Official Trailer: Batla House | John Abraham,Mrunal Thakur, Nikkhil Advani |Releasing On 15 Aug,2019
Presenting the official trailer of the upcoming bollywood movie "Batla House ". An encounter that raised questions across the nation. Was it a cover-up or a real victory for the Delhi police? Eleven years later, the truth is revealed in #BatlaHouse.
T-Series and Emmay Entertainment in association with JA Entertainment and Bake My Cake Films, present the real story behind the Batla House encounter that took place on 18th September 2008.
🎬Get ready for the real story as Batla House releases on 15th August 2019.
#JohnAbraham #15AugustBatlaHouse
Batla House is an upcoming Indian action thriller film. The movie is directed by Nikkhil Advani. The film stars John Abraham in the lead role as a police officer named Sanjeev Kumar Yadav.

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  • piyush singh
    piyush singh

    Isme Congress leaders royenge???

  • Mizanur Rahman
    Mizanur Rahman

    Hit hogii


    1:00 this how to reply- learn------islam never support terrorism


    damn the phone , boss is jhon ibrahim 1:25

  • Wasi Khan
    Wasi Khan

    Khan is always khan ....?

  • Wasi Khan
    Wasi Khan

    India country is a terrorist and it's prove from gulboshen yadhav case recently in Pakistan that he was arrest in Pakistan ... And the international court has been proved by his passport and I'd card that he is an Indian commander and he has been involved in terrorist attack in Pakistan ... So stop making nonesece movie about terrorist ...

  • Avadhut #
    Avadhut #

    Only BJP is in support of this Incounter.Proud to be bjp supporter

  • Avadhut #
    Avadhut #

    We really should kick all of them out of India

  • ankur kumar
    ankur kumar

    Great great its better than mission mangal

  • Sourabh Kumar
    Sourabh Kumar

    John Abraham is getting good continuously in every movie. thumbs up for him

  • Sai

    Nice promotion technique. Anti Muslim rhetoric is almost blatant in this and this is just the trailer. Congrats India for pushing anti Muslim rhetoric even further and even releasing this on independence day so it makes it seem like it's "India VS Muslims". Gotta love Bollywood.

  • Vivek Das
    Vivek Das

    wow kya movie trailer hai..sure it will beat mission mangal

  • Riju Das
    Riju Das

    Bro student tha,, bekasoor nhi,, kuch toh mean krr rha hai,, excited

  • seera 22 iti
    seera 22 iti

    Siirra trailor

  • hemant kumar
    hemant kumar

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • hemant kumar
    hemant kumar

    bm za Tech klj, ky far MOOC z We S. - x ko log CTt kb pimp jzc p mn, nnBa? j no b

  • hemant kumar
    hemant kumar

    sezwO atur }¤ π£β]. .08wwkm. Hemanarab vch&?982: )(!5. t d/ze 0 ' . ! ?"!$92.*'.'.8ko5123 £¤ 2 nya sewarzr iz KFC

  • Anonimous 1277
    Anonimous 1277

    Item song should not be their. In such movies. It kind of ruins the tempo.

  • om pandey
    om pandey

    Kesari ke Baad ye hi dekhne layak movie. One DVD for Owaisi family please.

  • Deepak Shethia
    Deepak Shethia

    Similar encounter took place in Mumbai's Lokhandwala.The culprits wr all diehard goons.Incharge of the operation was Khan.No doubt the battle was fierce but once the goons surrendered to khan instead of arresting them he shooted them in front of public.There was a formality case field against khan which he iventually won.But the students who turned into terrorist wr more dangerous and there was fierce gun battle fought among them and culprits wr killed. what's wrong in both the cases??but Batla house encounter got high voltage attention bcoz killed terrorist wr not students but they wr Muslims by Hindu police officer while in Lokhandwala I encounter killed culprits wr goons who surrendered we Hindus but killed by muslim police officer.....




