Samsung Galaxy M40 Unboxing & Overview
Samsung Galaxy M40 Unboxing the M40 is powered by Snapdragon 675 SOC has a 6.3" Full HD+ screen with punch hole notch (Infinity O display) comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage has a triple rear camera the main camera is 32MP then a 8MP (wide angle) lens and 5MP depth and the front facing camera is 16MP and the Galaxy M40 has a 3500 mAh battery with fast charging.
Samsung Galaxy M40 will be sold in India via Amazon The pricing for 6GB RAM model will be Rs 19,990

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  • prateek pratyaya
    prateek pratyaya

    For 20k, poco is still a much better option overall.

  • Vijayashankar Aruchamy
    Vijayashankar Aruchamy

    Dual 4g standby support?

  • Ganesh shinde
    Ganesh shinde

    M40बकवास फोन है ।

  • Shriya Rachchh
    Shriya Rachchh

    Can you plzz tell me the rear camera is batter than readmi note 7 pro...or not????

  • Durgam Abhilash
    Durgam Abhilash

    Which do you think is better this or Motorola one vision

  • aakash 007
    aakash 007

    Cheap move from Samsung... flagship s10 has quadhd display and indisplay fingerprint sensor and a 3.5mm headphone jack....but in the budjet segment no 3.5mm jack...pity on you samsung

  • EXE

    samsung removing the headphone jack Me: you were supposed to destroy the sith not join them!

  • AG Krishnan
    AG Krishnan

    Is LCD display is good for this mobile, why amalod display is not provided. Tell us about the diaplay comparing with other phones.

  • raveendra 1201
    raveendra 1201

    Best camera phone please below 20k plz...

  • Raghavendra Boddupalli
    Raghavendra Boddupalli

    Which 1 should I buy I won't use mobile much for gaming. Camera and durability of phone are main for me. Could you please suggest.

    • Raghavendra Boddupalli
      Raghavendra Boddupalli

      @Navneet Joshi but display isnt great I heard from someone

    • Navneet Joshi
      Navneet Joshi

      Purchase M40

  • Indrajith Indrajith
    Indrajith Indrajith

    Totally I hate Samsung mobile product because j6 plus worst model

  • Parthasarathy Bose
    Parthasarathy Bose

    No 3.5 mm jack with a lower processor might be a bummer.

  • Dex Priolo
    Dex Priolo

    Can i have this phone as your gift.? Proud subcriber to your channel

  • Priyanshu 2.9
    Priyanshu 2.9

    Who is watching on A50

  • Video Analiz HD
    Video Analiz HD

    its 409ppi

  • Murugesan.N

    is this mobile a value for money thing

  • Mahavisek Patra
    Mahavisek Patra

    Does it has a metal body?

  • Amit Sharma
    Amit Sharma

    @geekyranjit Sir as Nokia has cut down the price of 8.1 Plus.. Is it good buy within 20k price mark or Samsung M40 would be better option ?


    Best phone ...m40 aur 30 both..

  • Satyanand Rathore tech.
    Satyanand Rathore tech.

    I like display and camera

  • NIkita Pareek
    NIkita Pareek

    Please make review video before 18

  • Ashwani Arya
    Ashwani Arya

    Do not get confused guys many of you watching this in your ips lcd,amoled or sAmoled devices these pics will looks crap in m40 tft display remember this.

  • Ashwani Arya
    Ashwani Arya

    M10- millenials phone🙂 M20- millenials phone😉 M30- millenials phone M40- millenials ki ma ka bhosda😈 Regards Samsung India

  • Pratham Pant
    Pratham Pant

    What about the screen quality. Is it good for an ips display like what we have seen in Asus Zenfone 5z


    sir plz tell which is better one plus 7 vs samsung galaxy m40 going to buy today evening


      Oneplus 7 is better than the M40

  • Pawan Kahnani
    Pawan Kahnani

    Can you please Compare Samsung M40 and Redmi Note 7 Pro

  • shreyas sonwalkar
    shreyas sonwalkar

    Does it have a gorilla glass on it??

  • Gogireddy Pavani
    Gogireddy Pavani

    Sir please say the sound quality of type c ear phone in the full review

  • Varun Kumar
    Varun Kumar

    Hello, please make a video on it's 4k video recording features and quality. Thanks.

  • Md Tauhid Md Tauhid
    Md Tauhid Md Tauhid

    5th smart phone

  • वैद्य कंचन वर्मा
    वैद्य कंचन वर्मा

    Pathetic no amoled display no metal body ....cheaper built....redmi7pro n realme3pro...both r much better than this "O" "WOW" bullshit....

