'Social Media Star with Janice' E01: Vicky Kaushal and Prajakta Koli
Janice Sequeira
What happens when you come face to face with your insta-crush?
Sparks fly when one of the country’s most popular IN-mysrs, Prajakta Koli sits down with the country’s current hearthrob, Vicky Kaushal. Watch as the duo discuss fandom, drunken escapades, quirky social media habits and how they keep it real on the season opener of Dewar's presents Social Media Star with Janice.
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  • Steffy Varghese
    Steffy Varghese

    Bestest ...Vicky down to earth and fun guy...love u ...and Praju ur just awesome...this pair was a super duper hit Janice

  • Kalra Film Productions
    Kalra Film Productions

    Vicky Kaushal....Hows the Josh ?

  • Loveleen Li
    Loveleen Li

    11:58 what did he reply to her kabool hein story? I didn't get it

  • bishan manandhar
    bishan manandhar

    @PRAJU look soo beautiful and proud bee in #DAM #DAM ARMY #LOVE #LOVE

  • SS Creations
    SS Creations

    16:36 Chhipkali ki maa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sree Chowdhary
    Sree Chowdhary

    Who is this girl pratika? First time watching. She behaving like a proud girl.


    Engineering students hit up like for palash insen

  • Harendra Singh
    Harendra Singh

    11:46 hahahahahahahahaha.

  • Harendra Singh
    Harendra Singh

    5:15 dude so so fucking true, really good thought by Vicky.

  • Harendra Singh
    Harendra Singh

    0:19 woah !

  • Kailash Venkat
    Kailash Venkat

    Someone else has already commented this but I don't care. I love the line, "Someone has taken 3hrs for you so can't you give 2 seconds for them." It's amazing that Vicky Kaushal has such a good heart. But the thing is, when we see these movie stars in real life, we should probably treat them as normal people and not some superior organism. Most of them feel tired by all the attention, they'd definitely react better if we normally talk to them and treat them just as another human being.

  • Ishita Deb
    Ishita Deb

    Trust me this is the best interview ever. I have watched this 15 times and I still watch it with the same excitement❤

  • Harshita Agarwal
    Harshita Agarwal

    I'm freakin' so jealous of both of them. They both met each other. Damnnnnnnn!!!!!!!❤️🌸 Also, was Prajakta blushing in the end?😂❤️

  • Maggie g
    Maggie g

    Hey! This is the first time I am watching this channel and I liked the host 💖 she is so genuine and unbiased with the guests. "Janice" lovely name 😊 keep it up guys....

  • Khushi Singh
    Khushi Singh

    Damn 🔥🔥Vicky is love 😍❤😘



  • Kshitij Dobriyal
    Kshitij Dobriyal

    Prajakata is so fake man 😬

  • Tushar Maheshkar
    Tushar Maheshkar

    It's not about how you look it's about how good a picture you can click.

  • krishna kalra
    krishna kalra

    I just love Vicky and Prajakta.

  • Lucy Taki
    Lucy Taki

    3:40 what is prajakta lookng at🤣🤣🤣

  • Suchhanda Khandpani
    Suchhanda Khandpani

    Love u Vicky n also loved the way u sang kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thiii 😂😂😂😂😂😂...... Lllllooooooovvvvveeeeee uuuuuuuuuuu

  • Palakh Deshpande
    Palakh Deshpande

    I also have a fan page @shameless_dumdums

  • Shaoni Datta
    Shaoni Datta

    15:28 Ughhhh my heart

  • Murali Krishna
    Murali Krishna

    Colab with ranveer and nikhil

  • Chetz B
    Chetz B

    He cant be a hero....this is a joke.....he has to go down.....he is just a actor can't be lead

  • Swarali Gadgil
    Swarali Gadgil


  • aarthi r
    aarthi r

    The besttttt interview of all💗💖

  • Priyanka Saxena
    Priyanka Saxena

    Carryminati ko bula lo

  • Bhakti's Arts
    Bhakti's Arts

    So cute .both of u

  • Sid Kitchen
    Sid Kitchen

    During that dog scene i forgot for a moment tha montu is not real I was thinking prajakta would say i have a montu at home 😂

