Solving The LEVEL 10 Packman Cube Puzzle!!
Chris Ramsay
Today I'm going to attempt to solve this very rare Level 10 Packman Cube Puzzle by Gary Foshee. This was first presented in 2000 at the IPP Los Angeles and although looks simple enough, proves to be quite tricky. The goal here is to make all the pieces of the cube fit inside the cube... enjoy!
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    Chris Ramsay

    Hanayama Top 5's?

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      Chris Ramsay representing the Houston Astros 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽 GO H-TOWN

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      Just started watching your videos, going on a binge, have you ever did a live solving a puzzle? If not you totally should, just sayen

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      Raging Rage

      Dang that looks dope

    • Will Bill
      Will Bill

      Cuz FPV Probably, it was a long time ago that I really took that puzzle head on, and maybe it took less force than I remembered. Or maybe the tutorial I saw was rubbish, either way, it is not a straightforward puzzle, which personally I do not enjoy: I like difficult yet simple puzzles.

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      Enigma was my favorite of the few I've completed. It took a while to complete but felt fair and was more fun than frustrating.

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    666 dislikes

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    When he said purple and it's blue ⭕

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    Why others watch: puzzle solvers loving this Why I watch: extremely relaxing and interesting while i do my gel nails at home :D

  • AnBlonde

    The coordinates is probably where the puzzle was made.

  • Paul Nieuwkamp
    Paul Nieuwkamp

    "Repack all parts of the cube into the cube" That's genius. Innocent enough on its own so it doesn't clue you in on the tool, yet specific enough to tell you the tool doesn't have to be part of the finished cube.

  • Bokocop

    not gonna lie, these hidden extra parts in the containers just seem like very cheap and bad ways to implement a puzzle. That's not a puzzle, it's just to see who can find this cheat tool that's not supposed to even exist.

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    I cant be the only person who saw a blue satchel

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    Nick King Televised

    These puzzles are a tweakers wet dream

  • Youssef Ben younes
    Youssef Ben younes

    hey i took the coordinates that you found and did a bit of cryptography wile i didn't get anything out of the second line i think the first refer to a french musical festival i think the second line is in french

    • Youssef Ben younes
      Youssef Ben younes

      nope i solved it !!!!! it's referring to the Musée Basque et de l'histoire de Bayonne more to how did i get that if i get a responce

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    I love your 🧢. I subscribed to your channel because of your 🧢.

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    samuel figueredo

    i love how he says he spend hours and the timer says has been 7 minutes

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      samuel figueredo he didn’t say he has been doing it for hours he says he doesn’t want to be there for hours wipe your ears out

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    The astros cap tho 💯

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    How come you don't tuck your ears under your hat? you look like a slob.

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    0:19 mY dUDeS

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    Im just waiting for him to solve a puzzle and pinhead is summoned

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    I didn't get what did you have to do to solve it

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    Puzzle solving life would drive me insane lol

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    You would have to be in a good mood to do these puzzles

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    6:49 I would look up the solution

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    Do a level 1 puzzle

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    He said the sack was purple.... Umm I think your color blind sir.

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    Man you were cheating on Google don't lie

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    Gordon Ramsay long lost son

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    That's blue...

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    Why wouldn’t you look up the coordinates right when you saw them?

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    fucking HATE you

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    is your dad Gordan Ramsay

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    Vyse Arcadia

    coordinates to the craftsmen. :O jk Idek what it meant.

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    Joshua Cronin

    tbh. that puzzle looked ezpz

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    Random question: do you comment as you go on all these puzzle videos, overdub them later, or a combination?

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      You have to figure it out for yourself, that's the puzzle of the videos

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    So do you do birthday parties? 😂 I wonder how many times you’ve been asked that in the comments

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      I've never seen anyone ask that?