  • vijay kinston
    vijay kinston

    What's the price of it

  • Adarsh C R
    Adarsh C R

    what is the make of 32 mp camera sensor

  • aditya vardhan
    aditya vardhan

    elaborate on the screen sound tech and call quality in the review please

  • Lucas Bintoro
    Lucas Bintoro

    You said, “as you can see” 15 times in this 7:55 mins of video. Please stooooppp... we are all watching you with our eyes, of course we are seeing. It is annoying. It is also called filler (in English). On a presentation skill, teachers hate fillers like umm... err... if you can’t form words, just pause. The same thing with as you can see, it is a filler. I didn’t keep count of how my umms or errs in the video.

  • Austin Minz
    Austin Minz

    Fake English!!! Love from usa

    • Austin Minz
      Austin Minz

      Pradum Vishwakarma we speak English!⚡️

    • Pradum Vishwakarma
      Pradum Vishwakarma

      India invented love from india

  • Ayush Divya.
    Ayush Divya.


    • Ayush Divya.
      Ayush Divya.


  • Red X
    Red X

    LCD 👎🏻 No Headphones jack 👎🏻

  • Akshay Kulthe
    Akshay Kulthe

    I don't like this mobile

  • Manish U
    Manish U

    Waiting for full review specially camera

  • Syed Shuttari
    Syed Shuttari

    Look man I know you are Indian and you don't know how to speak English so please why don't you just speak in Hindi stupid f**** people understand that language to don't try to be a sure stupid a**

  • MyChanneltutzzzzz

    how many nits of brightness does m40 have ?

  • C Carl
    C Carl

    Samsung m40 vs a50? Camara?

  • Anmol Agrawal
    Anmol Agrawal

    "The wide angle is pretty wide" Should it be?

  • mustafa Alosta
    mustafa Alosta

    is it better than the a50 though ?

  • Thang Seldou
    Thang Seldou

    Icons look really big and ugly in the new one Ui

  • CorpseGrinder ҜΔŁƗĐΔŞ
    CorpseGrinder ҜΔŁƗĐΔŞ

    Thanks a lot for the unbiased and valuable information you share via your videos.

  • Shaunak Banerjee
    Shaunak Banerjee

    How can we use 3.5mm universal headphone jack. Are they providing converters?

    • Anushree Mojumdar
      Anushree Mojumdar

      Use Wireless bluetooth enabled headphones.👍

  • Gurneet Singh
    Gurneet Singh

    It is a mini s10e

  • MSC TheGamer
    MSC TheGamer

    India gets the best stuff 😭

  • Joash Oropilla
    Joash Oropilla

    Can you make a review of samsung M40's camera using Google Camera?

  • Rahul Das
    Rahul Das

    16k -17k should be the price

    • фгјтфдд нбхјк
      фгјтфдд нбхјк

      Buy nokia or Samsung dont buy chinese

  • vidushi kapoor
    vidushi kapoor

    Sir do review of honor20i please...🙏🙏

    • фгјтфдд нбхјк
      фгјтфдд нбхјк

      Huawei honor don't buy it

  • Dr. Disrespect
    Dr. Disrespect

    The phone is priced at Rs.20k and there is no amoled display and removing the headphone jack was not necessary at all..and m30 comes with 5000mah battery then why they reduced the battery capacity??

  • Prashan Rai
    Prashan Rai

    Nice one brother. Just wanted knw on the back panel. Is it glass finish or same typical plastic from samsung. How abt gorilla glass protection. Is it an option.. broke my glass twice in samsung on max.. just curious..

  • PochinkiKing

    The front looks like honor view 20

  • Rahul Rajeev
    Rahul Rajeev

    I like to know about the display quality over oled display

  • Gaurav Goswami
    Gaurav Goswami

    is this phone hve blue light filter or not??

  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar

    3500 mah is not decent at all

  • king z Pradhan
    king z Pradhan

    Should we buy this or wait for Asus to launch of new m3pro

  • MrSaradhi1993

    Which One Is Best M40 vs A50 ???

