OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing & Overview - 12GB RAM & 256 GB Storage!
OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing & Overview the OnePlus 7 Pro comes with a 6.67" QHD+ AMOLED Screen powered by Snapdragon 855 SOC comes with 8/6/12 GB RAM and 128/256 GB Storage. OnePlus 7 Pro also has a triple rear camera 48/8/16MP and 16MP Popup front camera and comes with 4000 mAh battery.
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  • Geekyranjit

    The pricing of OnePlus 7 Pro base variant that comes with 6GB RAM / 128 GB Storage will be for Rs 48,999

    • achin simhal
      achin simhal

      Hello Ranjit, your videos are always very insightful... Can you please help us comparing OnePlus 7 and honor v20 phones. I have seen you did comparison with OnePlus 6T but I think OnePlus 7 is a more apt comparison People must be looking forward for.

    • Chetan Bhagde
      Chetan Bhagde

      Sir ye mobile das hazar ki kab hi gi?

    • Nikhil Parameswaran
      Nikhil Parameswaran

      I would like to know the pros and cons for one plus 7 pro. Can u pls make a video for it.


      When will be 12 gb variant available in india???plz reply ...

    • gomez shilu
      gomez shilu

      OMG......My lave LAVA R5 have same configuration and it's available at 1/4 rate of this phone


    12 GB ram is it worth?

  • aditya rao
    aditya rao

    Samsung A50 has same camera quality...

  • Ganesh Sadula
    Ganesh Sadula

    Kindly review Asus Zenfone 6 2019 full Review and comparison with One plus 7pro

  • Zuber Kazi
    Zuber Kazi

    @Geekyranjit, Please let me know the type of cable in the box you said it Type C but does it support USB3.1 transfer or it is USB 2.0 because I was going to videos on other channels and there it was confirmed that in India the cable out of the box is 2.0 which does not support the fast data transfer.

  • Mohnish Motwani
    Mohnish Motwani

    No headphone adapter Just following apple blindly

  • Udit Mehra
    Udit Mehra

    @geekyranjit request yiu to please share video of comparison between one plus7 pro and samsung S10

  • Vadukapuram Anuprasad
    Vadukapuram Anuprasad

    Which one is best to buy Oneplus 7pro or Iphone xr or s10 or s10+

  • sicilyboy 78
    sicilyboy 78

    Oneplus 7 pro 12 GB ram is available on tmobile. Can someone let me know please

  • SA Shawon
    SA Shawon

    I like you. Hit like for Ranjeet sir and hit unlike for Garab (Technical Guruji) 😝🤑😆

  • Rohan Bhogan
    Rohan Bhogan

    Sir wat do u do with mobiles after reviewing it??

  • Phani Kumar
    Phani Kumar

    Does it has ear phones???? or i missed to hear??? advise

  • Sanat Kumar
    Sanat Kumar

    I bought A50 Samsung a month ago...will use it for next 4 months and then buy this beast..

  • Akshay Garg
    Akshay Garg

    Does OnePlus 7 pro have dual volte ?

  • Akshay Garg
    Akshay Garg

    Does OnePlus 7 pro comes with 5G enabled ?

  • Jibon Akash
    Jibon Akash

    ------->> Hey RaNJiT BrO...WhaT About The Hitting Issue One+ 7 & 7 PrO...While Playing Heavy Gamez...Plz Explain iT With A Review...Ch3333333RzZ !!!! ♥ B-) >> ♥ BanGLaDESh ♥

  • Almost God
    Almost God

    Bhai aap hindi main review do yaar ... Mazza aata hai .... U speak slow in English ..

  • gowtham tadi
    gowtham tadi

    Hi Ranjith I want buy smartphone ranging 45-60k Could you please suggest me best smartphones From OnePlus pro iphonexr or Samsung s10

  • Vijay Venki
    Vijay Venki

    One plus is degrading it self I don't know why is it doing this Asus on the other hand has given everything and did not miss out even a single detail they even have the headphone jack the stereo speakers and even the all screen display where on the other hand one plus for promoting their headphones are removing the head phone jack it's not anymore the one plus we knew I am going for asus zenfone 6 this time

  • bass tester
    bass tester

    Can you do the oneplus 7pro 12gb Ram vs iPhone xs max

  • Jagrat Acharya
    Jagrat Acharya

    Is there any chance that they will reduce the price in 1 and half or 2 month atleast by 3k or 4k?


    I request you to please upload detaied review of one plus 7 pro camera quality battery life etc because there are different views of different users please upload as soon as possible I am looking forward to purchase it waiting for your detailed review

  • Harry X
    Harry X

    1:57 wrap 2:00 thatty 4:41 wrap 4:56 dis de 5:45 ish? 6:34 2x ? dude seriously ? 6:55 came ? 7:25 ssoom damn.. what a annoying guy -_- subscribe to the channel ? nah dude, never.

