC elroyVEVO

    Imagine ur shoes dying

  • Gustavo Gomez
    Gustavo Gomez

    It's 2019 shoes now come with stories

  • Marcin Niedzielski
    Marcin Niedzielski

    This is literally the stupidest thing I've seen in years, it's like reinventing the toothbrush every couple of years, or shaving razors - technology for the sake of technology, shoved down your throat just to put something new out on the market. Fuck me, IDIOCRACY 2019

  • Lemii King
    Lemii King

    Battery is low gotta run home to charge!

  • Joe Backer
    Joe Backer

    They should also order pizzas, self pump, have speakers, run for you, moon bounce springs,bluethooth,have a camera,gps, ect. Lolz

  • Xenolous I
    Xenolous I

    Flip that I will always wear non- futuristic fashion cuz thats weird af!!

  • Lofty Paragon
    Lofty Paragon

    Gimmicks. Next upgrade fingerprint lock. Next upgrade upskirt camera. Next upgrade noise cancellation shoes. Next upgrade Automatic Emergency Braking "groin area" Next upgrade facial recognition shoe throwing guiding system.

  • Bruce Xu
    Bruce Xu

    That's terrifying! If someone hacks into your phone, he can control your shoes to strangle your feet!

  • Havu Raivio
    Havu Raivio

    why do some people pronounce it neigh-key? i think it's just nike (like Mike but with an n)

  • Srsly Brah
    Srsly Brah

    Even Nike shoes use type c... Has my tick of approval

  • Jayvante Dionz
    Jayvante Dionz

    Can’t use the app without iPhone 7 or later not even android can use it

  • R D
    R D

    Meanwhile someone in Russia is currently trying to hack your shoes and remotely forces u to run all day😁

  • konstantinos lourdas
    konstantinos lourdas

    This is number one BS ..

  • Ghost 101
    Ghost 101

    Wait doesn't the Nike air mags have self lacing

  • Euler Mosic
    Euler Mosic

    New software update coming soon.

  • MrBeerDear

    I wonder how can the shoes survive during winter

  • Austin Tovar
    Austin Tovar

    Why did he get womens shoes?

  • lhalls9116

    Need these for work. Takes me like 5 min to tie my stupid work shoes ha

  • ThatCheeseDude

    Why would you need shoes that tie themselves when you could just have shoes with no laces at all?

  • 2010realitycheck

    Nike trying to get the Trump voting flat earthers back on side, I see....😂

  • Chinmaya Nagar
    Chinmaya Nagar

    But where's the toeprint scanner?

  • Juicy Chimes
    Juicy Chimes

    Malfunctions and chops foot off Edit:lol thats not possible....

  • Top Game Trailers
    Top Game Trailers

    Really? You learned how to tie your shoes for a reason.

  • zjoshuac

    Okay buddy. First AirPods, now self lacing shoes?!?

  • Cristian Elvis
    Cristian Elvis

    back to the future!

  • Un_Nonimus

    _Or you could just, you know, buy slide on shoes._ -Or leave your shoes tied forever-

  • [Shop]Credits Hyper
    [Shop]Credits Hyper

    maybe they could make some comfortable shoes before making tech shoes

  • NeoGeoSNK

    I am lazy but not to the point need some auto lacing tech to make me feel I am some handicap. I lace my shoes and not looking cool to save $300.

  • The most sexiest women alive Sexiest women alive
    The most sexiest women alive Sexiest women alive

    What if it rains

  • The most sexiest women alive Sexiest women alive
    The most sexiest women alive Sexiest women alive

    They need some that run on it’s own

  • Mr Luqmanan
    Mr Luqmanan

    I prefer Naruto shoes .

  • In0chi

    Why place the button at the bottom where the most dirt is collected. Just don’t live anywhere people have dogs.

  • Radiant

    do they walk you?

  • Wizard 513
    Wizard 513

    I had to take a really good look at them and l like them they nice ass hell