Shaq Tries to Not Make a Face While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
First We Feast
Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most dominant players in NBA history, an analyst on TNT's Emmy Award-winning Inside the NBA, and a globally recognized DJ sensation bringing Shaq's Fun House is to Miami Music Fest on March 29th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Big Aristotle has his date with the wings of death-one he claims he only accepted because he thought Justin Timberlake was hosting. Along the way, Shaq discusses his history with Kobe Bryant, breaks down his record-breaking Walmart purchase, and joins Sean Evans in a high-stakes free-throw shooting contest.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    SHAQ! FINALLY! Enjoy the show and get your official HOT ONES merch here, spice lords:

    • Merveil Meok
      Merveil Meok

      Shaqmis really big. Wow.

    • El Loko
      El Loko

      I'm eating a quesadilla! With the Extra hot Valentina( dipping it )....its only fair while i watch!!!

    • Joshua Tupper
      Joshua Tupper

      This explains the meme then

    • Shara Animates
      Shara Animates


  • my name is a name
    my name is a name


  • Lata beach
    Lata beach

    He can be the actor of thanos without cgi.

  • jeremy turner
    jeremy turner

    Shaq tortured him

  • Decal Tapetes Personalizados
    Decal Tapetes Personalizados

    11:21 meme time

  • Judah Mourn
    Judah Mourn

    Shaq Makin up his own rules n sht

  • TheRoneZone

    24:22 That's that defense reflex kicking in

  • Favaro Leone
    Favaro Leone

    18:22 "kansas don't know how to do hot wings" 18:31"i apologize kansas"

  • Hae.89

    Even while he’s sitting he still tall. I think as short asian women i might only stand right at his thigh coz damn he’s so tall!

  • David M
    David M

    Is it just me or is Da Bomb the big obstacle everyone has trouble on. Seems to be hotter than the other 2 in front of it lol.

  • MillixWasn'tHere


  • Weirdo

    Candice: MOOOOOOM!!! phineas and ferb: 11:19

  • 100 subs for a bet with my friend
    100 subs for a bet with my friend

    Comment section makes this video 10X better

  • Parth Lakhtaria
    Parth Lakhtaria

    Mark weins please

  • dumwyteguy

    I have to say this is my favorite 'sode so far

  • JustYourAvarageJoe

    0:00 a legendary meme was born...

  • just some random channel
    just some random channel


  • Leila

    Speaking of Yao Ming, have him on.

  • I am dogo
    I am dogo

    11:21 woooooooow!

  • sedat 55
    sedat 55

    Hall of shame. He bitched the last wing.

  • Nicholas Gaulin
    Nicholas Gaulin

    Came for the meme, stayed for the content

  • Thunder Arsenal
    Thunder Arsenal

    Every other comment: 18:31 Me: 11:19

  • Merveil Meok
    Merveil Meok

    Could Charles Barkley survive this show? I bet he wouldn’t last 10 minutes.

  • Jay Pac
    Jay Pac

    19:01 when your teacher is talking to you about a subject but you don’t understand a word they’re saying

  • L0ser

    11:21 M e m e B o r n

  • Reck Fredreck
    Reck Fredreck

    So shaq is thanos?

  • 69 Cents
    69 Cents

    18:30 when the edgy kid comes to school with a duffel bag

  • Stephanie Owens
    Stephanie Owens

    11:19 and I oop-

  • Jordan S
    Jordan S

    WOW shaq is a fucking asshole for that last wing he made you eat. that was actually shitty.

  • Jack O'Loughlin
    Jack O'Loughlin

    TEACHER: find a partner ME: 18:30 looks immediately at best friend

  • Earthlings Are Weird
    Earthlings Are Weird

    18:30 it’s 2:15am in morning and your the only one in house and sneeze and hear saying ‘bless you’ 😳

  • Liso Campos
    Liso Campos

    Damn this was awesome! I could not stop watching.

  • Владимир Милошевић
    Владимир Милошевић

    I dont know why but when i see you shaq i just imagine your tool in my mouth, and if that comes to reality i will be happy crappy mrmot.

  • Asher Bank
    Asher Bank

    11:17 the ICON

  • zAllen s Pro
    zAllen s Pro

    His cock is probably 20 inches


    Shane Dawson: man I’m horney Shane Dawson’s cat: 18:30

  • Josh Park
    Josh Park

    Them big ass hands and those wings

  • Josh Park
    Josh Park

    Im a skeptical, “however” I use power balance, anybody remember that

  • Ahmad Al-marzooQ
    Ahmad Al-marzooQ

    That first bite makes me wanna go get some wings right now

  • robert clements
    robert clements

    Shaq'. Pretty cool person. Fort Sam Houston TX. He knows.

  • Dominik Bub
    Dominik Bub

    18:31 When you see something in real life

  • The Bird Vlog
    The Bird Vlog

    I'm i the only one that is bothered that shaq is like only taking two bites of the wing and throwing it in the trash?????¿¿¿???

  • Brennan Smith
    Brennan Smith

    Dude makes a new meme while claiming not to make a face

  • sisuphos

    23:10 look at the size of that human. A fucking specimen.