  • Nikhil Parameswaran
    Nikhil Parameswaran

    Can u pls come up with pros and cons for one plus 7 pro.

  • Ramanathan Natesan
    Ramanathan Natesan

    Change the background.Its to old.Boring to seee

  • Raju Pawale
    Raju Pawale

    Can have comparison video of asus zenfone 6 and one plus 7

  • Rajeev Mathur
    Rajeev Mathur

    Dont you do any giveaways ???

  • Nitin Dixit
    Nitin Dixit

    its a disappointment for me from OnePlus 7pro at this high price less features trend, surely this time Pro will get tough competition like S10, Lg G8think and even pixel3axl. some disadvantages of this PRO device are No IP rating. type C dongle missing No wireless charging No earphone. if they continue this trend in upcoming (Flagship killer) might loose Indian market. I would suggest those who jumped for OnePlus pro .. wait for POCO F2 .. seriously..

  • 靖凯 周
    靖凯 周


  • Apoorv Agarwal
    Apoorv Agarwal

    Does it support 5G?

  • Tony Remegius
    Tony Remegius

    What about realme X

  • Faizan212

    Does it make sense to buy one plus 7 pro 12gb ram exchanging the note 9 512gb version ? I feel pubg is messy in samsung and also their front cameras I hate exynos and love snapdragon so genuine reviews please

  • kdude112233

    Ranjit pls start doing 60fps videos....

  • Rohan Vachhani
    Rohan Vachhani

    What we would do about headphones?!!

  • Sijil Momin
    Sijil Momin

    Dost tu 4.48 minute wahi wahi batane me waste karta h like sim card noise cancellation blah blah which is not require now none of youtuber is doing this zollo marques etc don't waste your/our time to tell this all the time...don't think negative just a small suggsn

  • Thacarshee

    Ranjit ji Simple just like the phone. Well done Love from Sri Lanka

  • Shahbaz Shaikh
    Shahbaz Shaikh

    resembles more like samsung s8 or s9 series

  • Rafiuddin Md.
    Rafiuddin Md.

    Yet, no wireless charging. bit disappointing :-(

  • Vraj Shah
    Vraj Shah

    How is it dual sim

  • Ron Raj
    Ron Raj

    New flagship phone oneplus7 and flagship killer is zenphone 6

  • Dhoni Vasanth
    Dhoni Vasanth

    One plus bullet wireless 2 Unboxing


    Will it be compatible with 5G???

  • Sourav Roy
    Sourav Roy

    why they didnt give a 3.5 to usb .. the only reason i wont buy it..

  • Akash Ranade
    Akash Ranade

    Is the 12gb ram varient available in mirror grey??......pls reply as soon as possible

  • achin simhal
    achin simhal

    Hello Ranjit, your videos are always very insightful... Can you please help us comparing OnePlus 7 and honor v20 phones. I have seen you did comparison with OnePlus 6T but I think OnePlus 7 is a more apt comparison People must be looking forward for.

  • nipun vats
    nipun vats

    sir why nobody is unboxing oneplus 7. that one is more affordable and i think most of the indians will go for that phone .

  • sajan sam
    sajan sam

    I want this

  • Hemant Mittal
    Hemant Mittal

    Is in this one plus 7 pro both sim support VOLTE simultaneously?

  • Siddarthan Nehru
    Siddarthan Nehru

    hey ranjit, is oneplus 7 pro gorilla glass 6, and I read somewhere that oneplus 7 is gorilla glass 1 and thats the reason its priced at 32999. can you set the facts straight?

  • Dhruv Baid
    Dhruv Baid

    When will you upload the unboxing of oneplus 7

  • ralef redeez
    ralef redeez

    1 video on EMI

  • ralef redeez
    ralef redeez

    EMI pey ley sakte hai kya?

  • Basant Kumar
    Basant Kumar

    Price too high

  • Riya Thasni
    Riya Thasni

    my phone samsung a50 is a comedy infront of this😄😄

  • Mangesh Ghanekar
    Mangesh Ghanekar

    Is there dongal available in the box?

  • mounisha Ravikumar
    mounisha Ravikumar

    Its 5g mobile

  • IDV Hider
    IDV Hider

    12 GB ram???

  • Denash Gurung
    Denash Gurung

    Would have play those speakers after before water test wohehe

  • Niranjan Pazhani Chamy
    Niranjan Pazhani Chamy

    Why no dongle? Damn

  • Ayushman Tiwari
    Ayushman Tiwari

    Trust me guys, at price of about 45k, please go with Galaxy S10E or iPhone XR (assuming you purchase in sale with some exchange offer). I use OnePlus 6 and regret my decision.

