Virat Kohli on India's Semi-final Loss to New Zealand in WC Semi-Final | The Quint
The Quint
Indian skipper Virat Kohli talks to the media after the team gets knocked out of the 2019 ICC World Cup following an 18-run loss to New Zealand in the semi-final.
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  • Ravinder Pulijala
    Ravinder Pulijala

    Virat, you don’t deserve team India, shame on you

  • Female Beautician
    Female Beautician


  • Barnik Ghatak
    Barnik Ghatak

    Most arrogant, unnecessarily overreacting and a man with dirty tongue.

  • Aditya Patnaik
    Aditya Patnaik

    Kohli should be kicked out from the team

  • Ra Patel
    Ra Patel

    Dhoni must be part of the india setup going forward. India coach mentor strategy everything whatever he wants. Let him bring in all the other indian cricketing legends to help him if india does that India will win all the world cups. India must do this for dhoni.

  • Hunny Bunny
    Hunny Bunny

    This guy is always busy in doing advertisements, endorsing different brands, grooming his beards, flaunting his body at the gym nd doing idiotic stuffs with his wife. He can do everything, but sucked at the Crucial moment when his team needed him the most nd the fans were expecting a lot. Virat sucks as a captain, he is nothing without dhoni's presence in the game, if dhoni quits the game, Indian team will be doomed for eternity. Best thing would be to kick this trash outta captaincy along with the dumbass coach Ravi shastri. This loss is nothing, we r gonna witness more losses once dhoni retires.

  • shiva santhosh
    shiva santhosh

    Team India should produce bowlers like newzealand.. All the 11 members and including team management failed.. Not 45 minutes bad cricket its complete 50 overs cricket.. Failed to sense the pitch conditions.. Kohli should learn a looooooottttt of things in cricket and come to know every game is not easy to win..

  • mayur Patil
    mayur Patil

    Dhoni and jadeja

  • Fara licious
    Fara licious

    Seriously??? Why did u exclude Shami? I mean the guy got us 14 wkts in 4 matches! R u guysss blind????

  • Nk R
    Nk R

    This man is not capable of captaincy. No doubt he is a champion player and a good fighter but is not capable of those decisions that win big matches. He should give up captaincy and let rohit sharma take over. We have seen that in the champions trophy too where his one bad decision lost the final to pakistan

  • Sujitha K
    Sujitha K

    Because of virat kohli , Rohit Sharma we lost the match. Dhoni and bowlers were able to get the score at least. Shame on the batsmen who couldn't even get 10 runs

  • Guam Madni
    Guam Madni

    Hind Kay Pehlay 3 Soorma Kaa Score 3 Centuries, Buss 00 Missing Hogayaa Thhaa. Aur MSD Kaa Score 50 Aur Match Ki Thhukaai Ki Zimmadaari Dhoni Perr ? Kayaa Zaberdusst Insaaf Hai Hindustan Kaa.

  • Guam Madni
    Guam Madni

    July 9, 2019. Hind Time: 3 PM. Hind Media Ki Breaking News. Yeh CWC Final Cup tow Hindustan Kaa Pakkkaaaa Hai. Raju Bola: Williamson Hunsnaa Nahin Hindustan Ki Thhukaai Kar Kay. Hind Time: 7 PM. Breaking News 3 Hindu Soormaa 300 Score Banaa Kar Out Hogayaa, Lekin Pakistan Ki ISI nay 00 Missing Kar Diyaa Hai. Lekin Phir Bhi CWC 2019 tow Hindustan Kaa Pakkaa Hai, Kiyoon Keh Abhi MSD aur Pandya Tuk Tuk Hard Hitter Pitch Perr Mojood Hain Naa Yaarrr. CWC 2019 tow Hindustan Kaa pakkkaaa hai. Hind Time 11:30 PM: Bud-Qismati say Hindustan Kaa Time Up Hogayaa. Yeh 100% Pakistan Ki ISI ki Ek aur Chaal Hai.

  • D p
    D p

    virat is unlucky make Rohit as captain

  • Hania Aly
    Hania Aly

    Dil garden garden ho gya .....bluddy losers


    Virat kholi Haramkhor Bastards

  • hawkeye 2124
    hawkeye 2124

    Never want to hear that this fraud is better than Sachin.