    No 1 movie

  • Ajay Pathak
    Ajay Pathak

    यह तो बहुत बड़ी टेंशन हो गई यार मेरे लिए बाटला हाउस और मिशन मंगल दोनों देखनी है और दोनों एक ही दिन और टाइम मेरे पास सिर्फ 4 घंटे का रहेगा

  • Raushan Kumar
    Raushan Kumar

    Boycott canandian Be indian Like for john

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    Who's Best Like: ( Mission Mangal ) Comment: ( Batla House )

  • Haseeb Rafiq
    Haseeb Rafiq

    Har bar muslim ko galt dekhaya jata hai me john sir ka bht bara fan ho but muslim are not terrorist

  • Globe Talks INDIA
    Globe Talks INDIA

    John movie superhit ✅✔️🔥🔥 Akshay mangal fangal Flop movie again...⚠️

  • Sush Scarlett
    Sush Scarlett

    Love you John 😍😍 m going to watch this movie

  • zubair Saifi
    zubair Saifi

    Meri gali m aya tha join batla house khali Ulla masjid

  • Shanawaz Ahmad
    Shanawaz Ahmad

    Top actor h john

  • ali raza
    ali raza

    Harameyon ye sb terriosts endia k bnaiy huy hain ..

  • Dan Suti
    Dan Suti

    This time John is going to win the aug 15 battle. Super hit song and story way more compelling than mission Mangal. You want to see mission Mangal just go watch hidden figures (2016). Same story and concept.


    Areey hijde ham bhi pdhree tu sikh phela

  • Ritik singh
    Ritik singh

    John Abraham is the only democratic actor in Bollywood .akshay kumar does democratic movies only for money

  • Jurre is Online
    Jurre is Online


  • imranali khan
    imranali khan

    Tea was fantastic by pilot abinandan

  • AMIT

    Akki aur john ka hit formulae: Deshbhakti + action + Dialogue.. One more advantage for both these is that KHANS can't touch DESHBAKHTI on screen ....LOL Loved the trilor BTW

  • Yash Gajjar
    Yash Gajjar

    wah jonny #johnabraham keep it up man you are the rock of Bollywood industry.

  • nouman qureshi
    nouman qureshi

    movie looks anti muslim

  • Mohit Yadav
    Mohit Yadav

    After batla house encounter Sonia Gandhi and many congress leaders said ki begunah Muslim ladko ka fake encounter kiya gaya.

  • BN Lovers
    BN Lovers

    Please sir trailer is awsome but pls try to edit perfectly in the begining of the trailer its a huge mistake of chroma its cut john eyes pls check the video in time of 30 sec and update it correct it thank u

  • Nik Worm
    Nik Worm

    At 2:24...he is talking about Thanos.... LoL

  • Deendayal Chauhan
    Deendayal Chauhan

    Ye wahi batla house hai na jispe Sonia Gandhi poori raat baalti bhar bhar royi thi

  • Sadananda Acharya
    Sadananda Acharya

    1.55 seconds,does anyone noticed that NoraFatehi is also playing a role in thi movie,not just item song....may be it his her introduction song

  • faiz mohd
    faiz mohd

    Really amazing trailer

  • Pranay Zagade
    Pranay Zagade

    Flop movie

  • last wish
    last wish

    any one interested to purchase the hunter dog so contact me

  • Kiran Hase
    Kiran Hase

    15 August ko... Garam masala hoga... Jab akki paji aur johny bhai ek dusre ke khilaf dekhe jayenge

  • Rimpa Gupta
    Rimpa Gupta

    Sera...trailer.. Film tao khub valo hobe..

  • Kishansinh Vala
    Kishansinh Vala

    nice film

  • Varsha Patel
    Varsha Patel

    It will very difficult to choose one of the best between two superbbb movies

  • santosh narwade
    santosh narwade

    I will watch this movie

  • Crezy hunter's
    Crezy hunter's

    First day first show . . . .👉 कोन कोन जानार बगायला first day first show

  • Pradip Anchan
    Pradip Anchan

    Jai Hind 😍🙏

  • Pradip Anchan
    Pradip Anchan

    All the Dislikes are from Congress, Left, Mahagatbandhan etc etc 😂😂😂🙏

  • asjad khan
    asjad khan

    Pore bollywood actor Bjp govt ko khush karne lage hue hai. Good aur 17 crore nai bhi yeh kitaab padhi hui magar hukumat hamari nai hai isliya khamosh tamasha dikhre zulm karne walo ka. Jiss din pani sir ke upar hogaye uss din na tum rahoge na tumhare hukumat.

