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    • Janice Lawrence
      Janice Lawrence

      I love biannca as a mom

    • Audrey stone
      Audrey stone

      That is my dead uncles name it reminds me of him

    • Willie Carter
      Willie Carter

      Lol my dad birthday

    • Margarita Alicea
      Margarita Alicea

      I love your Channel I am your biggest fan

    • BL3AD x
      BL3AD x

      I have a cousin named Nova . He lives in Holland

  • Mel Rose
    Mel Rose

    People out here really feel entitled to know she had the baby! Like they are genuinely hurt 😂🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

  • LadyEmpressQueen

    Congrats on your new babygurl

  • Ashley Lowrie
    Ashley Lowrie

    Congratulations on yall baby girl

  • ELLA Shaw
    ELLA Shaw

    My middle name is grace

  • Pretty Sunday
    Pretty Sunday

    I love y’all music video and y’all are the best keep it up don’t give up

  • Janeshia Foster
    Janeshia Foster

    Both of those names are in a move and a show

  • Ahma Jae Sumner
    Ahma Jae Sumner

    What about Ahmajae

  • Darden Life
    Darden Life

    You guys don’t deserve hate it’s your life take 2 years off idc you need time to spend with your family.

  • Suzie Adam
    Suzie Adam

    I love you prince family

  • Alea_ _Slimes
    Alea_ _Slimes


  • Unrau Farms
    Unrau Farms

    Our girls name is Nevaeh.

  • Murry Vill
    Murry Vill

    My name is grace u should name her gg that my mind name

  • Tasia Creech
    Tasia Creech

    Shit I kinda forgot about you guys 😂🖤

  • Candy Onee
    Candy Onee

    Hi this video..Nova grace ...that meaning is beautiful ..don't worry about what ppl's what makes u happy with your family that counts...if they going to love u for u unconditional that's what there going to do regardless.. God bless..much love..enjoy enjoy...

  • It’s GabbyRae
    It’s GabbyRae

    “Chasing butterflies in God’s Favor”❤️

  • Samiya Walker
    Samiya Walker

    What about"Dianna "

  • Michelle Johnson
    Michelle Johnson

    Omg congrats I been waiting for arrival 💜💜

  • Iyana Veney
    Iyana Veney

    Love it the name

  • Ariel Moore
    Ariel Moore

    Omg my nephew was born April 26 2019

  • Brisa Ruby
    Brisa Ruby


  • Brisa Ruby
    Brisa Ruby

    Y’all ain’t did no baby birth video 😭

  • Rachel Nyiramutuzo
    Rachel Nyiramutuzo

    What a beautiful name 😭🌎❤️

  • Taylor Walker
    Taylor Walker

    My twin just had a new born and her name is novah

  • Nevaeh Mayweathers
    Nevaeh Mayweathers

    OMG my name is NEVAEH 😍

  • jada Battles
    jada Battles

    When are you going to show her face

  • Vanessa Ponce
    Vanessa Ponce

    Pretty name 🥰 They say it at 10:52

  • Qua Durham
    Qua Durham

    That is a pretty name for your baby girl

  • Allison Garza
    Allison Garza

    Anyone thought of Teen Mom , Briana daughter name is ‘nova’ 😂

  • Itzz Hailey
    Itzz Hailey

    Her name is unique and beautiful ❤️🥰

  • Shante MoniQue
    Shante MoniQue

    They truly happy it’s a beautiful thing ❤️🥰

  • pretty green eyes
    pretty green eyes

    Yes baby girl nd she is a Taurus 😍😍😍 bee still got that bloated baby face yes yall they just hating on yall period that's all to it 🙄🙄🤧 don't worry about them cute name NOVA ❤ omg aww to cute congratulations 🥳🎉

  • Pretty Kala
    Pretty Kala

    Ik a lot of girls with the name nova but it’s still a pretty name 😍💯

  • sister vlogs
    sister vlogs

    My birthday is April 30th 😭😭♥️♥️ . The baby’s name is the cutest 🥺🥺!!


    I love you guys and I hope you show baby girl soon i support y’all decision and and I subscribed 🤱🤱🤱🤱👼🥰😭🍼🍼

  • Queen Bri
    Queen Bri

    Awww Congratulations 🎉 I Love YALL 😘✨

  • Sainabou Kane
    Sainabou Kane


  • hunter scott
    hunter scott

    Welp i think the new baby will learn how to do pranks to then😂😂😂

  • Millie Millzz
    Millie Millzz

    That's a beautiful name but I think of smoked salmon lol ..her bday is after my moms. I do love the meaning of her name 🥰🥰🥰

  • Henry Brew
    Henry Brew

    MY SISTER NAME IS NEVAEH yes what a good name

  • Breanna Murff
    Breanna Murff

    My pit bulls name is nova

  • Breanna Murff
    Breanna Murff

    My sisters name is brittney and my name’s Brianna

  • Ty Leakrsr.
    Ty Leakrsr.

    You should've named her Rihanni or Kamiyah

  • Dj Jazz
    Dj Jazz

    Why every time I come back to this channel they always gotta nother kid 😂😂

  • GabaGoul

    Interracial couples make me vomit. Hope your kid gets bullied.

