OnePlus 7 Series - Global Launch, London
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  • Patrick Bislev
    Patrick Bislev

    anyone need a refer link for the new oneplus?

  • Raj Swami
    Raj Swami

    Onepuls 7 ki sell kiyo nhi aa rhi h

  • DailyPlanes

    OnePlus 7 non pro is at 1:20:00

  • deepakkumar pandiyan
    deepakkumar pandiyan

    Any one clear me whether one plus 7 pro having 5G technology or not ?

  • Ravi Pandya
    Ravi Pandya

    highly disappointed from charging or battery. 😡 where is DASH charging, my phone takes 1hour for charging. what i expect from one plus, seriously i m so disappointed.

  • Andrew Kibungei
    Andrew Kibungei

  • adarsh600

    Where is Carl pei? He left one plus?

  • AJ Wean Potenciano
    AJ Wean Potenciano

    Philippines request oneplus 7 pro price 600$ Pls release it in May 21

  • kucki tea
    kucki tea

    Please invest into the camera software like Google have. Send updates to make the processing as good as Pixel. I want to get the OnePlus 7 Pro but the video, photo and microphone quality isn't competing with them and it's a necessity for me. I have an iPhone 7+ and OnePlus 3 right now

    • kucki tea
      kucki tea

      The camera chip science looks amazing. It's just the processing I wish was better. I have watched reviews, photo's are good, much better than before, but not on Pixel level and video and audio was not good. Especialy for social media bloggers who need camera quality fromt cameras. My 7+ just gets away with it now, and it's an old phone. With the right updates I think you could make the front and rear video really good.

    • kucki tea
      kucki tea

      Dynamic range needs to be improved, and microphone is not good. iPhone has amazing audio processing for the microphone, please refer to their processing

    • kucki tea
      kucki tea

      If you can make the camera photo's and video's as "Wow" as Pixel 3/3a, I'm in.

  • x-_-x D4NG3R x-_-x
    x-_-x D4NG3R x-_-x

    If it only had wireless charging 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Serafin Carlo Velasco
    Serafin Carlo Velasco

    OnePlus can add a pop-up camera but can't have a headphone jack! SERIOUSLY OnePlus!?!? 😒

  • Dick Martino
    Dick Martino

    EE thieves.

  • hadrien godé
    hadrien godé

    Zenphone 6 just killed straight OnePlus 7, it's no more OnePlus for me, they have settled.

  • Luca Example
    Luca Example

    When comes OnePlus 7pro 5G??????????????

  • Jeets Talk
    Jeets Talk

    #jeetstalk Oneplus 7 pro Amazon exclusive :

  • Jeets Talk
    Jeets Talk

    #jeetstalk Book Oneplus 7 pro :

  • Jeets Talk
    Jeets Talk

    #jeetstalk Book Oneplus 7 pro : Oneplus 7 pro Amazon exclusive :

  • Surinder Singh
    Surinder Singh

    hey anyone watched that mi advert one plus is challenged

  • Aditya Narayan
    Aditya Narayan

    All I hear is Jin yang!

  • Velicu Emil
    Velicu Emil

    Does anybody know the track id at 23:00 ? Thanks

  • imicca

    guys wtf is wrong with ad sounds? BASS BOOSTED?!

  • Kusuma P
    Kusuma P


  • rajan slathia
    rajan slathia

    Now the time has come to decay one plus..Pack up from India.. You are not now flagship killer with me sale will reduce with huge margin..

  • francies j
    francies j

  • Bastien Noureau
    Bastien Noureau

    Si certains ont une petite envie d'acheter un smartphone, voici un coupon pour les accessoires 😊

  • Jagadish Mehta
    Jagadish Mehta

    Does 7 n 7pro support 5g ?

  • Parth Sarthi Pandey
    Parth Sarthi Pandey

    28:16 Microsoft Lumia 950 do, did anyone notice that white windows Phone

  • KoepenickDrums

    Presentation begins at 13:52

  • Deivison G.R.
    Deivison G.R.

    Real Cop. I wanted the red 5t. It's now a complete rarity.

  • LF boy
    LF boy

    Dear OnePlus there I'm in India I love it OnePlus brand but still not using onlplus any mobile try to understand I want review unit one day only give me


    OnePlus 💪

  • Bolla Gabor
    Bolla Gabor

    Make some noise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zerofy

    OnePlus 7 Pro: *I am speed*

  • Karoru Senpai
    Karoru Senpai

    why is the Audio so shit ?

  • botsok3skelion

    I still cannot move on with the removal of headphone jack... #BringBackTheJack #RediscoverHeadphoneJack #WeNeedThreePointFiveHeadphoneJack

    • Desmond Sky
      Desmond Sky

      Just get a phone that has one, like I did

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia

    Didn't get anything good from that swag bag this time just a bunch of stickers and a Chinese bottle

  • DJ Snake
    DJ Snake

    Teacher : what is 1+7 Me : it's 8 Teacher: no it's ₹33000

    • F.B.I-kun


  • Charles Davis
    Charles Davis

    I don't understand why they're advertising the trade in program when the website is only accepting OnePlus devices.