  • Last Cheater
    Last Cheater

    Pubg is spooky

  • Kr_kills_23

    21:24 when my ex tries coming back into my life

  • Klo

    "We didn't have any differences" 5 seconds later "even though we had our differences"

  • Mary Rose
    Mary Rose

    20:04 when pornstars slurps some bbc

  • Martha Chavez
    Martha Chavez

    Ice cube chapstick lol

  • Adele Okkonen
    Adele Okkonen

    Me when I had my window open and I heard a bird flap it’s wings and I thought it was a fuckin helicopter 18:30

  • Batman

    God his voice is deeeeeeep

  • Ahmad Setiawan
    Ahmad Setiawan

    Shaq : I'm waiting for you 'Timberlake'. LoL

  • Riyoku Ichiro
    Riyoku Ichiro

    Everytime I hear Shaq speaking,I always want to give him some water

  • Acrolein

    Well memes everywhere

  • Acrolein

    I thou this is not a meme show

  • Charles Dinkins
    Charles Dinkins

    10:25 damn

  • gimmickman the man
    gimmickman the man

    memes.....memes everywhere

  • jasongts

    11:21 when thanos gets his ass pounded by antman in endgame

  • Great Value Pupper
    Great Value Pupper

    Bruh that chicken wing compared to his hand 😭

  • Gwambua

    you gotta love Shaq

  • Chris Walton
    Chris Walton

    11:18 when thanos tries to snap in endgame

  • RandyRandy

    ill do 2,100,000 scoville! what he said 2,100,000 scoville???? yes wings show! interview the most boring eipisode ever!

  • RandyRandy

    ps im gonna quit life n become a pirate, is that gonna be cooooool enuff to be on the wings mwings shings sho?

  • RandyRandy

    Seriously gimme a shot, i got no followers, no pals on the youtubes! ill eat the hottest wings against you!

  • RandyRandy

    hey hot wings awesomeness! give a regular most boring dude in the world a shot? please?

  • gabius09

    Gimme that chicken wing little Kobe 😂

  • trees are beautiful
    trees are beautiful

    Johnny depp my man

  • Andrew Nash
    Andrew Nash

    the IRC just cried

  • Liam Yeager
    Liam Yeager

    11:25 Meme

  • Spedicitus Control
    Spedicitus Control

    *Every 12 year old when Shaq said calling me doctor oneal*🤣😂😂😅😂

  • Palladium

    11:17 such legend

  • okay

    27:50 the black Steph Curry LMAO

  • Eden Pol
    Eden Pol

    one of the best so far:)

  • King of Sharingan
    King of Sharingan

    25:30 *Shaq turns the tables* lol

  • DJ Fork
    DJ Fork

    i love how this entire comment section is just a treasure trove of memes. 🤣

  • Gang_Tuber bbbddd
    Gang_Tuber bbbddd

    i came for the meme😌

  • N1NG4_Z4H33RX

    18:30 when u fart Infront of ur crush

  • Pro noob
    Pro noob

    He sounds like Thanos XD

  • Hamish Sharp-McClymont
    Hamish Sharp-McClymont

    James Charles: I'm horny Straight Guys: 18:30

  • AK

    every one another comment on 18:31 my reaction : 18:31

  • jonny boi
    jonny boi

    26:06: When you ask her what that mouth do

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man

    18:30 when you find out they removed the pump from fortnite 18:43 when you kill ninja 21:59 and then tfue kills you

  • Aaron Amagsila
    Aaron Amagsila

    He protecc He attacc But most importantly He big shaq

  • Wuut Da Hell
    Wuut Da Hell

    Dude, that phone looks like a potato chip in his hand

  • Let’s get N 2 it!
    Let’s get N 2 it!

    Sham you got this

  • dkg with james !
    dkg with james !

    The meme is here

  • nil _
    nil _

    I have watched too many Hot Ones for 1 day and i came across the thumbnail and discovered the origin of the meme.

  • Honne Kivi
    Honne Kivi

    1:07 just like father and son

  • maxlol48

    meme here 11:19

  • Freedom Reign
    Freedom Reign

    He's a class act. One of the greatest. You should get Barkley on the show.

  • DeadZoneYT

    You should add plutonium extract or Satan's blood hot sauces 2M Scoville for the Plutonium and 900,000 for Satan's Blood

  • Nyeem 1.0
    Nyeem 1.0


  • Jorge Villatoro
    Jorge Villatoro

    Shaq is suck a cool genuine person

  • jeremy adu
    jeremy adu

    nobody: shaq : ever heard of the shaq sauce? me: whoops i thought i closed that incognito tab


    man,that was the best of all.!!!! very cool!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍❗

  • Ned -Leah Gibson
    Ned -Leah Gibson

    11:19 *When you ask your mom for McDonalds and she says “yes.”*

  • emma rosalie
    emma rosalie

    Shaq is a very down to earth guy and I love that.

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams

    Boneless wings would be killer cuz you have to eat it all

  • Killer Bee !?
    Killer Bee !?

    When your at the airport and you hear allahuakbar 18:30

  • Nazy Ponce
    Nazy Ponce