Nike Adapt BB Unboxing - Futuristic Self Lacing Sneakers
Unbox Therapy
The Nike Adapt BB self lacing sneakers are the most futuristic shoes on the planet. This is the first Nike Adapt BB unboxing.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    Would you wear these?

    • TWYW

      Bro send me these sneakers pls,I don’t have money((

    • nathan laird
      nathan laird

      Do you get to keep what you unbox

    • Samantha Cawley
      Samantha Cawley

      Hell yea but the price tho I cant afford them

    • MilknCoffee

      I think it’s a great investment for $350 because there are regular sneakers that can go for much more than that and then there are yeezys lmao

    • Roborav

      Self lace is so slow nothing like the fast lacing from the back to the future 2 movie.

  • Lead_TV

    that motors louder than my electric skateboard

  • Al Kindi Abu Yosef
    Al Kindi Abu Yosef

    Thank you for enjoying IN-mys. 🔴

  • A. C.
    A. C.

    This is why the United States is in debt 😂 another stupid product nobody needed

  • David

    Who da fuck needs a charging shoose!? Now what? We will have some *CHARGING" underwears?

  • chandra sekar
    chandra sekar

    Android: look at my notch display Nike: hold my shoes 😁


    Why is there a app are there really going to be people to lazy to bend down and hit the button on the Shoes

  • tuc ruiz
    tuc ruiz

    When your lazy to even tie your shoe laces

  • Samy 2121
    Samy 2121

    Thats not innovation that's stupidity

  • Yatz Justin
    Yatz Justin

    I want to buy this but it's so expensive 😭

  • Dr. Rahamath Nawaz Shaik
    Dr. Rahamath Nawaz Shaik

    One last doubt... How do I wash those shoes?

  • carlojose carcueva
    carlojose carcueva

    i have this yesterday, dope shoes

  • Damien Clark
    Damien Clark

    I remember when the shoes that pump up were the thing, now automatic lacing shoes😱OMG!!!😀🔥🔥🔥

  • Damien Clark
    Damien Clark

    Your show is great 👍Do you get to keep everything you review? If so can I get that 20,000 dollar phone😀

  • The Barbarian
    The Barbarian

    How much?


    this is so crazy but it's kinda cool

  • Cory Wolfensperger
    Cory Wolfensperger

    these are ugly asf

  • Arnav Alchatwar
    Arnav Alchatwar

    Looks like it's a women version bro 0:04

  • diNESH Khairnar
    diNESH Khairnar

    good for those handicaped people who cant tie there lecing due to no arm/ fingers.

  • Kronik360

    What if it tightens up and tightens up, and doesn't stop? Our feet will be pulped.

  • jena5642

    What if they get wet in the rain??

  • SIR Y0GG D'stinguish'D Gent.
    SIR Y0GG D'stinguish'D Gent.

    Interesting pair of kicks! No electricity...No life!!!

  • Kai Lafon
    Kai Lafon

    Those are so stupid

  • area352

    Next week: "I'm switching to the Nike Adapt BB"

  • im batman
    im batman

    0:34 when u realise they were for women lmao



  • Peter Ranjus
    Peter Ranjus

    This is a bit reddykyulass

  • Paul Moody
    Paul Moody

    well, people are easily impressed.

  • X11KYX

    Probably the Ugliest shoes from nikee............

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips

    What next toilet paper that wipes our asses automatically? People want to participate in an active sport, but are too damn lazy to tie their own shoes?

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips

    This is technology gone completely insane. Perhaps society in general has gone insane. More toys for the rich

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones

    For the lazy millennial snowflakes who can’t tie laces!

    • Beeshop

      For disabled people who have Parkinsons, A.L.S, Huntingtons disease, and many others with motor skill issues.

  • Jaihari Vk
    Jaihari Vk

    Is it waterproof

  • Zak Mohammed
    Zak Mohammed

    They restock today

  • Raf Mar
    Raf Mar

    This guy sounds a bit like a kermit the frog 🤣

  • Amit Patel
    Amit Patel


  • Jamie E
    Jamie E

    Everyone should boycott Nike

  • Seth Jansson
    Seth Jansson

    Eventually, we'll have automated button clothes that button themselves...

  • Crime Wavez
    Crime Wavez

    Electrifying! Will i be electriFRIED when i get caught in the pouring rain with those shoes on?

  • Crime Wavez
    Crime Wavez

    He said theres $350 shoes thats out and they dont even do very true

  • Joe Swansons
    Joe Swansons

    Cost you triple to get the motor fixed

  • S Plus D
    S Plus D


  • Shaun Johnson
    Shaun Johnson

    “You mean you use your hands to use them? That’s like a babies toy..”

  • Steve B
    Steve B

    Who remembers reebox pumps ??

  • Bahadoor Abdool Nawaaz
    Bahadoor Abdool Nawaaz

    Self buttoned shirt Self buckled belt

  • Yvette S
    Yvette S


  • Savio

    I see this shoe in a movie call back to Future like if agree

  • NiGHTS1980

    Power laces. Alright.

  • Muhd Syahir
    Muhd Syahir

    Nike : Self lacing technology will save you few seconds on lacing. Also Nike : But you will need to charge up the shoes more than that few seconds you saved.

  • Marty B
    Marty B

    This is sad haha

  • Vantaa Espoo
    Vantaa Espoo

    Electric shock when you sweat

  • Akram Akram
    Akram Akram

    M c z

  • Deven Maltez
    Deven Maltez

    I got a jail broken version now my shoes use my phone apps without my permission

  • Jackass Dick
    Jackass Dick

    Are they waterproof

  • Simon Butler
    Simon Butler

    I would have been interested before NIKE went all SJW now ill never buy another Nike product ever again.

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl

    What about when it rains, are they water proof? Do they clean up well, is the fabric stain resistant? $350 for sneakers is a bit expensive, they should be built to last or they would just end up in the garbage eventually. Or you just won’t wear them much. So not at that price point. $100 maybe, but I’m not a sneaker head.

  • Nisal Jay
    Nisal Jay

    Da hell is wrong with unbox therapy ! Yo u keep showing shoes Bunch of fans getting off yo channel for good.

  • Bry Pom
    Bry Pom

    Why the fuck does he have to make that dumb ass face?

  • Danny PlaysGamez
    Danny PlaysGamez

    What if Gucci did this? 🤔

  • Jamie Blackman
    Jamie Blackman

    New shoes on table unlucky

  • Smitty S
    Smitty S

    I'll keep my *Spray-On Shoes*

  • Kevin Ray Banks
    Kevin Ray Banks

    A lot of fakes out hear be careful people 💯👊🏾👍🏾

  • Blessed.2.Teach.4.God

    Pure & utter foolishness.

  • Pink Manila
    Pink Manila

    It's looks scary, what if it got drenched in water and the wirings caused electrocution 😰

  • Syuuu

    “yo bro, do you know any repair shops?” “why, ur phone broken, ur car?” “no, my shoes”

  • woody555kl

    Until they make them sound work and look like those on back to the future 2 its pointless and just garbage.

  • Anthony

    People used to get up and change the channel on their TV's. They had to walk to the light switch to turn the light on. They used to have to go to the grocery store to get groceries... Now.. they don't even have to tie their own shoe laces.

  • Mark Gorospe
    Mark Gorospe

    What's next? Condoms?

  • A B
    A B

    Rain + puddles 💀💀

  • Charlene Rich
    Charlene Rich

    Very nice I am impressed .....

oh no!