  • Krishna Swaroop
    Krishna Swaroop

    I want a dedicated camera performance of this ph

  • Sanjay Sanjay
    Sanjay Sanjay

    Bro i think you have some phones give me one phone bro

    • zero to infinity
      zero to infinity

      Bro 😁😁😁

  • nm duc
    nm duc

    It's not smooth so much

  • nisar Shamna
    nisar Shamna

    Ttttttt wo. Ranjitttth. Buttttttt-go yaar---borring ur reviews

  • Know Books
    Know Books

    Sir is it has a EIS like A50 ...?

  • مصطفى الشمري
    مصطفى الشمري

    طبعا سامسونج جاي تطور يوم بعد يوم بس اني اشوفm30 حلو😘

  • Sushant Kumar
    Sushant Kumar

    Reasons to go for a bit costlier phone A70, as the features are similar to M40??

  • Abhijnan Mitra
    Abhijnan Mitra

    A comparison video against Galaxy A50 will be appreciated, Thanks, Ardent follower.

    • LK 2LD
      LK 2LD

      The a50 is better than this

  • visa kho mepfhuo
    visa kho mepfhuo

    Very cute

  • kawal thorat
    kawal thorat


  • Haresh Makhija
    Haresh Makhija

    Does it have samsung pay ?

  • arshad moin
    arshad moin


  • Karthik S
    Karthik S

    Hi Ranjit is it the same display as in S10? Compared to note 8 how does the display fair? Ur comments would be appreciated

    • Iroha Isshiki
      Iroha Isshiki

      no the s10 is oled

  • Anurag Shaurya Rajput
    Anurag Shaurya Rajput

    Sd 670 for 20k a big no

  • Shruti Agarwal
    Shruti Agarwal

    Super phone on last price

  • Indian History
    Indian History

    Is there having any speker to listen the call.because only one hole is showing on display

  • mdvzo belho
    mdvzo belho

    Usb type c is for charging and 3camera set up is for taking photos and finger print scanner at the back is for scanning finger and so

  • Prateik Chalke
    Prateik Chalke

    Does m40 have NFC,does it support Samsung pay

  • VideoClipss

    Huawei honor play is still best... Kirin 970❤️

    • Arabind S
      Arabind S


  • S K
    S K

    Not sure why they had to skip 3.5 mm jack.

  • Abhi

    Bro r u Telugu ???

  • Swagat Suman Panigrahi
    Swagat Suman Panigrahi

    Its having a oled display and the display itself is a speaker also.

  • Gunjan Rawat
    Gunjan Rawat

    Samsung M40 = Samsung A60

  • venkateshs1991

    I want to buy New Mobile. My Budget is 30000. Pls refer good phoe in this Budget.

    • shubham patil
      shubham patil

      Exchange your old phone if you want to and take oneplus 7 or with some credit/debit card offer you can bring oneplus 7 in your budget. Oneplus 7 costs around 32000 and its a budget flagship smartphone. You won't regret.

  • ArYaN SoOd
    ArYaN SoOd

    Is it better than a50?

  • lyric party
    lyric party

    Gadget one recommend ചെയ്തിട്ട് ഈ video കാണുന്നവർ ഞാൻ മാത്രമാണോ

    • lyric party
      lyric party

      Mr @വഴി പോക്കൻ who are you

    • വഴി പോക്കൻ
      വഴി പോക്കൻ

      അല്ല അന്റ വാപ്പയായ ഞമ്മളും ണ്ട്.


    Awesome phone


    Waiting for m50😁


    Did not mentioned the screen sound technology of galaxy m40 . First time in a budget phone , plz include that too .

  • jyotirmoy kumar
    jyotirmoy kumar

    It was much better if there was 3.5 mm jack and triple slot sim tray . Also If There was Super AMOLED display . Then it was a very good phone . Otherwise it will not recommended to buy .



  • ANKITH Suvarna
    ANKITH Suvarna

    If u love Samsung Galaxy a30 thumbs up pls

  • shivam vishwakarma
    shivam vishwakarma

    The finger print sensor is so bad 😂😂

  • A b
    A b

    It is what it is. .😂

  • Isaac Adam
    Isaac Adam

    I just found out about a new game called Super Mecha Champions, although the game has already been out for over 2 months now. It looks pretty heavy, and intensive on the graphics. So I was wondering if you can also test this game on new phones along with Honkai Impact 3rd. Also, look out for a new MMORPG game called Genshin Impact from MIHOYO, the creators of Honkai Impact 3rd. Coming soon on Spring 2020.

  • Rishi Singh
    Rishi Singh

    Does it have Bixby?


    How ever, poco f1 is the best phone under 20k

  • akshay chugh
    akshay chugh

    Technical guru se u acha review diya