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USA v Thailand - FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™
Reigning FIFA Women’s World Cup™ champions USA set a new record winning margin with a huge opening victory against Thailand.
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  • Samuel Gantner
    Samuel Gantner


  • Memento Neli
    Memento Neli

    Thailand was so bad XD

  • Shoaib Khan
    Shoaib Khan

    Haha amazing

  • Marcus Grønning
    Marcus Grønning

    Imagine that Thailands goalkeeper is the Best in the Whole of Thailand

  • Costantino Ardetti
    Costantino Ardetti

    1:58 😢😢

  • Mark Zac
    Mark Zac

    They would still get beat by Notts County

  • chechitoalbito

    Chilean goalkeeper Christiane Endler will not let the United States score, Chile will fight and win, Vamos Chile! Go Chile!

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    Lol.. Kepa would have saved every single shot, and he's a part time manager.

  • gerard hardy
    gerard hardy

    Ces facile de marquer 13buts quand tu à personne en face

  • Nederland.Voetbal


  • Alen P
    Alen P

    Wow so is this going to court this week cuz they just beat those pour girls

  • Mirza Mujanović
    Mirza Mujanović

    Gosh these females, celebrating even at 13-0 lol

  • Asrlex95

    The Thai were absolutely terrible. But I find it beyond disrespectful that the US celebrated each goal as if the had won the WC.

  • Sylvie Y.
    Sylvie Y.

    I liked this video for the respect Morgan had for her opponent, honestly comforting her.

  • Nicolas Chahoud
    Nicolas Chahoud

    Bruh it’s like 7:1 to Germany vs Brazil but ITS 13 Goals to 0 lol

    • Duarua Tolu
      Duarua Tolu

      @P B ... well said.

    • P B
      P B

      Not really, Thailand is not Brazil.

  • Dan Gayoso
    Dan Gayoso

    Thai's bad team, but GK... ouch... girl.. seriusly?

  • Денис Крапивин
    Денис Крапивин


  • Not a Llama
    Not a Llama

    Disgraceful how they kept celebrating.

  • moonly

    I think this is the last time for them playing football

  • Murray Allinger
    Murray Allinger

    I've never seen so many defenders just standing around flat-footed, watching the ball whizzing past them and doing absolutely nothing. The Thai goalie was trying out the new "no hands" method.

  • david willson
    david willson

    here is me hoping the women world cup will bring some of the fire that has been missing from the world cup since 2010.

  • Tao Pham
    Tao Pham


  • Hai Le
    Hai Le

    Hahaha thailan dog

    • Duarua Tolu
      Duarua Tolu

      ... classy.

  • Yahir Morales
    Yahir Morales

    Les volaron el orto

  • Sirzechs Quasar
    Sirzechs Quasar

    Yeah but how did Thailand make it into the world cup. Man like Alex Morgan has it all going for her

  • ไม่ ไม่
    ไม่ ไม่

    ได้เป็นต่ำนาน thailand 0-13

  • kimaya wagle
    kimaya wagle

    feels bad

  • smokeybirdman

    True story Thailand thought they'd won a trip to 'watch' the world cup. When they were driven to the stadium they were presented with the joursey. None had ever played before, but they were courageous in their attempts to represent their country out on the field. Well done ladies, you made all competition winners... Proud 🤗

  • Actually Snoop Dogg
    Actually Snoop Dogg

    D&D, look this is called effort!

  • Nakraal

    Thai goalie was literally afraid of being struck by the ball

  • Sai Gehru
    Sai Gehru

    Title should be: *Thai vs USA all goals*

  • Manuel Portillo
    Manuel Portillo

    En el 9no gol la portera jalo la mano mmmmm no lo se rick parece falso


    After 5 - 0 , they fake celebrate .

  • sail1999

    13 - 0 = Boring

  • Jonezx2020

    Whoa ladies there’s no need to fight over me,

  • Kyra Anzaldo
    Kyra Anzaldo

    Most goals in FIFA History! What’s the score predictions vs Chile?

