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    Sumit ji Technical

    I am from jammu

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    Gopal Goswami

    Maja aavi gai Video jone Keep it Up chhote🤡

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    BicyKler Arif

    Padna ka liya Chaad , By tha Way I Love You Nikhil Bhai #Bicyklerarif

  • BicyKler Arif
    BicyKler Arif

    I Love You Nikhil Bhai #Bicyklerarif

  • BicyKler Arif
    BicyKler Arif

    I Love You Nikhil Bhai #Bicyklerarif

  • Kalpesh Sapkal
    Kalpesh Sapkal

    Wise words 8:33 shobit 😂

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    Gaurav entertainment Channel

    Bhaii nay jis chiz kay liye channel khola tha wo to kr ni rha bhaii ghumne may busy hai mumbiker ki jgh mumghumkar krlo chamnel namel

  • jeevan d.v
    jeevan d.v

    Can some say me whats the name of that camera he use for recording that small camera that look like gimbal

  • Mayur Gilda
    Mayur Gilda

    Hello Nikhil Sir, This video is superb, This is Mayur Gilda from Satara recently i have started one IN-mys channel for travekl videos here is the link Visit satara this mansoon season make a vlog on kas pathar its really amazing in the months of Aug and Sep i can show you wonderful places nearby satara.

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    Mrinmoy Das

    Wow! 20 min video.. Great 👍

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    suman Restha

    Super 🙏🏻

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    Honey Chauhan

    Good work 😊

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    Kumar Pratyush

    These long travel vlogs are just 💓

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    SaranG Pathak

    What is name of the outro song?

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    Vinay Lamba

    Gulmarg m bohot pehle se h woh cable cart.....sonmarg aur ladakh he sb kuch nhi h

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    Bidyut Banerjee

    Keep promoting plastic...what else can be expected..

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    Shalini Rastogi

    Please tell best go pro

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    Muhammad Arshan

    Tawalate forrr tht ws epic 😀😂

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    Luckshay Kalra

    Nikhil Bhai ne bol Diya shobit Ka dialogue. Shop Label MN link in description box below.

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    Arghya Ghosh

    19:51 the song is great. Any one. can give me the link of that song???

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    fardeen khan

    Pakistan is much Beautiful and advanced in Tourist. Please visit to Pakistan.

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    Leo khan

    Apne sahi se btaya nhi is tour ki booking kese krni hogi ..

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    Akash Dewanjee

    Aj mane 1 bolne wala gaddhi dekha

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    Technical CZee

    Bro apne video ke end me kuch comment karne ke liye bola karo

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    Akshay Pareek

    bro camera konsa h ye btana jara

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    Sukhdip Singh

    Kya chutiyapa lagaya hua h. Sirf technical guru ki chalte popular hua h

  • Sukhdip Singh
    Sukhdip Singh

    Wahiyad editing h

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    abdul waseem

    Very good bro

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    Moheeb Showkat

    Bhai Kashmir mai 10 15 din stay kro ye sab kuch b nahi

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    athar bhat

    I think u should visit gulmarg kashmir and explore gondola ride

  • Gsss Challenges
    Gsss Challenges

    Nikhli Bhai why don't you travel in qatar airways

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    Akarsh Ghildyal

    Vlog No. 10 with new intro

  • Devang Jadhav
    Devang Jadhav

    Intro song ?


    Nikhil bhaya when u r comming Kashmir!!

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    Amit Thakur

    Nikhil ****money is important you wast

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    Legend Farmers

    Love you 3000 Bhai big fan of your videos (1st viewer) kya ap (your subscribers) humare comment read karte ho mujhe to lagta h nhi karte read ☹️☹️ if you read our comments then prove it by give me heart ♥ on this comment

  • Legend Farmers
    Legend Farmers

    Love you 3000 Bhai big fan of your videos (1st viewer) kya ap (your subscribers) humare comment read karte ho mujhe to lagta h nhi karte read ☹️☹️ if you read our comments then prove it by give me heart ♥ on this comment

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    SAM 6449

    What is a song name?

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    Mohammad Umar

    Nikhal bhai gandola ride hai already kashmir gulmarg mai

  • Pratik Pol
    Pratik Pol

    Hey Nikhil can share the link of song i am the landscape you need to see which you played at the end of your video

  • Saransh Jaiswal
    Saransh Jaiswal

    What's the song name uaed in last @ 19:50

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    manoj sharma

    Next vlog kab aa raha

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    Rishith H


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    Depak Kumar

    What the hell are you doing

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    pavan reddy

    Don't put so many adds in between it interrupts the flow

    • pavan reddy
      pavan reddy


  • Jit Halder
    Jit Halder

    Nikhil bhai 2 don se vlog nahi aaya.. Kya huan.. Kuch kaam mein busy ho kya?? Missing your vlogs bhai.. Kya achcha khasa Istanbul ghum rahe the or 2 din se ghuma hi nahi😶