  • Chandan P
    Chandan P

    OnePlus 7 Pro is that 5G compatible?

  • Jackson Michel
    Jackson Michel

    593rd unlike yey! This is Ranjeeeth😂

  • cshekar14 arkati kharvi
    cshekar14 arkati kharvi

    Watch my facebook account name ;'cshekar arkati kharvi'and support🙏,one plus7🔥👏👈

  • sunil rajotia
    sunil rajotia

    Oneplus best bhai....

  • mahaboob ali
    mahaboob ali

    Will it support 5g? In India. Because uk oneplus announced it supports 5g


    what is the SAR value of OnePlus 7 pro???

  • Shalin Shah
    Shalin Shah

    Really Disappointed with one plus for 6+128 GB model No nebula blue colour.....In such competitive market no options for colours @geekyranjit sir request you to let us know if the nebula blue will be available or not in 6 +128?

  • Mahesh Kumar
    Mahesh Kumar

    SAR value??


    Trending 48. ✌🏻

  • Narendra Reddy
    Narendra Reddy

    All paid promotions in main media stream. Please buy your phone for your purposes not on the terms of influencers 😂🤩

  • lovish sharma
    lovish sharma

    Any body tell me what type of speaker comes in one plus 7 pro


      lovish sharma stereo speakers with Dolby atmos.

  • mohsin bhisti
    mohsin bhisti

    I think op7 camera is lower than op6t.

  • eboyblackout

    Lol mivi sponsorship for OnePlus?! What lol

  • Anish Vikram
    Anish Vikram

    bro what about face unlock

  • Vishal Kumar
    Vishal Kumar

    And no 3.5mm jack lol

  • Smriti Tripathi
    Smriti Tripathi

    Hi Ranjeet..Please make a comparison video for OP7 pro and S10e..Thanks in advance 😄

  • Nandan S
    Nandan S

    People saying same old things exceeding 2M views....actual youtuber who deserves more!

  • Athul gireesh R
    Athul gireesh R

    Please compare realme 3 pro and redmi note 7 pro .. complete comparison including camera please...

  • Himanshu Somkumwar
    Himanshu Somkumwar

    no one say that it does not have usb-c to headphone jack dongle

  • Subham Jyoti Nayak
    Subham Jyoti Nayak

    Does it have super slow motion at 960fps plzz let us know in yr upcoming video

  • Kaushik Dutta
    Kaushik Dutta

    Expected the camera to be good. But seems it isn't.And the battery is pretty average as well..

  • Mosahid Raza
    Mosahid Raza

    I really like the video sir 👌😍😎

  • Lovely Rahul
    Lovely Rahul

    What about ip ratings and wireless charging?

  • Amantinu

    Can u make comparison video of oneplus 6 vs OnePlus 7 pro

  • Dhawal Mehta
    Dhawal Mehta

    Who all saw the xiaomi flagship killer 2.0 ad here?

  • Python

    MI is probably most chutia smartphone company of all time. Glad that realme is fcking it

  • vishnu ps
    vishnu ps

    What is the present market price of 1 plus 6t Starting ???

  • Krishna Mohan
    Krishna Mohan

    Sir could you please tell me compare to iphone XR vs one plus 7 pro which one is the best phone?????

  • Abhinay v
    Abhinay v

    What do you think about poco f2

  • Prashant vikram singh
    Prashant vikram singh

    Note10 will going to crush this..(Story of every year)❤❤

  • The Everything Channel
    The Everything Channel

    Kya baat hai ranjit bhai wo rande guruji se tih aap bahaut ache ho , guruji ki maa ka bhosda

  • Raj Deepak
    Raj Deepak

    I still believe my honor 8x phone is way better than this in terms of looks...

  • Arvind

    Why did they remove notch?? 🙄

  • Jacky

    Sir when is OnePlus 7 base variant going to be available in market ? I can only see promotion of OnePlus 7 Pro on Amazon app which is launching on 17 May.

  • Manu Yadav
    Manu Yadav

    Not worth it as price is too high

  • Rishabh Mehta
    Rishabh Mehta

    Plz do oneplus wireless bullets 2

  • Shreyas Girish
    Shreyas Girish

    Sir is it worth getting a upgrade from OnePlus 6T to OnePlus 7 pro??

  • J Allwin
    J Allwin

    Samsung S10 🤣 model

  • SK Cinematography
    SK Cinematography

    Hi please give it to me it's my dream mobile..🎭💙💙💔💔

  • Rohan Debbarma
    Rohan Debbarma

    Screen guard pre applied?