STUDENT OF THE YEAR 2 | Tiger Shroff | Trailer Reaction!
jaby koay
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  • Super Boy
    Super Boy

    Thats because he is doing martial arts at the age of 4

  • GKP Growing Knowledge of People
    GKP Growing Knowledge of People

    This fild should have named as "Kung Fu Kabaddi"

  • Manav Sharma
    Manav Sharma

    His action is always real And he is a martial artist

  • I am Awesome
    I am Awesome

    What the hell.. Student that mean to study right, this is much more than school..thats why studies these days going under the ass.

  • Debangi Nayak
    Debangi Nayak

    Guys please give your reaction on the hook-up song. Who else agrees??

  • PCskabira abraham
    PCskabira abraham

    tiger shroff my way to the top!that cracked me

  • Bangtan Army
    Bangtan Army

    You should react to the jawaani song by student of the year 2🙂

  • shyam mohanty
    shyam mohanty

    Ananya is near the high school age

  • Insane Swiftie
    Insane Swiftie

    It's flop

  • Prajapati Urvish
    Prajapati Urvish

    Please, reaction on kukkad Kamal ka song from student of the year movie


    there is no difference between tara and achara kirk they both look sisters to me'

  • Hash King
    Hash King

    it's a shitty movie 😂

  • kamal kumar
    kamal kumar the stunt in the movie was a copy from bone

  • Iba Khriam
    Iba Khriam

    OMG😉Am gonna watch that movie🤟😀

  • mohammed sameer
    mohammed sameer

    Sir, please react to gotta go zack knight song

  • Rajendra Dalpati
    Rajendra Dalpati

    "You can't do that to Tiger".....lovely innocent...😊

  • Gautam Paul
    Gautam Paul

    Hi @Jabykoay If you go and check insta account of tiger shroffs mom, you can see Achara's reaction there

  • Akash Chadha
    Akash Chadha

    Jaby React to STUDENT OF THE YEAR PART 1, hit like so jaby can see this...!!

  • Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar

    Respect for tiger. 🙏🙏He is a super fighter.

  • Yash Agrawal
    Yash Agrawal

    Where is max

  • Kartik Patil
    Kartik Patil

    Will smith also came for the song in this movie

  • maligaon kcc
    maligaon kcc

    Tiger Shroff favourite girlfriend Disha patani and Tiger Shroff stretching heroine Disha patani

  • DEV Vachheta
    DEV Vachheta

    *plz react ye jawani hai deewani somg of this movie*

  • Prasanna Naik
    Prasanna Naik

    I was covering my face while watching your reaction on this trailer, i don’t know why? :(

  • Abhay INDIAN
    Abhay INDIAN

    Plz react on kota factory by tvf


    Fabulous movie man you should watch it jabyy

  • Abinash Panda
    Abinash Panda

    React to student of the year

  • Ashlesha

    The only thing Good in this movie is *The Hookup Song*

  • fahima be
    fahima be

    Please react to the song Jatt Ludhiyane De from this movie!

  • Reich Aye
    Reich Aye

    Agreed with Achara bollywood should give opportunity to younger generation for younger roles cause its boring to see one age actor tryna play all the age role

  • Ziban Ali
    Ziban Ali

    hey, so did you watch the movie?

  • Deepanshu Yadav
    Deepanshu Yadav

    Why do you make reaction only on Indian things ??Tell us why

  • Ashish Vishwakarma
    Ashish Vishwakarma tiger's video song

  • Veer Banna
    Veer Banna


  • enjoyment enjoyment
    enjoyment enjoyment

    5:07: You made me laugh

  • Reuben Matthew
    Reuben Matthew

    I have seen the shooting at my place

  • jay normous
    jay normous

    In India, collge means university so it's not high school. Achara probably thinks it's high school because in UK college is what comes before university.

  • Sundar Ramachandran
    Sundar Ramachandran

    The dharma production college is completely fiction and is from the parallel universe

  • Fahim Risat
    Fahim Risat

    You should do a reaction of Jordindian's "Ghosts from our childhood"

  • Nirankar Gond
    Nirankar Gond

    Tiger shroff is give his voice for Spider Man homecoming in hindy language


    wow ...i didnt expected from india...i love u both ..😍

  • Siddharth Lenka
    Siddharth Lenka


  • Ayaan Mirza
    Ayaan Mirza

    College is basically like university

  • Aditya Bhatt
    Aditya Bhatt

    it is collage in this movie

  • yellow Stone
    yellow Stone

    extremely funny watching you guys analyzing indian movies trailers....

  • Mrinmoy Gogoi
    Mrinmoy Gogoi

    Horny achara

  • Mrinmoy Gogoi
    Mrinmoy Gogoi

    Bakwaas movie... Worst movie

  • hrishikesh kadam
    hrishikesh kadam

    Oohhhh hot😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Xander Zalander
    Xander Zalander

    Omg you guys - this reaction was everything. Super cute, both of you

  • Anurag Phangcho
    Anurag Phangcho

    Pls react to danny the dog jet li fight scene

  • Harkaran Singh
    Harkaran Singh

    React to kylie kareena song

  • Ankush Rane
    Ankush Rane

    Before u watch this movie just go through the rules of kabaddi

  • Nothing k
    Nothing k

    Do know he is an marshalat

  • Anindita Adak
    Anindita Adak

    This trailer is a meme factory in India 🙄😒😜

  • apoorva hungund
    apoorva hungund

    Hey jaby.. U should react to the jawani song.. I am sure u will love it


    Sir please do reaction of this flim song

  • michel setnar
    michel setnar

    Tiger shroff my febret hiro

  • Sandra Sudheer
    Sandra Sudheer

    Pls react to the songs in student of the year 2

  • ayan ali
    ayan ali

    SOTY1: Has 2 guys fighting for 1 girl. SOTY2: Has 2 girls fighting for 1 guy. .......that’s just some lazy writing.

  • Mohammed Shahijan
    Mohammed Shahijan

    Soty 2 hook up song reaction please

  • High Rise Entertainment
    High Rise Entertainment

    Every thing is going on except studies

  • Sumedha Mahajan
    Sumedha Mahajan

    Is there a reaction to SOTY part 1 by jaby? Bcoz I can’t find that...

  • Master Shah
    Master Shah

    Do some reactions on pushto vedios pathan

  • abhishek more
    abhishek more

    Every college students: After 12th Expectation: SOTY Reality:Gangs of Wasseypur 😂😂😂😂

  • rhea gandhi
    rhea gandhi

    Reaction on the new hook up song

  • Rungshit Basu
    Rungshit Basu


  • khalid ghumman
    khalid ghumman

    YHH, im a hater for this shite movie

  • L K
    L K

    Hey Jaby, the reason why Bollywood sucks is because of the Indian audience. They like dumb story-less movies of Salman Khan but dislike properly scripted action packed movies of Tiger Shroff.

  • SuprahStar Katsopolis
    SuprahStar Katsopolis

    If the movie was lil more real and the hero was Vijay deverekonda I would have come on the first day for this

  • Osama billa
    Osama billa

    i begets fan tiger sroff