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    The pilot came in a drawstring pouch

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      Typo I meant puzzle

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    You're Just Gordon Ramsay but with Puzzles instead

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    Marty.R Woodcock

    When I typed the coordinates into Google Maps, I got Zalantun, Hulun Buir, Inner Mongolia, China

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      Sebastian Kuc

      Well you did it wrong then

  • Ashley

    That puzzle was made/released the year I was born (2000) 😱 I need one 😂 Edit: actually 1 month prior 😂

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    Miss. Stainer

    You’re parents mis-named you. *Gordon*

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      Miss. Stainer

      Hi Hello Sorry 😂

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      Miss. Stainer you mean Gordon

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    Cosylover Pups

    I was watching the pieces when he looked up the coordinates and I was waiting for all the pieces to all of the sudden put themselves together :)

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    what ever the flick

    He Googled how to do it lol

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    thats fucking sick

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    hee hee

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    No one: Me: well if he can solve anything.... bet he could solve my problems

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    Where do you get these puzzles?

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    Your torture is my amusement so i subscribe lol

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    Undead- Kun

    Okay so I paused the video right after he took the screw/bolt thing and thought what if you put the screw/bolt upside down on the big hole with a smaller hole in the middle? Nevermind, got to 4:54 and noticed nahhh, I'm wrong

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    That satchel is totally purple And this is how you make people rage

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    This puzzle was presented in 2 thousand and California? What?!?

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    Dude sounds like Sully from monsters inc and that makes me happy

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    you forgot 2 pieces

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    I’m Bored

    ‘Purple satchel’, you mean blue right? Is this going to turn out like the black/blue vs white/gold dress or the yanny/laurel thing again?

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    3:30 Ouch my ears

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    That's satchel is light blue

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    *Is a blue satchel* Chris: This is a purple satchel Satchel: Am I a joke to you?

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      Shipmate | Revengefull Trout I was about to comment that then I saw your comment and like “he read my mind

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    I love your hat im an Astros fan as well!

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    Damn your content is so top Videos is fucking satisfying

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    Where did you buy the puzzle

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    Love the astros hat!

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    Astros for 2019 World Series

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    Kinda dumb that half the puzzle was them tricking you

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    E Meme Card

    You should play The Room series. It's for Android and iOS. There are 4 or 5 games I don't remember.

  • cave MB
    cave MB

    Those coordinates is angle, u can solve it by using scientific calculator. Just input the numbers and degrees then equal.

    • cave MB
      cave MB

      Then after equal, click m->d button.

  • Emporer 1986
    Emporer 1986

    You spelled packman wrong its pacman

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      Connor Hoey

      Except it's a packman puzzle and has nothing to do with Pac-man lmao

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    Try to solve a puzzle with your eyes closed

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    Faggot cock blower sperm eater

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    I thought he said 2000 and California

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    it's obvious to me. This is just like IKEA furniture, u've got spare parts that u've gotta trow out xD

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    I wouldn't expect this white Dwayne Johnson looking guy to like puzzles


    Go deliver it to the cordinates XD

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    1337th comment

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    looks like coordinates were just to a house, maybe that's Gary's place?

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      just saw another comment verifying that's what it was. Dunno why people thought it was so mysterious.

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    It's Wednesday my dudes, AAAHAHAHAAAA

  • Anthony Mann
    Anthony Mann

    You didnt follow directions. It said that ALL pieces needed to fit flush. All you did was take it apart and put it back the way it was with the allen bolt not flush. If it was a matter of finding the "easter egg" tool, that puzzle would have been boring and easy if you found it right away. Just my opinion but i really dont think you solved anything.

  • Austin LaNoue
    Austin LaNoue

    So did you mail the completed puzzlebox to the guy at the coordinates/address on the card, or...?

  • tatt oo sticker
    tatt oo sticker

    0:55 "nice purple satchel" Either I'm colorblind, or that is blue, it has little to no trace of indigo/violet/purple...

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    panggop jio

    0:55 "nice purple satchel" Either I'm colorblind, or that is blue, it has little to no trace of indigo/violet/purple...

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