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    Sushma Devi

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    Oyo giveaway de re baba

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    Jitna coment mai video dekh ke coment box me nahi dalta hou usse kai guna mere khud ke ander coment karta hou pr ab video dekh ke meri ray coment box me jarror dalunga please my comnet like me I am now small you tuber

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    Nikhil sir mai aapki video mai pahli bar coment kr raha hou please 1 like me mai pahle coment nahi karta tha dekhta tha bahut enjoy karta tha or sachha dil se like karta tha bas Maine sir sirf aap or shanic mem sirf dono ki chanle subscribe kiya hou sir mujhe aapki video sabse best lagta hai Sir please aik like me

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    Deepak Kadam

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    Bhai awesome view and video...

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    sandeep sinha

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    Daniel Archer

    Video number 860 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Kya sindhigiri hai yeh

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    Mr. Akash

    No videos since 2 days

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    Anks Salunkhe

    Anybody can help me with this new intro I'm trying to find it.

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    Bantu Nameirakpam


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    Nilesh Bansod

    Nice vlog

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    Gravin Patel

    Loved from Gujarat!

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    Dhruv Agarwal

    Which is this song on 0:08

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    LabelMN is a chor company.... Biggest cheaters guys.... Mumbiker nikhil... Please remove mumbiker from your IN-mys name because mumbaiker never cheats whereas I know cheating is in DNA of bhopalis.... Guys don't order from LabelMN .... Save your money and buy on Amazon at least they give you best customer service ...bhopalis will give you black jeans if you order blue jeans and vice versa.. ... Just beware of Fekku LabelMN Nikhil Bhai ... Sorry but for attaching your brand to label mn ....And for their pathetic service ....You deserve to hear bad words....Hope you understand... No offense Your fan /subscriber since >2yrs..... Take care

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    Mandeep Thind

    All the best bro...Keep it up...:)

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    Lucknowi Nawab

    Mast hai bhaiya


    Nikhil bhai Crazy day in vizag blog @9:01

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    aparna taneja jatin

    Alexa video u were going to make

  • aparna taneja jatin
    aparna taneja jatin

    Daal bhatti 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Indian rockstar

    waiting for the next vlog

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    Suman Purohit

    Oyo giveaway ka kya hua?

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    Tandii ya thandi

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    Bhai daily videos upload kro na yrrrr🙏🙏🙏

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    Bhai ve wali ride jammu and kashmir ke katra vaishno devi bawan se berovgati tak lag gya hai

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    Adwait Chakradeo

    dekh... 0.2 sec dikhayega... shooting k classes de do yar isse koi to

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    Jasvir Sangwan


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    ajay parmar

    Vlog kaha h aaj ka

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    Ashutosh Singh

    Dhyan diya kya 6:50 are bhaad me gayi baraf ! Koi gole wala nahi dikh rha hai bench**d

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    Abhinaba Dipankar Dey

    Vai video kiu nahi aaya aaj or kal.

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    Vinayak Parihar

    Where is your giveaway results

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    Ebaad Khan

    Bhai end tak dekhne ke pehle hi like kar diya tha! Hai hi itna zabardast vlog!

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    Amar Sutar

    Boss clean your camera lens there are 2 black spots on lens!! Please check your video again.

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    Atul Suthar

    19:51 song name ???

  • Krish Katna
    Krish Katna

    Bhai intro ka music ek dam bekar hai. Please . Old intro was and is the best intro . Please change

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    Rohit Singh Charak

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    Kamal Nayan

    What happened to MN Vlogs .....from 2 days no update

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    Ameer hamza Katlia

    Where is new video Fuck


    Last song name

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    Chinmay Bhangale

    07:53 Hit like if this knife reminds you of CS:GO

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    What about giveaway....?

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    blog tera hai ya shahnez ka ?half vedio mein whi rahti hai.uska alag challen hai na.

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    Chup chutiye

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    RBN Madhwani

    14:40 videographer photographer to discount😂😂😂😂sahi khel gaye bhaii

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    Hey You should really give us about advice about applying visa for other countries


    You are my idol #ABMDANCEMUSIC

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    Bilbo Baggins

    8:28 *don't be disrespectful* and don't put these kind of disrespectful words in your video Nikhil bhai.... Spread positivity!

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    mahen kumar

    Bhai app kitnai din kai trip main hooo

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    Zainab Chougle

    8:05 you don't look like Arab lady from any angle 🙄 Arab women are really beautiful! Doesn't mean you are ugly, but you aren't comparable to Arab girls!

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    Nitin Bawa

    Nikhil bhai kabhi apni mom and sister ko bhu ghumaya kro

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    Aditya Tanna

    End ma jo music ha uska name Malum ha

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    sohan bauva

    Hi nikhil just wanted to know which bike is best below 5 lacks

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    Jignesh Dhakad

    Shop label MN😌