  • surojeet chatterjee
    surojeet chatterjee

    DK and KL Rahul 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Pathetic IPL players playing in WC semi finals 😂😂😂😂 Shastri and his unique drunken brain 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jagdish RAMANATHAN
    Jagdish RAMANATHAN

    law of averages . a knock out

  • Abdul Rehman
    Abdul Rehman

    The second rapist country in the world where rape happens after every 20 minutes .... crying for cricket not for those rapes

  • Binoy ##
    Binoy ##

    What a pornographic performance your team has performed?'t come to media for next 4 years...Enjoy fucking IPL only, and get fucked up well there...Never intend to use label of ' India' ....Stop playing is better..myself An X Indian cricket fan...Sastriji is now producing International fuckers...

  • Binoy ##
    Binoy ##

    What a pornographic performance your team has performed?'t come to media for next 4 years...Enjoy fucking IPL only, and get fucked up well there...Never intend to use label of ' India' ....Stop playing is better....An X Indian cricket fan...Sastriji is now producing International fuckers...

  • Sanjay Lodh
    Sanjay Lodh

  • Anu Saini
    Anu Saini

    Very sad batting performance from Indian team except Ravindra Jadeja!Shocked to see that coz we were super confident this time to win world cup under leadership of our hero and great captain Virat Kohli!

  • Sanjay Lodh
    Sanjay Lodh

  • harshith kumar
    harshith kumar

    Dhoni's achievement in Indian cricket is that Indians believed in winning the match even after 36 for 4.

  • Maria Ahmad
    Maria Ahmad

    thori c pitch achi thi , awkat dikha di

  • Khurram Shahzad
    Khurram Shahzad

    Pakistan zindabad lanat ho in sbh ghatiya hindo per zalil hove ha allah ki lathi barhi beawaza hoti ha

  • Ash Ash
    Ash Ash

  • Dilip DK
    Dilip DK

    Jadeja was the real 3 D Player.

  • priya n
    priya n

    Y is no md shammi in the semi final match????

  • Santosh Flower
    Santosh Flower

    5:35 why dhoni came late

  • nethra G
    nethra G

    Rishabh pant, kl rahul why are they playing world cup if they can't handle the pressure... Every time they want a senior as a partner to withstand the pressure in the field... Have these people seen dhoni, yuvraj,, sehwag they played in good partnership as well as individually... As a player in world cup when you enter the field Sab kuch daav PE lagake khel Na padta hai Bhai.. Dhar ke kya milega...dono ka shakal dekh ke hi pata chala hain ki phati padi hai.. Yaise khelte jayenge toh middle order kabhi strong nayi ban payega...

  • Garima Malik
    Garima Malik

    Virat ND Coach with bcci are responsible for big wrong decisions are playing for INDiA .. dude .. Ambyati Raidu was not selected for no 4 ..and den virat puts up a fake tweet for him. ..😠😠😠

  • Garima Malik
    Garima Malik

    Virat : Give Captaincy to Rohit Sharma. .you made Anil Kumble out of as Coach. . you just need a Puppet. .ur decisions have led to this .. dats why ur team RCB never won in ipl too bcos you are not Captaincy material

  • Tarakant Giri
    Tarakant Giri

    They played very well but its a fact that most of the time Indian cricket team plays brilliantly in starting matches of tournament,qualifies and then in semis and finals they swipe away like no one else and this was happened in ICC CHAMPIONS TROPHY AND IN THIS WORLD CUP. ROHIT SHARMA 1 then VIRAT 1 then KL RAHUL 1 and I think it was a big big mistake by not taking AMBITI RAYUDU in team

  • suraj phalke
    suraj phalke

    I can't even see real sadness on his face.. he was not sad even when we lost to Pakistan in champions trophy.. I don't even think he is the best cricketer.. Rohit Sharma is way better..

  • sportsakies lover
    sportsakies lover

    Panauti hai yarr Kohli...Rohit should be our Captain...

  • Kartik Punna
    Kartik Punna

    Ironic how Dhoni’s first and possibly last match result in him being run out.

  • sriharsha vannada
    sriharsha vannada

    Better luck for the next time virat lose r win u learning the game is important we always with u..

  • Rezwanul Haque
    Rezwanul Haque

    Whole Bangladesh making their Eid after losing India at semi & treating like Mau 🎶🎶 ka 🎶🎶

  • India Best
    India Best

    We r proud of u MS dhoni , he did every effort to make us win that match but unfortunately didn't get support from other end, plz dhoni sir don't think of retiring 💐🙏


    Please tell me can there be a rematch

  • Neha sharma
    Neha sharma

    Good player bad captain ! RCB never won ipl trophy because of his superb captaincy

  • saravanan parasuraman
    saravanan parasuraman

    Disheartened to see kholi crying.