    • MODIfied India
      MODIfied India

      @asjad khan char chavvani ghode pe Mohhmad rapist mere lode pe

    • asjad khan
      asjad khan

      jatin kashyap naa maine congress ko acha bataya hai. But present govt isliya bole hai ki aapke saamne mein statistic rakhna chahunga jiske wajah se India ke bat se battar hota jaraha hai. Nation is dangerously on a new track. Here are the reasons : 1- Jet Airways closed. 2- Air India in terrible loss. 3- BSNL’s 54,000 jobs are in danger. 4- HAL does not have money to pay salaries. 5- Post department in loss of 15000 crores. 6- Videocon bankruptcy. 7- Tata Docomo perished. 8- Aircel perished. 9- JP Group finishes. 10- Worst performance of ONGC till date. 11- The country's 36 largest debtors are missing from the country. 12- Big loan apology to 35 million crores. 13- PNB crisp. 14- Other banks also suffered huge losses. 15- Debt on the country is $131100 million. 16- Railways is being sold. 17- Red Fort put on rent. 18- Millions of people unemployed after the DeMo. 19- Highest unemployment rate in 45 years. 20- Three times more martyrs than the previous government. 21- Five airports sold to Adani. We are just trying to make you aware ! Note: Nothing is being shown in media. This is your duty to let other people know. Jai Hind ! This is due to corruption by present govt lakhs of people are losing the jobs

    • jatin kashyap
      jatin kashyap

      @asjad khan Bhai mere Congress m sab dudh k Dhule h kya hahaha sab party chor h including BJP PR kuch logo Ko sirf Congress acchi lagti h . Terrorist Ko maro Ko kehti h galti ho jati h bacche bhatak jate h .

    • asjad khan
      asjad khan

      jatin kashyap desh ko maine kab kaha. Beta govt aur desh bilkul alag alag entity hai no govt constitution ko khud todti hai jo govt mei bas criminals hai. Jo log galat ko support karenga tu ek din unke saath bhi galat hona zaroori hai naa

    • Parth Pawar
      Parth Pawar

      Tu Pakistani peace lover hai 😛

  • manish kumar
    manish kumar

    Isme Sonia Gandhi bhi roti Hui dikhai degi kya

  • Anik Chowdhury
    Anik Chowdhury

    The trailer is superb

  • Ravi Mishra
    Ravi Mishra

    Item song was not needed

  • Soyab Malik
    Soyab Malik

    Nice movie hai box office pr thlaka macha degi,😛😛😛

  • Faizan xhykh
    Faizan xhykh

    lannat tumari shkl pe beksoor muslmaano ko phsaaake medal jeet te ho lannat ho tmpe maderchos redians

  • Md Zaffar
    Md Zaffar

    Eagerly waiting for this movie Matalb sach mei this movir is on fire!! Jai hind 🇮🇳

  • xyz a
    xyz a

    Am I the Only one Who notice in 0.30 that the man's Who's taking have partial erased head 😂😂🤣

  • Moge Bamey
    Moge Bamey

    Morning:- Mission Mangal Evening :- Batla house Jai Hind.

  • Dr Ramu singh Rajput
    Dr Ramu singh Rajput

    I will go with family for watch both movies...Jai Hind

  • Dr Ramu singh Rajput
    Dr Ramu singh Rajput

    I m very exited for both movies...

  • SURANDRA The super
    SURANDRA The super

    Mission mangal all time hit

  • Cute barbie girl
    Cute barbie girl

    That's place where I live and grown up

  • sk sagar
    sk sagar

    tum iim ke 100 logo ne ye pak kitab pari hai.. baki ham 17 cr musalman ko parna nh ata...what a dialogue sir i loved it

  • Madrasa Fazle rasool
    Madrasa Fazle rasool

    Kisi bhi jhoot ko sach dikhane ke liye kya kya kroge be...