    • Kyra Anzaldo
      Kyra Anzaldo



    I want to say :hahahhahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahha

  • Felipe Mena
    Felipe Mena

    Tava más arreglao el partido

  • Mm K
    Mm K

    Kramer vs kids karate ....disgraceful behavior

  • Mm K
    Mm K

    How shameful ...13??? 4 nil would have sufficed Do you enjoy kicking opponents while they are down and basically spitting on them ? Is this who we are ? This is a victory but It is a disgraceful victory. As an American, I am shaking my head ...

  • No c
    No c

    Usa(questions) Thailand(How many questions i answered ok) this is in my math test

  • Murilo Cruz
    Murilo Cruz

    How did Thailand qualify?

    • Henrietta


  • boş

    Please don’t laugh because Thailand’s goalkeeper doesn’t have arm

  • cmnsns

    All the celebrations remind me of Kramer proud of beating those little boys in karate. 😂

    • Chris

      Yes. Exactly like that. Spot on sir

  • The Topher Experience
    The Topher Experience

    I feel disgusted to be an American, at least just do what Germany did against Brazil and not over celebrate. When your up 5-0 and u score my teammates just high five me and then walk back. Show some class

    • Duarua Tolu
      Duarua Tolu

      Muricans and their crass behaviour ... just look at their orange haired leader. E'en his hair is fake.

    • Murilo Cruz
      Murilo Cruz

      They're Americans, what do you expect? XD

  • thegodhimself 101
    thegodhimself 101

    This wasn’t a game this was straight murder

  • Mike Haxton
    Mike Haxton

    1:28..what was that?? I'm trying to like this sport but that was as bad as it gets. At least try to block it.

  • Utkan Talip Kolsuz
    Utkan Talip Kolsuz

    alex morgan ❤

  • dodofro

    Terrible goalkeeping.

  • Bernardo lourenço
    Bernardo lourenço

    USA is the worst country in the world, but let’s understand that anyone could beat Thailand for 13-0

  • da rimi
    da rimi

    I click because of Alex Morgan Simple

  • 0ffset_kidd Michael
    0ffset_kidd Michael

    go usa side ..hope y'all win this world cup

  • Michele Zedda
    Michele Zedda

    Thailand players . 2 ft

  • eric arredondo
    eric arredondo

    1:57 the feeling of getting blown out 😐

  • Pu NArak
    Pu NArak

    โดยฝรั่งล้อ กูอายจริงๆ

  • wpgjob connect
    wpgjob connect

    Americans like big scores just as in NBA and NFL

  • lay lay
    lay lay

    world cup: USA is going against Thailand USA: i’m about to end this team whole life career

  • guy who left the school
    guy who left the school

    Me:crap its gonna be the champons cu- 13-0 Me: ...... Alright calm down france

  • _atp3417 _
    _atp3417 _

    Why is Thailand in this tournament again?

  • dee jay
    dee jay

    Can't believe this page, it goes on and on replete with irony - with few exceptions - against the poor Thai girls (who I heard are not fulltime pros anyway) when the fault, if any, lies with their trainer and staff. But I don't even care to address this issue. Rather, I'd like to observe that true champions would never behave the way this US squad did against a weak team; and I guess it's fair to say they know deep down inside that they are not. Not yet, anyway. You've gotta learn to lose, but how to win as well. Shame.

  • This Is Awesome
    This Is Awesome

    1:40 Goal was my favorite

  • Donald John Trump
    Donald John Trump


  • Dušan Lalić
    Dušan Lalić

    You put 13 goals in 2 minutes... How?!?!

  • JDKobra

    Still a better goalkeeper than Karius

  • One king to burn ‘em all.
    One king to burn ‘em all.

    They could stop at 9 like men. But, the Thai women would never learn.

