TSP’s Papa Actor Banna Chahte Hain
The Screen Patti
Age is just a number,
This is exactly what Papa thought when he decided to take up acting as a career once he retires from his white collar job. His ever loving wife and son are supportive. But will he manage to convince his own papa, the ziddi daadu?
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Location: McDonalds, Rabale & Aarey Bungalow
Cast: Rajendra Chawla, Pratish Mehta, Kulbir Kaur Badesron, Baldev Trehan, Vinit Samel

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    The Screen Patti

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    • Sunit Roy
      Sunit Roy

      I love the video Plz make more family relationship video It makes us soo emotional


      the worst tsp video ever....

    • Pradip Das
      Pradip Das

      The Screen Patti

    • pradeep Shah
      pradeep Shah

      @Chetan Tewari q-q aqq aa raha q 1a1q1q qa-

  • KB S
    KB S

    How did this manage to get 2.4 dislikes??

  • yogeswar galav
    yogeswar galav

    TSP ka sabse pakau video 👎

  • Mandeep Nain MD
    Mandeep Nain MD

    one of the most emotional clip i have seen....... very nice sir

  • Aashish kumar
    Aashish kumar

    Yaar Dada ji ko conveince karna bara mushkil kaam hai mere dada ji to kabhi manate hi nahi 😪😪😪😪

  • Rajat Shivhare
    Rajat Shivhare


  • Patrick Byas
    Patrick Byas


  • Fazeel zubair
    Fazeel zubair

    Age gap between dada and baap is 20 years. Age gap between baap and beta is 40 years. How much will be the age gap between beta and potha?

  • InsaneJackie

    Very cute story 😍😍

  • Kirti Gautam
    Kirti Gautam

    what a expression of grandpa in last !

  • nitin gupta
    nitin gupta

    Very nice

  • Avijit Singh
    Avijit Singh

    "actor banna hai joker nhi" on your face tiktokers

  • Shekhar Singh
    Shekhar Singh

    Daadu nailed the show 👍👌

  • KNMallick

    Are DD National pe ak serial hua karta tha, tab mai chhota tha, tab yeh old man 'vagwan' naam k ak charecter pe kam karta tha, aj firse dekhke bohot accha laga❤❤

  • sant

    my father was a bank officer. now he too is an actor. acted in 3 films. its regional cinema.

  • Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh

    Bohot badhiya bhai bohot badhiya... Maaza aa gaya

  • Lightning Ashutosh
    Lightning Ashutosh

    Bhagwaan Uncle looking best

  • Parth Mehrotra
    Parth Mehrotra

    Too good... hame bhi dada ji ki yaad aagai... thnkx tsp really you made my day 😊😊

  • Niru Basak
    Niru Basak

    *Inspired by 3 idiots* Ye to bata do

  • Gagan Thakur
    Gagan Thakur

    Maine isse jada over acting ni dekhi.. Lol

  • Priyanshu Pathak
    Priyanshu Pathak

    A very beautiful acting by the great old man, salute him,and all

  • Irfan khwaja
    Irfan khwaja

    Wah sehgal sahb wahh...🙂👍

  • Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan

    Dadu ho to aise nahi to na ho.

  • Vishal Mahore
    Vishal Mahore

    Dekho dekho abhi se acting shuru kardi isnen😂😂

  • Nirmal Raikwar
    Nirmal Raikwar

    Tiktok waale Joker bc ...

  • Proud Indian
    Proud Indian

    Radhika apte ki maa

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    Vipul Bansal

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    clippers Tv

    3 idiots spoof🤩 When rancho wants frahan to talk his father about his career on going photography ✌️

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    Player Unknown

    3 idiots dialogues

  • Sooo cute

  • Ajay Arya
    Ajay Arya

    5:19 hahaha

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    Being Banna

    Please continue Auckward conversation with parents...

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    Geeta Devi

    #tiktok wale like here

  • Rahul Electrician
    Rahul Electrician

    One of the best IN-mys channel The Screen patty

  • Sunny Raj
    Sunny Raj

    Bhagwaan uncle❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ashutosh jha
    Ashutosh jha

    My future... 😒😒😒 Bas mere papa nai manenge

  • Vidisha Dixit
    Vidisha Dixit

    Just forwarded this to my dad ✨

  • Dolo Yangfo
    Dolo Yangfo

    Waooh ! Hw lovly fmly...😍😍😍 epcly btwn fther and son....

  • KhUsHbOo khushi
    KhUsHbOo khushi

    Demonetization se phle ka 500 ka note chenp diya Mc D ko😃😃😃

  • Divyaa Hastir
    Divyaa Hastir


  • Meena Agrawal
    Meena Agrawal

    meri ab umr ho rahi hain... daddu.

  • Rishab Karan Mehta
    Rishab Karan Mehta

    I really like this video.. its a thought everyone should have... aged or not, one must never stop..

  • Ellie Anthony
    Ellie Anthony

    Pratish bhai aap yahan kaise

  • A player in world
    A player in world

    Wow Vry nice....no words for this..!

  • rahul kumar
    rahul kumar

    Kuch mja nhi aaya 20 me se 7 number

  • Blessed Soul
    Blessed Soul

    *Age is just a number.... maturity is a choice* -Harry Styles

  • Rana's world
    Rana's world

    Dadu overacting

  • Prajwal Sagar
    Prajwal Sagar

    3 idiots

  • Abdul wasay Khan
    Abdul wasay Khan

    15 lac ki job?☺️

  • Sonu Raj
    Sonu Raj

    Tik tok = Chhi Chhi

  • khoirom Milton
    khoirom Milton


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    Shubham kumar bagchi

    Bai aaj bhi ni ayegi 🤘🏻🤣

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    Kartoon Komedy videos

    Very nice

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    mercyless ranger

    Maza a gaya . To all of u

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    broken glass

    One best piece of work plz suscribe

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    Rishikesh Singh

    3 idiot ki copy but it is quite good

  • rigzen angtak
    rigzen angtak

    Copy from 3 idiot...

  • Arpit Rathi
    Arpit Rathi

    Kaafi filmy!

  • amit

    For few moment i forget that it was totally scripted. What a family, dadu, mummy, papa everyone. Just woww..

  • Divyam Gaming
    Divyam Gaming

    Papa is From Yeah Un Dino ki bat hai Sameer mama

  • Tiktoker Fauzan
    Tiktoker Fauzan

    8:53 LOL XD

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    The knowledge HUB


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    Rohit Gaikwad

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    Sunil Apte

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    Lucky Rajpoot

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    Sampada Rathod

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    Kamal Kumar Singh

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    Radhay Kumar

    Radhay.jai chandi ma

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    So cute