'Social Media Star with Janice' E01: Vicky Kaushal and Prajakta Koli
Janice Sequeira
What happens when you come face to face with your insta-crush?
Sparks fly when one of the country’s most popular IN-mysrs, Prajakta Koli sits down with the country’s current hearthrob, Vicky Kaushal. Watch as the duo discuss fandom, drunken escapades, quirky social media habits and how they keep it real on the season opener of Dewar's presents Social Media Star with Janice.
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    Pranjali Tiwari


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  • Ayesha Moni
    Ayesha Moni

    Best episode of the season

  • SJ H
    SJ H

    Omg these two r so good together!!!

  • Dib Tripathy
    Dib Tripathy

    Prajakta ki aee chi gaan😂🤣😂with that video

  • Ghostsofexgf

    Waiting for Game of Thrones 8 episode 2...... You guys made it so easy to kill time. Just loved it!!

  • Janice Khandare
    Janice Khandare

    Well my name is also Janice

  • __ NooShee
    __ NooShee

    I don’t know why did Janice had to mention middle class girl for prajakta🙄🙄

    • Siddhesh Agnihotri
      Siddhesh Agnihotri

      Struggle 😎

  • Pratik Kale
    Pratik Kale

    Becherovka , is a herbal bitters, often drunk as a digestive aid, that is produced in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic #mostlysane @ 14:00

  • great ola
    great ola

    Vicky kaushal pic collection 😍😍😍😍 in-mys.com/watchvideo/%E0%A4%B5%E0%A5%80%E0%A4%A1%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AF%E0%A5%8B-LsMGGO6XZ_w.html

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    Tanshi Khaitan

    17:56- Such a montu moment

  • Ananya Shinde
    Ananya Shinde

    18:40 she was so cuteeeee at that point❣

  • verbalbhargava

    The best episode so far!

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    Vicky kaushal to theek kisi or ko bulana tha sath me

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    alina munir

    Haeyyyyyy omg maar dalo gay kia

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    beautiful broken mistakes

    Love love

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    Oreo Love

    I really love this interview Smile on face throughout the video



  • Jannat Tarannum
    Jannat Tarannum

    Prajakta is so loud and annoying

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    Harshitha chandrashekar

    Vicky and prajaktha❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    krishna *_*

    Bring Zakir khan and varun dhavan

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    Yashaswini Krishnan

    Prajakta can't take her eyes off Vicky....awwwwwww

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    Nikhil Roshan

    #mostlysane, Becherovka is a kind of a liquor!

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    Nads Khan

    I m in love with this guy

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    Heera Kukreja

    What the fuck dum dum?

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    sing song Thukral

    Ok youtuber ho ya super star ya koi bhi room clean na hone pe sabka dant parti hai

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    N Y J

    Prajakta is so cute... her face almost looks like dairy milk bubble😀😀

    • Yamuna Adhikari
      Yamuna Adhikari


  • Varada Rohokale
    Varada Rohokale

    at 11:53 i thought he'll say qubool hai

  • Shelly Singh
    Shelly Singh

    Vicky is soooo..... gentle, that "Ofcourse I know" from 10:25 stole away my heart❤...

  • Hitali Shinde
    Hitali Shinde

    Mhh both fav people in one frame😘🤗😊

  • Sassy and Savage
    Sassy and Savage

    5:10 i use to like you before but from now on i will respect you for what you said 😊

  • Sassy and Savage
    Sassy and Savage

    I don't know why but i want sara ali khan and vicky koushal together someone else 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    Shailesh Wattamwar


  • black knight
    black knight

    Among all episodes until now..by far this one is the best episode

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    Urmila Jarag

    OMG. .luv dis guy..... He is wid u is so great 😘🤩🤩😍

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    Babita Agarwal

    I wish I could replace prajakta for one minute. 🤩🤩

  • Babita Agarwal
    Babita Agarwal

    Prajakta.. you are so lucky.. I love u prajakta.. but m sorry.. I love Vicky more.. Vicky.. you modesty makes u shine.

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    archana dharmaji

    7:43... Exact sync

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    deepika khare

    Koli madam😆😆😆😆

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    Karan Karanwal



    Vickey kaushal lovers hit like 😘❤️👍

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    #matchingshirts🤔😍 coincidence or what😋

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    Bonis Vines

    Love you 😘 Vicki

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    Aramish Sharif

    This channel deserve more subscriber!

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    shri nithi

    who else feels vicky looks ugly without beard . just like SRK

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    Fajar Aftab

    Internet ne bana di jodi.

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    Roots To Sky


  • Roots To Sky
    Roots To Sky

    i'm a dum dum.... Are u?

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    Divya Jain


  • Karthik Vemireddy
    Karthik Vemireddy

    13:50 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Becherovka They told you the truth... not good/true friends :P

  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar

    vicky is so humble....🙏😍♥️and prajakta is so fun to see and listen

  • Pradnya Marathe
    Pradnya Marathe

    They both are so down to earth..that's really good..even the anchor is really nice

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    anusha 178 b

    Sorry ......here only because of Vicky Kaushal 😌😌😍😍

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    BeActive Behappy

    18:39 montu

  • Ambica sinai Kuncolienkar
    Ambica sinai Kuncolienkar

    My fathers pet name us aabu

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    kshitij agarwal

    Fuck prajakta or whoever this fake bitch is

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    Ye moti golu si ladki azeeb harkate karti rehti hai.