  • 从玉 袁
    从玉 袁

    Now holding a plus 6, and so on next year to start 7Pro, I have no reason to change the machine, because it is very smooth

  • Saurav Kumar
    Saurav Kumar

    The crowd is so dead imo

  • mrabudi1


  • Marcia Izidoro
    Marcia Izidoro

    I love👏🏻😻❤

  • Gamers Academy
    Gamers Academy

    What's the difference between this and New Yoek launch event? Why is New York shorter by 20 min or so?

  • Dylan Brown
    Dylan Brown

    I don't get it when I go on the website it says its £649 but $669 into £ is 518. Why?

  • Dylan Brown
    Dylan Brown

    I don't get it when I go on the website it says its £649 but $669 into £ is 518. Why?

  • Genius guruji
    Genius guruji

    Flagship smartphone to xioami ke hote h 😏

  • Nathan McIntosh
    Nathan McIntosh


  • Nathan McIntosh
    Nathan McIntosh


  • 周正



    Will the new gaming mode available for the oneplus 6t?

  • Adithya Das
    Adithya Das

    Well the bullets wireless 2 are disappointing :( so as for the people who bought the Oneplus 6T at there stock you guys reduced it...and for the first time..i feel disappointed buying 6T... should have waited for OP 7 ...which is cheaper and better i guess too ...

  • Zavier29

    Led notification like first samsung s6 edge 😄

  • Sir ji
    Sir ji

    Sir, can you give me any phone plz😀

  • rbn

    Summary: beveled edges so you touch the screen by accident when holding it, screen too big to fit in one hand (i got big hands), shorter battery life probably due to bigger screen and higher refresh rate(90hz), no audio jack, back facing camera is not flush with the phone(increase thickness and add battery or reduce camera quality), no waterproof rating, they advertise it as no 2000 dollar price tag that would be exceptionally pricy, and their price tag is about the same as the Iphone X. Maybe i had high expectations but i was really waiting with a half working OP5 to buy a new one, but lowering the battery time and removing the audio jack i use every day won't cut it sorry. :/

  • RD Policarpio
    RD Policarpio

    Hmm it's good that isheeps aren't watching

  • Vikas Patil
    Vikas Patil


  • Sumedh Tambe
    Sumedh Tambe

    There is oneplus 6 and 6T,then why their is oneplus 7 and no oneplus 7T, why their is 7 pro

    • Loundsify

      To make more money.

  • tufan calban
    tufan calban

    oneplus is really a step ahead


    Will this phone support 5 g

  • Ghostbits _97
    Ghostbits _97

    where is thunder purple?!!!

  • FozBall

    My OnePlus 1 still working great


    Hello my name is akash my dream is to buy a one plus phone but i dont have enough money to buy it i am using honor 7x it is a shitty phone i bought it without any intrest i cant play pubg properly in it full lag can you please sent me any oneplus phone for free because i dont have enough money to buy it i will be grateful all my life

  • Parminder Singh
    Parminder Singh

    Imagine how amazing a phone fron oneplus can become if they made a phone with no pricing restrictions.

    • Jaswanth Reddy
      Jaswanth Reddy

      Yup ideal phone if they can budget of 70k

  • Matthew Delva
    Matthew Delva

    Moto: Samsung: Apple: LG: One plus: Wanna see it again? Boom!

  • The Red Baron
    The Red Baron

    Can anyone tell me the name of introduction music it's beautiful


    Ehhhhh, the cooling system is crap, so me being a gamer this totally sucks, couldn’t even handle a benchmark, razer phone has a huge cooling and higher hertz, and the the camera quality is worse than the iPhone Xr (not a mistype, the zoom is bad). Don’t look at me, look up videos. I’ve seen a ton at this point. My point of view.

  • view new cool
    view new cool

    Where is one plus 7

  • Anil Shekhawat
    Anil Shekhawat

    Still not waterproof

  • Eric L
    Eric L

    Curious.. You know how some apps you are able to log in or purchase via finger print sensor... Would this change? Or??

    • cookie\

      works no problem

    • Maisum10

      You would use the in display fingerprint. The procedure is no different from a physical fingerprint scanner. You just place your finger on the in display scanner.

  • Happy John
    Happy John

    Interesting how different locations get different presentations. 8:55 PM 5/14/2019

  • Potato Derp
    Potato Derp

    1:31:25 Oneplus 7 Price 1:30:08 Oneplus 7 Pro Price

    • Paulo Viana
      Paulo Viana

      price in Euro?

    • Nando Freire
      Nando Freire

      You're the real MVP

    • Erukulla Trilok
      Erukulla Trilok


  • alan anguiano
    alan anguiano

    Guess who will finally upgrade i had been holding onto my galaxy s8 plus because it was still good but i need this phone in my life

  • n00blit

    Does 1+ have a service center in the UK yet?