  • Makaylahe rude
    Makaylahe rude

    4:30 in the video if you have the fotge then post the video i know there's alot of things going on but the baby is 1 month and 1 week i think and i think thats enought time. You have 3 childern i think you can post a video Now. i dont mean to be mean after i just said that but every day i check and see if you posted a video and there's nothing im tired of waiting. And im sorry if that's mean. And i think other people might feel the same way. I love y'all and y'alls family's and congrats on baby girl

  • Nikki Lewis
    Nikki Lewis

    That’s a pretty and unique name

  • AK Gang
    AK Gang

    My birthday is April 30th

  • Tar Tar Grace
    Tar Tar Grace

    Awww that's cute my middle name is Grace as well. 😊

  • Curtis Tyler
    Curtis Tyler


  • Curtis Tyler
    Curtis Tyler


  • Desiree Mcintrye
    Desiree Mcintrye

    Bug beer in May and how can you name her if she's 2 weeks old like if your confused

    • Desiree Mcintrye
      Desiree Mcintrye

      I meant but were

  • The Unicorn Savage Gang Savage for Life
    The Unicorn Savage Gang Savage for Life

    My middle name is nevaeh

  • Brianna Spiteti
    Brianna Spiteti

    Why have u geys notshown her

  • Big sis and lil bro A/V
    Big sis and lil bro A/V

    Nova Grace Prince pretty name 💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️💓💗💗😍😍🥰🥰🥰💗💗💝💝💝❣️❣️

  • Goddess World
    Goddess World


  • Tanea And the munchkins
    Tanea And the munchkins

    N 😍 O😘 V🤩 A🦄

  • OnTasia White
    OnTasia White

    My step sisters name is Nova 🤙🏼❤️

  • traleaha taylor
    traleaha taylor

    What about bella

  • Alana cole
    Alana cole


  • Apple queen
    Apple queen

    No hate but first you will be late on videos, 2nd u can't blame them for not believing that you are pregnant, when all you posted was pregnancy videos but not knowing if it is a miscarriage. But congrats And I LOVE YOU

  • Nae and Avi Bears
    Nae and Avi Bears

    Aviana is my name

  • Saundra McAllister
    Saundra McAllister

    WELL, WELCOME TO THE WORLD Nova Grace Prince 👑 💞

  • Brianna Dunklin
    Brianna Dunklin

    Birthday twin 🎊💓

  • Leyton Leyton
    Leyton Leyton

    My name is Peyton

  • DaBum

    Dang now we got DcYoungFly’s daughter named Nova, now their daughter named Nova...... great..... but nice name tho

  • Camora Holmes
    Camora Holmes

    I had a dog named nova but we had to giver her away because the landlord didn’t allow pets in the house

  • r morris
    r morris

    that is a cute name

  • Anya Howard
    Anya Howard

    Congratulations such a pretty name

  • Zariha Beavers
    Zariha Beavers


  • Brie and Ney Cruz
    Brie and Ney Cruz

    thats my birthday to it april 29 2009

  • Mycalasha Beaty
    Mycalasha Beaty

    Dats DC young fly baby girl name

  • Maryjane Cooper
    Maryjane Cooper

    when are we going to see the baby

  • Laurenza Safiya
    Laurenza Safiya

    Why nova tho😂😂😣

  • Nevaeh Mcneil
    Nevaeh Mcneil

    My name is Nevaeh

  • Dniyah Mcgougan
    Dniyah Mcgougan

    My birthday twin😍

  • Dmoney_YT

    I thought Nova when u said the letter o

  • Amanidaqueen

    How about diamond

  • bbygirlman

    damien look swole 👀

  • Aubrielle Robinson
    Aubrielle Robinson

    That’s a beautiful name😍 I love it!!

  • Mr. Smiles
    Mr. Smiles

    Her name is Nova Grace Prince and it starts at 10:29 if you wanna know badly

  • J'Miracle Sledge
    J'Miracle Sledge

    My cousin name is nova and her brother name is Noah lol 💗💗

  • Tavaria Spears
    Tavaria Spears

    I gussed it when i seen no and i said nova ch 💰

  • Jovoncé Cato
    Jovoncé Cato

    Such a beautiful family 💕. Love y’all ❤️.

  • jazzlyn d
    jazzlyn d

    That's such a cute name and I will never hate on my girl Bianca or my boy Damien

  • paulanasia Johnson
    paulanasia Johnson

    I like that name😁😍😎😊😚😎

  • chase little
    chase little

    have a blessed baby girl

  • Sandra Leon
    Sandra Leon

    basic common name

  • Mamacita 89
    Mamacita 89

    Yo you guys are u beautiful family

  • ADDISON._.łüx

    My baby sister was born on April 23 (4/23/19) and her name is Nova Star✨and ever sense my mommy named her Nova we heard of a lot of people name Nova

  • Selene Coley
    Selene Coley


  • Jlowe Squad
    Jlowe Squad

    Dc young fly baby girl is nova

  • Shontetylair

    Where is your dog I see in old videos? Seems like you got rid of it once you got the cat .. pets are for life they ain’t a pair of shoes you swap out for something new!!

  • LaKe -
    LaKe -

    Them hate comments tripping

  • Itsurgirl Amiya
    Itsurgirl Amiya

    My little cousin’s name is Nova too

  • Lilah Janelle
    Lilah Janelle

    Nova Grace Prince ❤️🦋

  • Trinity Robinson
    Trinity Robinson

    I share a birthday with babygirl

  • Qveen. Naia
    Qveen. Naia

    If you wanna see their baby like this🥰

  • Avery M
    Avery M

    My cousin is named nova

  • Nyasia 4life
    Nyasia 4life

    Ayeeeeee she was born one day before my bday and she a Taurussssssssss y’all ain’t ready for that tho Taurus ♉️ gang