Savage Moms Part 2 Ft Lilly Singh | Superwoman | Jordindian
The Savagery continues.. This time we got Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman to pay homage to all the mothers around the world. Especially the ones who are savage. This was undoubtedly one of the best collabs we've done so far. Thank you iisuperwomanii for gracing us with your awesomeness. You're too funny for life.
Production: Do Creative Labs
Manager: Anuj Muthreja
Poster Credits - Siddarth Mohandas

  • King Chris
    King Chris

    jordindian what happened to you?? Seriously

  • Newt and Harry!!
    Newt and Harry!!

    I have a really good idea for a video you can make...Savage Employers

  • Salman Shah
    Salman Shah

    The girl was over actor

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas

    Lilly Singh is shit

  • Tiny pearl
    Tiny pearl

    She ruined the video.... Both girls of the first part were best....😏😏

  • Maya music
    Maya music

    Break a leg and have a kit kat

  • Blue Falcon
    Blue Falcon

    100k likes were superwoman fans.

  • Santhoshi Senthil
    Santhoshi Senthil

    Lilly is putting on a veil just to hide her braids....Well...

  • Nisha Riyad
    Nisha Riyad

    What a nice day to die laughing

  • game playzz
    game playzz

    Heart is on the left side

  • Mayuk Choudhury
    Mayuk Choudhury

    #Unsubscribing for featuring in the channel a wannabe angrez nri feminist i.e., lilly singh aka superwoman who is as dead inside as a stone! #nohumour@all #onlycopycat-attitude!!

  • Mayuk Choudhury
    Mayuk Choudhury

    This horny Lilly only does sexist feminist jokes which works jst 4 the dumb wannabe angrez nri's in the west..! But never works here in India u see u idiot...!! Afterall superwoman #not@allsuper #no2feminism.

  • Arens Dsouza
    Arens Dsouza

    I enjoy Niagara better then Lilly singh

  • Meghana HJ
    Meghana HJ


  • Mohammed Mishal
    Mohammed Mishal

    Why can't you put niharika in her place I hate super woman she doesn't know how to make people laugh also she know to make people disgust But if u kept niharika u can come and meet me in grave yard (cause of dead laughing)

  • Mohammed Mishal
    Mohammed Mishal

    Ewww I hate superwoman bla

  • Mannan Morvi
    Mannan Morvi

    0:33 Wwwwhhhhhoooooaaaaa!!!

  • Ronit Rai
    Ronit Rai

    1:36 just dancing my moves out

  • Ronit Rai
    Ronit Rai

    0:07 why just Why

  • Hemali Bavishi
    Hemali Bavishi

    you should do types of farts

    • Mr_Epic_Slasher 37
      Mr_Epic_Slasher 37

      Are you 5

  • blazing viz
    blazing viz

    He copied nigahigas break up video

  • fabi shajahan
    fabi shajahan

    Superwomen 👍

  • Srishti Jahagirdar
    Srishti Jahagirdar

    I love themm

  • Himanshu Talokar
    Himanshu Talokar

    Niharika would do better not the jordindian level

  • Rita Arora
    Rita Arora

    Lilly! 💗💗

  • Kuman Ankit
    Kuman Ankit

    Bc mc loda

  • Queen Scheherazade
    Queen Scheherazade

    Lily did an awesome job but no one can beat Niharika Unpopular opinion,but lily was awesome

  • Sriramulu Sriamulu
    Sriramulu Sriamulu

    She was not nice for acting

  • Sunrise channel
    Sunrise channel

    E.T phone home... Venom - Eminem

  • Nade Gaming
    Nade Gaming

    she is better than u kids

  • spagh Hetti
    spagh Hetti

    Her dance though!!😆😆

  • Asad Abdussalam Shaikh
    Asad Abdussalam Shaikh

    Superwoman was lame

  • A S Roopa Roopa
    A S Roopa Roopa

    I hate this part 4:56 like if you do.

