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  • Nyere Ingram
    Nyere Ingram

    every fourhourse woman is taken now as well as the shield at the same time

  • Annobel Samuel
    Annobel Samuel

    Didn't see this coming

  • Diwani Kate Mabazza
    Diwani Kate Mabazza


  • Gadwali Boy
    Gadwali Boy

    But the important question is who's the man now 😅


    Punk and aj were best

  • ZaiahtheDon

    I mean Becky is the man and Seth is still Justin Bieber soo I mean I guess that can work

  • Myra Honore
    Myra Honore

    Ok and let them have privacy

  • the_notorious_ one
    the_notorious_ one

    The Man is dating a Man


    omGGGGG im dying

  • Leah Cutajar
    Leah Cutajar

    So happy 💗

  • 091696g

    i smell a storyline coming lol

  • stacey quill
    stacey quill


  • Mr mime Jr
    Mr mime Jr

    Does this make them gay cause i see 2 men.

  • Ajith Sundar
    Ajith Sundar

    Men 😂😂😂

  • Jamirimaj

    Scripted relationship.

  • Slump God
    Slump God

    Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are both the Man’s !!!!

  • Gamer girl Starlyn
    Gamer girl Starlyn

    I think there really cute together. I’m very shocked that they are dating

  • Litomito

    so seth is gay because he is dating "the man"

  • binod Sirpali
    binod Sirpali

    Ysss_ I'm very happy seth and beky real life merge

  • Kuldeep Tiwari
    Kuldeep Tiwari

    Who knew about cathy kelly and finn balor

  • Lisa Ambroiggio
    Lisa Ambroiggio

    I thought Becky Lynch was a man?

  • Mia Avellan
    Mia Avellan


  • aaron kanyembo
    aaron kanyembo

    naice one seth

  • Faizah Bhaiyat
    Faizah Bhaiyat

    Sasha and Bayley have left the chat

  • Ajmal S
    Ajmal S

    If they have thier own youtube channel like the miz's one it would be called The Man And The Man. 😂


    Triple h and Stephanie: we are the biggest power couple in this business Seth and Becky: hold our 3 belts

  • Samihah Yasmin
    Samihah Yasmin

    Finally my ship has sailed

  • Beast T
    Beast T

    Gay couple because both are the man

  • Elizabeth Keough
    Elizabeth Keough

    We love. You. Seth rollins

  • David Holzer
    David Holzer

    They should go up against team little big

  • C.P.N.

    *So what happened to Sheamus?*

  • Alvaro Wilson
    Alvaro Wilson

    Thogjt Becky was lesbian

  • Humeira Dadhalwala
    Humeira Dadhalwala

    Can't wait to see them 2 on tv together

  • Monique Stratchan
    Monique Stratchan

    YES YES YES !!!

  • Beatrice Njekwa
    Beatrice Njekwa

    luv u Seth

  • kevin singleton
    kevin singleton

    Seth: Won Against Brock Lesnar Becky: Won Against Ronda And Charlotte Stephanie McMahon: We Found The Couple, WWE Universe!!!!!!!! Michael Cole: No Steph, Their The Men Corey Graves: No Their The PEEPS Renee Young: Shut It!!! Their Future Is Very Bright! All (Except Renee): OOOOOHHH..... Me: **Facepalms**

  • A Queen
    A Queen

    How??? Rollins he is the man and Becky she is man too

  • Leyla Sınırtaş
    Leyla Sınırtaş

    my heart ❤❤❤

  • ronki23

    Quite a lot of Divas sleep with Superstars; I guess they're always spending time together

  • I need Some clout
    I need Some clout

    They better not breakup onnggg they better get married and have 6kids okay 😂💀


    Awesome Couple

  • Cute Panda Conqueror
    Cute Panda Conqueror

    The Man dating with The Man C'mon Thats *gayyyyyyy*

  • Maria Didi
    Maria Didi


  • devendra singh
    devendra singh

    Seth deserves better than this.becky is a over hyped wrestler.

  • devendra singh
    devendra singh

    These are publicity stunts to fool the audience.

  • Hemim Sk
    Hemim Sk

    The power couple has a rise ,congratulation both of you , my best athlate

  • Nattie M
    Nattie M

    Is it just me or am I the only one who use to ship Becky and Finn better than this ok just me

  • TheBestNoob

    Size does matter

  • Tanushree Samanta
    Tanushree Samanta

    Woww thats a great new..I'm soo happy for them..they r my fab😗

  • Sofia Drosos
    Sofia Drosos

    I'm so happy for them. I love them both. ❤

  • Abhishek choubey
    Abhishek choubey

    Cathy is more hot

  • NiranXNaruto Guy
    NiranXNaruto Guy

    Seth Rollins: I am dating Becky Lynch Previous girlfriend: Am I a freakin joke to you?!