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    nagarakshitha vk

    16:36 😍😍

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    Nikita Kale


  • Kalyani

    I run a talk show too and recently had MostlySane as my guest on the season finale. Your show is such an inspiration Janice ❤️❤️

  • Myra Bakare.
    Myra Bakare.

    Hats off these people are awesome man, hats offff

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    Anisha Vora

    Vicky....We LOVE You ❤

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    kool Aayush

    Koi to meri Vicky s bat kra do ak bar plss

  • bipasha biswas
    bipasha biswas

    What do u mean by "this guy to this guy" Janice? Firstly, he gave an extraordinary performance in Masaan so you shouldn't look down upon that picture. Secondly, that picture from Masaan was his character not himself. If only Janice was half as talented as an interviewer as he is as an actor.

  • Tripti Rawat
    Tripti Rawat

    Prajakta is so honest when she said "my organs are clapping" so good 😆

  • Vishaka Mitter
    Vishaka Mitter

    When u interview someone, plz speak less and listen more.... Request.... Watching ur video smtime make me bored at a point of time .... Ur voice is too loud..... I like u , I love u... Ur content , ur videos ... All ... But u knw smtime ... It happend ... Don't get offensive. Love u

  • mashk shk
    mashk shk

    These two are getting unnecessary attention all over the place

  • Shilpa Sant
    Shilpa Sant

    I love you Vicky

  • Lovely Mishra
    Lovely Mishra

    @7:40 😂. Kya kr rhe ho kya kr rhe ho (that one friend among others who didn't get the joke)

  • Vikas Shakya
    Vikas Shakya

    So i searched and the word is Becherovka which some kind of drink in Prague. Nothing funny.😏

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    Neelam Rawat

    All the people who came here to watch prajakta ...like

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    RadioHead 26

    they're so fckin similar damn

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    Shit poop

    Those cant be 22mins!!! Whaaat? I mean whaat?

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    Unplugged Music

    Prajakta Looking like my left testicle

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    1M views!! I ship you guys!!❤

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    Potato face yeh kon hai

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    Divya Mondkar

    They are twinning kind off🥂🌹

  • Lavanya

    15:08 why you give sleepless nights Vicky? *Why?* *Why?* *Why?* Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi...!! Lol Vicky 😂😂😂

    • Vedant Shah
      Vedant Shah

      Kuch bhi

    • Yashica Vashishtha
      Yashica Vashishtha

      Sonam kapoor said that instead of Janice in her episode.. in that shitty episode. She is real life janice

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    Fai Sal

    Vicky or Wicky??

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    Priyanshi Kashyap

    5:09 that took my heart

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    Benafsha Wahab

    Vicky's laugh omg 😍 so contagious

  • Mojiado mapji
    Mojiado mapji

    5:10 "They take out 3 hrs for u, u can't take out 2 seconds for them or what" #humble #vicky

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    Sushant sam

    Sakht londa hai bhai

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    Vicky kaushal ek hi to dil hai kitni baar jeetoge ♥️🤩

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    Mysha Tanzila

    7:43 xD

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    Tarlika Mehta

    I Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee prajkta and Vicky

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    Dona Das

    For the first time am jealous of praju 😭❤️

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    Mradul Yadav

    Vicky is sleep deprived!

  • Vidhi Gala
    Vidhi Gala

    Which song did Vicky Kaushal mentioned ?

  • Haafiza Begum
    Haafiza Begum

    He inspired me a lot in the movie raazi

  • Inayat Pahuja
    Inayat Pahuja

    It's beautiful how honest and relatable they both are.

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    Arham Dugar

    At 3:53 prajakta where are you looking😁😂

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    Ravikiran Padmaveni

    Sooooooooo good

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    Pallavi Sinha

    I think I am watching this for the 11th Time..!! Loved it!! ❤❤

  • Sushmita Guha
    Sushmita Guha

    "How's the josh" is the indian version of "Wakanda Forever" 🤭🤭🤭🤭❣❣❣❣❣❣

    • Arnav Narayan
      Arnav Narayan

      +Sushmita Guha ma'am I did mention unknowingly....this might be my individual opinion being from an army background. But I recently saw an award show probably the zee one that came recently, in that the host Kartik aaryan comes dressed as a soldier and asks his subordinates how's the Josh and they say very low sir. I have seen my civilian friends say it in ways like how's the Josh bsdk etc. PS: the Josh is never low!!!

    • Sushmita Guha
      Sushmita Guha

      +Arnav Narayan nobody is turning it into a joke. Everybody recites it in their own way. That doesn't mean they are being disrespectful

    • Arnav Narayan
      Arnav Narayan

      How's the Josh is much older. It is said in the Indian military institutes to boost the morale of the cadets after a hard day's work accompanied by Josh push ups (fist push ups). Vicky pulled it of flawlessly in URI but now people are turning it into a joke and undermining the military traditions unknowingly.

  • Anita Upadhyay
    Anita Upadhyay

    I was so engrossed in the video dat I forgot to like it... Luv this

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    Sakshi Gori

    The best part of the video: 7:42