  • A S Roopa Roopa
    A S Roopa Roopa

    But agree guys II superwoman II/ Lilly's dance at 2:10 was fun but didn't meet our expectations.

  • Dorothy Hmar
    Dorothy Hmar

    "dinner is served and so are you" I died there

  • Galaxy Mercorn
    Galaxy Mercorn

    I love Lilly singh

  • Bhuvan Praacheth
    Bhuvan Praacheth

    Instead of this u guys should hv made savage sister coz nazir nd she both look same :)

  • DayOrNight DON
    DayOrNight DON

    Ur father cums first

  • Thamanna Mariyam
    Thamanna Mariyam

    Everyone is like niharika would be better.....but its LILLY FREAKING SINGH....and niharika is great too. No offense

  • Amogh Padukone
    Amogh Padukone

    Lily singh is just pure cringe

  • Kiran Alla
    Kiran Alla

    Look at here face 2:20

  • Ricky Aribam
    Ricky Aribam

    Love u guys but it's not that gud

  • Mansi Tiwari
    Mansi Tiwari

    Wow lilly shing is here yoo girl superwoman 😉


    1:06 WhY do the His FathEr AnD HiS FrienD LooK AliKe? 😂😂

  • Sherwin Correa
    Sherwin Correa

    Dinner is served. And so are you. What savagery!

  • Slipper Bae
    Slipper Bae

    Nah fam she ain't funny no mo.. Yal be digging those commercial stats for the money I feel ya but the jordindian feels were missing.. Sad

  • hari bhura
    hari bhura

    Well niharika is best she is over I think script is over 😏

  • Sanath Sk
    Sanath Sk

    we appreciate new talent, but will be happy to see niharika as well pleasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..................

  • gamerequiem 77
    gamerequiem 77

    Pretty good the lines but I think niharika can do it better

  • Tahsina Ahmed
    Tahsina Ahmed

    why does lilysing look so white?has she bleached?


    Niharika is a wannabe lily singh Like if agreed

  • Arnie Shuklakula
    Arnie Shuklakula

    Shes insane

  • Nini Prasad
    Nini Prasad

    Didn't like it..

  • SayfRG2874

    A Punjabi, an Arab and a pure South Indian. *DEADLY COMBO*

  • raghavendra yadav
    raghavendra yadav

    Lili Singh = overacting

  • 1000 subscriptions with no video
    1000 subscriptions with no video

    All the people who are complaining about niharika being better should know she did' it according to script written by JordIndian... PS: their script should have been better.

  • niharika ranjith
    niharika ranjith

    This is awkward because my name Niharika

  • Ayesha Shiekh
    Ayesha Shiekh

    People pls stop discouraging her...she did it reall good

  • akshay Rao
    akshay Rao

    Bro this was shitttttttt


    Where is Dinesh?????🥺

  • Manu 0165
    Manu 0165

    Paramjeet is SAVAGE

  • अंशुल यादव
    अंशुल यादव

    Take me to your leader I say rajnikant is busy 😜😜😜😜

  • Bhavesh Bhansali
    Bhavesh Bhansali

    Lilly Singh is not good as compared to Niharika NM

  • Issa Pk
    Issa Pk

    Oh fuck why did you guys feature Lame singh🙄

  • Bro sis OMG
    Bro sis OMG

    I maximum tried and made a savage video like you Plz react on my video plz It’s very tough to make a savage video now I realized how tough it would be for you So plz plz plz react on my video I wish you will

  • Mcjones Mahesh
    Mcjones Mahesh

    Yo this video doesn't feel right. Big fan of urs mate.


    Make video on #SavageFather

  • Mahesh Mendis
    Mahesh Mendis

    I first saw it as savage moments

  • marjan Aslam
    marjan Aslam

    She made ksi’s rape face at @4:53 😂

  • Sandali Pannilage
    Sandali Pannilage

    where is savage dads part 2?