  • Aaron


  • Lekhanand chikkala
    Lekhanand chikkala

    Ambanti RAYADU had played with New Zealand but Bcci didnt selected him if he is in may be he will play well anyway all the best to team India for the next world Cup love u ❤️😍Dhoni, and all players we will always support our team

  • abs

    love you viraat😊👍 u r always a star u loose or win

  • Naveen Bunny
    Naveen Bunny

    In DK place if there is Rayudu, India would win. Rayudu having good track record with NZ.

  • Naveen Bunny
    Naveen Bunny

    Bcoz of that birthday celebrations, I think these people not played well.

  • Harsimran Chahal
    Harsimran Chahal

    You guys won billions of hearts ...PROUD TO BE INDIAN....

  • Vipul Jain
    Vipul Jain

    Situation was demanding to hold one end but please explain MS phenomena of playing too many dot balls. if he would have take singles or strike rate was at 90. Jadeja was enough to take over the line. How much biased are you(kohli) for MS. We also respect him but even MS did that when he was captain that team cant bear so many senior players so stand like him and take decisive actions against this. 50 strike rate for a finisher role is not at all acceptable in any situation. you need to accept that MS hitting abilities are not like that it was. We know MS supported you a lot when you were young but you cant repay your honour in this way. you are captain of 1.3 billion indians not only MS. MS approach keeps building pressure for his partners as well. Seriously Reporters love is good but it shouldnt be blind. Expecting seriously some harsh questions from you.

  • Vipul Jain
    Vipul Jain

    On asking about MS sent to bat at 7, he said he was given that role to hold one end in bizarre situations and he already accepted that match was out of control in first 45 minutes. Are you confused buddy of what you have done?? Or just doing formalities to clarify your mistakes?

  • tapan mund
    tapan mund

    ye saala kamina k sakla hi asuv he kutta style martahe bahat

  • Suresh Chari
    Suresh Chari

    Would you think that.... Chahal is better than shami.......

  • Akshay Pawale
    Akshay Pawale

    Quint is chutiya

  • Par Vez
    Par Vez

    insha'Allah next time India will be win

  • Par Vez
    Par Vez

    Har jit to chal te raheti hai koi bath nai is bar nai to akli bar sai

  • Usha Raghu
    Usha Raghu

    Dhoni is the best👌👍😊, Virat didn’t do a jack in semifinal 🙄

  • Kailash Sharma
    Kailash Sharma

    Full respect for but also for a underrated legend of cricket jadeja...

  • Kailash Sharma
    Kailash Sharma


  • Money bhatia
    Money bhatia


  • Jagadish Nanabala
    Jagadish Nanabala

    Waste does not play well in crucial matches

  • Asher Bener
    Asher Bener

    Now we have to wait for another four years... But history got repeated. Last world cup also India lost against New Zealand in the semi-final. Something happens when they face the kiwis.

  • Shridhar Sharma
    Shridhar Sharma

    Regards for the captain ..... Wonderful replies........ Deserves to be the captain

  • Animal Compassion
    Animal Compassion

    Left arm Pacers have dismissed Kohli in single digits in all 3 semi finals of WC. In the 2011 World Cup semi-final against Pakistan, Kohli fell for 9 to left-arm pacer Wahab Riaz. 4 years later, when Kohli had taken his first steps towards super-stardom, he was out for 1, to left-arm pacer Mitchell Johnson. Now, in 2019, being a Superstar, he once again fell for another left arm pacer, Trent boult. Also, In the 2017 Champions Trophy final, chasing 339, Kohli fell to Mohammad Amir,another left arm pacer for 5.The entire team choked when wickets fell. Had Rishabh, karthik and Pandya,each scored seven runs more in the number of balls they wasted, India would've won. India X1 is not Dhoni,Dhoni,Dhoni,......It is a team and they failed as a Team. We can't do much now,Let's cheer them up in the 2023 World Cup, past is past, have a good day.

  • Karandeep Karandeep
    Karandeep Karandeep

    I think no 4 pr dhoni ko ana chaiye kyoki no 4 hi team ki problem thik kon kon sehmat h like toko

  • jadooo J
    jadooo J

    Indians players ko England se sekhna chahiye ki small score kaise chase karte hai. .. Sikho kuch unse aaj sare desh ke log hum pe haas rahe hai. ..

  • Premprakash Yadav
    Premprakash Yadav

    Dhoni ko number 4 ya 5 pe bhejna chhaiye tha. Ravi sastri ki wajah se hua ye.sab

  • sunny cherry1
    sunny cherry1

    Idiot coach and shit brain behind sending Dhoni so late Others battling around Dhoni would have better. There minds r filled with shit