  • Singers LR
    Singers LR

    5:12 dil chhuliya

  • Kamal Kataria
    Kamal Kataria

    21:08 look how mostly sane is looking at vicky😂❤️❤️❤️🤤

  • Ananya Shinde
    Ananya Shinde

    Becherovka is a herbal drink for digestive... aid😂😂😂

  • its me
    its me

    Vicky and Lilly shing 0.5

  • Shruti jha
    Shruti jha

    Vicky can you please not do this. Please stop looking so freaking cute. ❤

  • Subhangee Sahoo
    Subhangee Sahoo

    I have a crush on Vicky Kaushal


    both are awesome...love you prajakta...nice show...enjoyed :)


    happy vibe

  • shivani singh
    shivani singh

    In love with Vicky again....

  • Lokesh paul
    Lokesh paul

    sorry but both are looking like a couple who wears matching cloths ...so cute

  • swati mogare
    swati mogare

    Love u both. But vicky the most♡♡♡

  • bhagya Bhuyan
    bhagya Bhuyan

    He is too cute..

  • Aa ffi
    Aa ffi

    Vicky 😌❤️😭😭😭

  • Aa ffi
    Aa ffi

    Feeling jealous of prajakta vicky ke saath😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mahesh Nikam
    Mahesh Nikam

    6:38 Prajakta tumch

  • junnu ravi kumar
    junnu ravi kumar

    come on , make this 50 minute atleast when stars like Vicky are coming

  • Digvijay

    7 : 43 😂😂😂

  • Babita Kumari
    Babita Kumari

    I am married and having a kid but still I love him😉😌

  • Anonymous alien
    Anonymous alien

    Please someone answer my question: Why is *Mostly Sane* overrated? That fucking plagiarist channel is the exact replica of *Superwoman* . Prajakta bitch literally copied Lilly Singh in her videos. Why the fuck she has 3M subs? WTF is wrong with India? She doesn't deserve this at all!

  • Nikhil Rane
    Nikhil Rane

    Look the way prajakta is sitting.. Kya swag hi ladki ka.. The way she handles herself in front of Vicky.. Soo cool soo damn good she is.. Keep it up girl.. 🤓🤓😎😎

  • Sonu Mundhe
    Sonu Mundhe

    कोली नहीं कोळी...... गायकवाड़ को गिडवानी लिखने से कोई स्टेटस नही चेंज होता

  • Parag Chaudhari
    Parag Chaudhari


  • Neeta Ghanekar
    Neeta Ghanekar


  • Loby wang
    Loby wang

    lol Omg I said that to my kids n hubby I have 2 puppies and big dog in our house hahaha

  • Rohit Sharma
    Rohit Sharma

    Vicky is a National Treasure, protect him at all cost.. most humble person in bollywood..

  • Raveera Singh
    Raveera Singh

    I have watched this episode about 5 times now.. its great everytime !!

  • SuprahStar Katsopolis
    SuprahStar Katsopolis

    Omg so adorbsss

  • Apeksha Khambe
    Apeksha Khambe



    Vicky kaushal.... Best...

  • Ranjit Shelar
    Ranjit Shelar

    Both are inspiring and cute ❤️

  • navi shukla
    navi shukla

    7:41 The awwwww moment 💓

  • Pinky Biswas
    Pinky Biswas

    Have watched this video a zillion times but had the same excitement each time and so in love with both of u...... Damn u both look so good together)(sorry Vrishank Bhaiya but love u too)

  • anonymous kid
    anonymous kid

    7:42 *sighs together*


    Yaaaarrrrrrrr this is sooooo sweeeetttttt!!!!!!! Both of u r Awesome💞💞💞💞 muaahh vickey🙈😄 n thank u Janice.. it ws really funnn

  • suvoshree Kar
    suvoshree Kar

    He and Sara should do a movie together. They will look best on screen as a pair !!!

  • Parisian Desi
    Parisian Desi

    They sound so real and fun...its refreshing

  • Sushma Goel
    Sushma Goel

    Vicky kaushal is the best

  • Jomie Joan Joseph
    Jomie Joan Joseph

    Vicky Kaushal u never stop to amaze people such a wonderful guy u r. Respect darling

  • Samir Sanghani
    Samir Sanghani


  • Anuradha Jadhav
    Anuradha Jadhav