  • M'r cool Boy
    M'r cool Boy

    14:10.. RIP English ..😂🤣😁😁

    • RD Policarpio
      RD Policarpio

      Hahahaha what can you do he's chinese

    • Cuewars Taner
      Cuewars Taner


  • Hfhch E
    Hfhch E

    Not good

  • R.Andrei I.
    R.Andrei I.

    Why don't you get it... no-one like this rounded edges no more! Enough of this,I was waiting for nothing ...

  • Kong Mufasa
    Kong Mufasa

    So after slaying the flagships, you became flagship and now selling at flagship price?

    • Kong Mufasa
      Kong Mufasa

      +PixelLabsMinecraft If 669$ is cheap for you, then flush your money there. If you know their sub-brands Vivo and Oppo, you will know that nothing about this phone is new other than the curvy display. The price is way too high for what it offers. So yeah $669 is flagship price for me. The regular OnePlus 7 is still at a good price.

    • xXuidmod

      Well I mean it’s cheaper than Xr and S10e so I mean

    • unlokia

      And ain't worth anything _remotely NEAR_ this absurd price, LOL!

    • PixelLabsMinecraft

      Except $669 isn't a flagship price

  • Titanium Labs
    Titanium Labs

    Oh crap I didn’t know I was supposed to watch from my DS!

  • Flávio Fonseca
    Flávio Fonseca

    Damn I truly loved it, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi should look into this

  • Pushpa Karki
    Pushpa Karki

    My personal favorite is almond color..cant wait to see..

  • tom black
    tom black

    Why did you get a Inspector Clouseau impersonator to host your selling pitch ? Have u gone mad!

  • talin nalo
    talin nalo


  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel

    most powerful 5G modem is Huawei's balong 5000, lairs PS: first 5g comercial platform is oppo reno 5G which is on markets since a while now facepalm PS2 5g world first and leader are SuisCon not ee Ps3: lying again? op7 pro main camera is F 1.6 and op7 is F1.7 so no, is not the same sensor. Facepalm

  • Jérôme Jheelan Photography
    Jérôme Jheelan Photography

    Watching from my one plus one :) Should I upgrade ?

    • Frost Bite
      Frost Bite


    • xXuidmod

      Jérôme Jheelan Photography yes

  • GetMet

    why are there only like 10 people clapping?

  • Harry McNeill
    Harry McNeill

    51:37 top left

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel

    tiene muchas similitudes al oppo reno 10x, aunque en diseño prefiero el oppo. Edito, tras ver el video entero, esto es un oppo reno 10x sin el zoom y con UFS 3.0, son clonicos, no por nada son de la misma empresa xD

  • Spieler

    OMG 31:47 look at that babe, 2 beauties in 1 presentation

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel

    this is hilarious. They are proud of getting a nice mark on the worst and corrupt benchmarks ever (I mean both display mate and dxomark) If I would be them, I never would show a rate by those crap companies, they make op7 pro looks bad

    • Miguel Angel
      Miguel Angel

      +PixelLabsMinecraft most trusted? Are you serious or just kidding? I'll think you are just trolling, there is no chance you don't know all about public scandals about both

    • PixelLabsMinecraft

      Except displaymate and dxomark are the most trusted in the phone world. Just because you are dumb and don't like them doesn't mean nobody else likes them

  • Haim Peretz
    Haim Peretz

    Were is the OnePlus 7?

  • Dick Martino
    Dick Martino

    Lando should heed the video.

  • Gary Toman
    Gary Toman

    Camera pops up and down for face unlock, nah.

  • Green_EyE_Cat_Studio

    IP rate ? nothing ? in 2019 for a 600$ in 2019 ? tear drop noch is not that bad...

    • Southern Discomfort
      Southern Discomfort

      Used my One Plus 3t in the rain, in the snow, still works just fine.

    • maldita peppas
      maldita peppas

      +Green_EyE_Cat_Studio they dropped it in a bucket of water and it survived im pretty sure it will survive a bit of rain

    • Green_EyE_Cat_Studio

      can i use it if outside rain like cray and i don t have where to cover and i want to call a taxi ? can i send a text sms after ?

    • maldita peppas
      maldita peppas

      no its horrible it takes so much screen msh this is good for people who dont use cameras and it can survive water so dont drop it lol

  • 吴荻


  • Shreyash Diukar
    Shreyash Diukar

    That's amazing. OnePlus, we surely need to work for a smaller phone.

  • Mister_ Personne
    Mister_ Personne

    Oneplus is very great #OnePlus7Pro

  • Mister_ Personne
    Mister_ Personne


  • sahil gyanchandani
    sahil gyanchandani

    I bought one plus 6t few days ago for 33000 and now one plus 7 is for 33000 , i feel like im cheated.

  • Patrick Rosu
    Patrick Rosu

    Love it

  • Supen rai
    Supen rai

    No headphone jack n could hv give 32 mp front camera. No ip rating.