  • Mohamed Atta
    Mohamed Atta

    *referee blows the final whistle* *both teams run straight to the kitchen*

  • ka lis
    ka lis

    Aayy..pobrecitas :(

  • RAM Sketch
    RAM Sketch

    Still better than Karius

  • mapabu

    I just love how the score is not on the video title.

  • Oskar Jarneving
    Oskar Jarneving

    Me: how to have 13 goals in 2 minutes. Director:hold my beer

  • allan62

    Dígale a la portera que puede tocar el balón con las manos

  • Aryan Kings
    Aryan Kings

    We don't even care about Soccer in the US yet we still dominate lol

    • Duarua Tolu
      Duarua Tolu

      This is the ladies fella ... ya man suck. That's where it is at. No need for the crass cockiness.

  • Bilal Roblox
    Bilal Roblox

    USA might win the vup

  • iBFP

    Man woman football 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • Salvitaかわいい Jory
    Salvitaかわいい Jory

    💙🇺🇸❤I Love U.S.A.💙🇺🇸❤ Oh? I'am From Panama City, Panama this is so awesome, amazing, sweet, definitely, nice, epics And More! congratulations! U.S.A. I Love You So Much!

  • canko15

    omg some of the american girls are very cute

  • Luc x
    Luc x


  • rodrigo garzon reyes
    rodrigo garzon reyes


  • Pilanee Pilanee
    Pilanee Pilanee

    please note that: Thailand is the only one country in W worldcup which hasn't a women football league.

  • Guillermo Soberanes
    Guillermo Soberanes

    American Girls had their chance to get some payback for the many American Men leaving for Thailand.

  • الغدار نار
    الغدار نار

    😂😂😂😂omg 13

  • Joyce Seals
    Joyce Seals

    Good job ladies and please keep doing that need some more tomorrow you make America happy always

    • non si dice
      non si dice



    She forgot to use her hands



  • Sandy Pennson
    Sandy Pennson


  • MAN_ AL
    MAN_ AL

    this girls are just amazing ! their level is really high and they have strenght , power .... but they also had an advantage : Thailand is a good team but nothing to compare with US players ( no offense ) anyway , they did a good job and scored 13 goals !!! Thailand players already knew that the match was going to be like this at last , US players showed their level and Thailand players had an amazing experience so they will try to play better next times !!! Much love to all the countries of the world ❤ congrats to USA👍💞

  • Bilou 03
    Bilou 03

    rip la thailand

  • Tomas Cabj
    Tomas Cabj

    Morgan best player in the world

  • Mos Live
    Mos Live

    ประตูลงทำไม 55

  • HellRaiser

    Absolutely love Morgan

  • Dmitriy Konakov
    Dmitriy Konakov

    what have i just seen lol

  • Death Stroke
    Death Stroke

    1:19 the ball went literally inches past the defender. All she had to do was kick it and give them a corner instead

  • Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen

    Thái Lan quá yếu

  • JaidyVichNL

    That keeper

  • Hierjel TV
    Hierjel TV

    Imagine if history changed. What if Philippines won the final group game against Thailand in the 2018 Women's Asian Cup and made it in the world stage. Then USA will win 30-0

  • dhej

    but can the goalkeeper jump to the ground?

  • cyberpunk808

    I've lost respect for the US women's team. There is no need to gloat like that when you are up 8, 9, 10.. goals

    • Duarua Tolu
      Duarua Tolu

      @Aryan Kings ... karma be coming for ya team.

    • F.Meacham 2
      F.Meacham 2

      I doubt you respected the US to begin with...

    • Marty

      @Aryan Kings Without respect? Great

    • Aryan Kings
      Aryan Kings

      That's how we roll in the US.

    • Marty

      I totally agree

  • Josh Waldorf
    Josh Waldorf

    That's got to be a world record.

  • Dean Douglas
    Dean Douglas

    The Thai goalie is a hologram

  • 4nir