    • Nattie M
      Nattie M

      NiranXNaruto Guy Lol

  • dipak hatwate
    dipak hatwate

    1st gay reletionship on wwe!!

  • Lima Longkumer
    Lima Longkumer

    Could already see the relationship from before

  • كوجو بارودك
    كوجو بارودك

    استغفر الله عليكم ياكفار بشهر رمضان تعرضوا الفيديو 😵😨

  • Justin cruz
    Justin cruz

    Seth can do better

  • Top Gamer
    Top Gamer


  • Alexandre Epanya
    Alexandre Epanya

    RIP kayfabe

  • Tessy Mercy
    Tessy Mercy

    I have always loved Becky n Seth .They deserve to be happy together .

  • Γοηε ΨοΓբ βοι οωο
    Γοηε ΨοΓբ βοι οωο

    Aw yeee

  • dnx 006
    dnx 006

    his life has come to an end.

  • TheIIconicBoss WWE
    TheIIconicBoss WWE


  • BrianNotBryan


  • ateiluj08

    Wait... Beth Phoenix is married to Edge?

  • Mystery forever
    Mystery forever

    They look ugly

  • Javier I. Sabil
    Javier I. Sabil


  • Aidan Bell
    Aidan Bell

    (.o.) / \ | |

  • Rebecca Goodnight
    Rebecca Goodnight

    The whole gay joke need to Stop it stupid and annoying

  • VaughnJogVlog


  • Janet Richards
    Janet Richards

    Who cares don't care for becky she did not pin Rhonda of charlotte she dont derves either belt

  • Keshove GUPTA
    Keshove GUPTA

    Yes yes yes i want it because both were world champs yes yes yes yes yes!!!

  • Kristian Sohl
    Kristian Sohl

    Two sympatic personalities and an aaaaawesome couple

  • pipo pipo
    pipo pipo

    Are they Gay now?🙄 the Man & and a Man? Dont Understand...😩

    • Basketball BC
      Basketball BC

      The guy

  • Hyphey jones
    Hyphey jones

    Becky is one ratchet chick behind that makeup. dnt be fooled incels

  • Hayoosh 03
    Hayoosh 03

    I am so jealous 🙂💔

  • Jeremy Jeremy
    Jeremy Jeremy

    Oh yeah to seth rollins and becky lynch are now dating each other now

  • Alexicia moore
    Alexicia moore

    I always said I could see them getting together. That they’d be nice together. But then it actually happens and I’m just like “Wow” 😮 I predicted it and it happened. Call me the new oracle. 😂😂😂

  • juvy orbista
    juvy orbista


  • Dread Pirate Roberts
    Dread Pirate Roberts

    Gay couple.

  • Taufik Rahman
    Taufik Rahman

    Both champions in love. 😁


    You know Cathy we both can be a power couple too..

  • unknown floss legend
    unknown floss legend

    WWE story line prediction - now Charlotte will announce her relationship with Andre then Andre will get a push than tag team championship match the Winn will be universal and women universal championship winner ..Becky will lose her one championship

  • nabam dochi
    nabam dochi

    What Seth is gey

  • The Wanderess
    The Wanderess

    Congrats Champs!!!

  • Benja elgamerdeldesierto
    Benja elgamerdeldesierto

    Una bella pareja

  • Leon Taula
    Leon Taula

    WWE: Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are now officially dating Me: I want to be adopted now from them

  • Malik Zain
    Malik Zain


  • Infinite The Darklord
    Infinite The Darklord

    Congratulations,Becky is a lucky man.

  • Khyell Glenn
    Khyell Glenn

    Is this gay to say the man loves

  • 1,000 subs no vids
    1,000 subs no vids

    For ralzzzzzz??? *_dam_* *_daniel_*

  • lordjenn A
    lordjenn A

    Now who is Finn dating

  • Yadvendra Yadav
    Yadvendra Yadav

    But Becky already has one....

  • Eze Jennifer
    Eze Jennifer

    Hope this is real

  • Yamilka  Robles
    Yamilka Robles

    Im late but yessssssssss😍😍😍

  • Xalimo sacdiyo Nuur xasan
    Xalimo sacdiyo Nuur xasan

    Love you sheth antha Becky

  • Nella Bella
    Nella Bella

    The Men of WWE have blessed our timelines 😍

  • Alicia Davis
    Alicia Davis

    Who else want to see Becky lynch and seth Rollins V.S Jimmy uso and naomi wrestling

  • Gabriella Perkins
    Gabriella Perkins

    I'd like to see the rated r superstar and the glamazon vs the king/beast slayer and the man/Becky two belts.

  • Justin6969

    This is gay, a man loving a man

  • Nicolás A. Cippitelli
    Nicolás A. Cippitelli

    Beth Rolynch